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5 14 19The Review I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review and was in no way, shape, or form convinced or coerced into writing a positive review These are my honest thoughts.I considered deleting all my updates on here because it looks a bit messy, but they are part of the journey with this book and I couldn t imagine doing that, so I left them I know, I m probably going to annoy some people because of it, but I want to look back and be able to see my emotions for every moment in this book.So, this bookIf y all have been following me for ANY amount of time, you ve heard me go on and on and on and on and on and on and ON about The Blood Race and Worlds Beneath by K.A Emmons, Abbie s sister Well, peeps, we still have Resurgence to get through, so calm down because I will still be fangirling over those books, okay But this book it is just as amazing and dear to me but in a different way OBVIOUSLY contemporary romance and sci fi fantasy are VERY DIFFERENT genres, but going into this book, I wasn t sure if Abbie and Kate would have similar writing voices Upon reading 100 Days of Sunlight, I learned that would NOT be the case at all Their voices are very, very different AND IT S FREAKING EPIC.We have Tessa who is a blogger, homeschooler, and recently blind due to an accident We have Weston who is none of those things but disabled in a different way, but I m not sure if it s a spoiler so I m not going to say it here Tessa takes her blindness very hard and becomes very pessimistic and cold Weston takes his disability in stride, deciding to overcome EVERYTHING When they meet, Weston is convinced he can help Tessa, with one condition no one can tell her about his disability So, Tessa doesn t know and treats him like crap, being harsh and cold to him But soon things begin to change in ways I can t say spoilers It s about love, hardship, friendship, brothers, BREAKING FREAKING HOMESCHOOL STEREOTYPES And yes, this book had some content Nothing too major, quite a few cuss words I, personally, am okay with some swearing in books, as long as it doesn t cross the f bomb line And it didn t Plus, the words weren t frequent in this book Most of them came from Wes, but he wasn t exactly taught otherwise, I guess I didn t think much of it because it was mostly the same words in The Blood Race.And then, as I finished the book, I m left with a hard thing decision I CAN T DECIDE IF I LIKE FIN OR WESTON BETTER Everyone KNOWS Fin has been the love of my life and now I JUST DON T KNOW UGH, THIS BOOK WAS SO AMAZING I loved the formatting, too, because it seemed poetic sometimes AND THE POETRY IN THE BOOK WAS A PLUS MATERIAL Besides all of that, it was inspiring My only complaint is that it didn t feel long enough, but for the type of book, it probably was average in length THIS BOOK NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE So many elements that all these authors tell you ruin a book Abbie used and DID IT RIGHT Flashbacks, some flowery words, even some of the formatting This just tells you that you shouldn t take all the advice you hear.Okay, my review is getting really long now, so I m going to cut it off here If you have the opportunity, READ THIS BOOK You won t regret it Because of this book, I m putting yellow hearts EVERYWHERE My friends can attest to that 5 13 19RTC Closer to other ARC REVIEWS BUT IT S AN EPIC BOOK, I M NOW ON A BOOK HANGOVER, MY WORD 5 12 19I M AN ARC READER, PEEPS MY HEART IS SO FULL RN 5 10 19WE HAVE A FREAKING COVER WITH FREAKING WAFFLES ON IT MADE BY THE WAFFLE QUEEN HERSELF here is my mix of emotions over this 5 1 19My heart can t take the wait OMGthe YA romance isn t my jam , but a heroine that has e porally lo er g and a hero that lo o leg sounded like a and story And it was all that andI this book It was wellWellThe plot wasIt was s w e e t It wasIt waswas a likable heroine I loved the s c c c s especially Rudy However, the real of this book was and his backstory I SO many times He just owned my with his strength His s ss HisHisHisGaaahI loved almost about this book The only I had with it was the ending was veryI would have liked at the very least an of some sort Still, that was just a , and yours truly is giving this book, two thumbs up BLOG FACEBOOK TWITTER PINTEREST BOOKBUB I will start off my review with a disclaimer despite being smack dab in the middle of the target age range for young adult fictionYA is SO not my thing That being said, I did still enjoy 100 Days of Sunlight at its core, even if the genre may not be my favorite ever First off, that cover Well done, Ms Emmons It s stunning I feel like so often indies cheap out when it comes to cover design, but it s clear Emmons put a lot of time and thought into her cover, and for that, I give her kudos Let s get onto characters Y all Weston is adorable I want him for a little brother I loved his humor, his arrogance, his optimism and take whatever life throws at you with joy attitude This dude is amazing Despite his potty mouthHe was definitely my favorite character Tessa, also, was a very well rounded character, and while I struggled to relate to her and the way she handled certain things, nonetheless I think a lot of people will relate and empathize with her The supporting characters of Weston s brothers adorable , and Tessa s grandparents and friends were a sweet addition.The storyline, while not fast paced, moved along at just the right pace and kept my interest from beginning to end Emmon s writing style is unique and enjoyable She tackles some tough topics in this book, and I think she did a pretty decent job doing so.All that being said, there were some aspects of 100 Days of Sunlight that I did not like For one, the language I know there s a lot of differing opinions, even among Christians, whether or not language is appropriate in fiction And we don t need to go into my opinions on that right now But for me, in this book, most if not all of the swearing was SO unnecessary And there was a lot of it More than I expected, which was disappointing And this is being marketed as secular fiction to my knowledge , so that gives it a littleleeway in my opinion, but still, there was just so much swearing That took away greatly from my enjoyment of this book view spoiler For those of you who are wantingdetailed information as to the language Multiple uses of h ll, cr p, oh my god and variations, and sh t Plus one mention of the f bomb hide spoiler MY DUDES THIS IS GOING TO BE SO GOOOOOOD. [ Free E-pub ] ♷ 100 Days of Sunlight ♩ WhenYear Old Poetry Blogger Tessa Dickinson Is Involved In A Car Accident And Loses Her Eyesight ForDays, She Feels Like Her Whole World Has Been Turned Upside Down Terrified That Her Vision Might Never Return, Tessa Feels Like She Has Nothing Left To Be Happy About But When Her Grandparents Place An Ad In The Local Newspaper Looking For A Typist To Help Tessa Continue Writing And Blogging, An Unlikely Answer Knocks At Their Door Weston Ludovico, A Boy Her Age With Bright Eyes, An Optimistic Smile And No LegsKnowing How Angry And Afraid Tessa Is Feeling, Weston Thinks He Can Help Her But He Has One Condition No One Can Tell Tessa About His Disability And Because She Can T See Him, She Treats Him With Contempt Screaming At Him To Get Out Of Her House And Never Come Back But For Weston, It S The Most Amazing Feeling To Be Treated Like A Normal Person, Not Just A Sob Story So He Comes Back Again And Again And AgainTessa Spurns Weston S Obnoxious Optimism , Convinced That He Has No Idea What She S Going Through But Weston Knows Exactly How She Feels And Reaches Into Her Darkness To Show Her That There Is Than One Way To Experience The World As Tessa Grows Closer To Weston, She Finds It Harder And Harder To Imagine Life Without Him And Weston Can T Imagine Life Without Her But He Still Hasn T Told Her The Truth, And When Tessa S Sight Returns He Ll Have To Make The Hardest Decision Of His Life Vanish From Tessa S World Or Overcome His Fear Of Being SeenDays Of Sunlight Is A Poignant And Heartfelt Novel By Author Abbie Emmons If You Like Sweet Contemporary Romance And Strong Family Themes Then You Ll Love This Touching Story Of Hope, Healing, And Getting Back Up When Life Knocks You Down I received an ARC from the publisher Opinions expressed are solely my own.ABBIE IS PUBLISHING HER BOOK i repeat ABBIE IS PUBLISHING HER BOOK.Honestly, it s still sinking in I m trying not to turn into a proud mom at the moment Abbie Emmons, one of my favorite bloggers on the web, is publishing her debut novel I ve been following Abbie s blog for as long as I can remember, so naturally I MELTED when I got chosen to ARC read her novel I ve been anticipating her books ever since her NaNoWriMo celebration posts.And let me say 100 Days of Sunlight DID NOT DISAPPOINT I devoured this book in a couple short days, and I loved every second of it THE CHARACTERS First up WE HAVE TESSA She s a homeschooled teen who writes poetry, runs a blog, and is the most relatable protagonist EVER Seriously, if you re a blogger or a writer, YOU WILL LOVE HER Despite our many differences, I identified with her on a seriously deep level Tessa embodied many of my own traits and fears Seeing her struggles and how she worked through them was such an inspiration Abbie did a fantastic job creating a complex, deep protagonist with many layers I LOVED TESSA Also can we talk about her blogging squad They were AMAZING and reminded me so much of all my online friends It was so great getting to see the amazing team of girls They were so supportive and kind and DID I MENTION they re just like my online besties melts Up next we have Weston He s such an inspiring, admirable character with AN AMAZING ARC Starting off, he s a cocky teen who loves skateboarding and fighting with his friends Then his life is turned upside down when he s in a skateboarding accident and has to get his amputated But guess what Weston DOESN T GIVE UP He has every right to be depressed and resentful at what s happened to him But he s not He keeps moving and trying new things and pushing himself And when he falls He gets back up In short WESTON IS AMAZING I ll be honest here and say that I liked him eventhan Tessa I loved him three thousand THE PLOT The book was divided into five sections hearing, taste, touch, smell, and sight and I LOVED IT Contemporary books often lack an external plot, but in this case, each section gave the story a clear plot and drive Abbie did a great job making each section have a certain goal or focus related to that certain sense I thought it was a really good idea, and she executed it beautifully 100 Days contained several flashbacks, and while I m usually not a fan, they were some of the best I ve read Getting glimpses into Weston s past helped me connect and empathize with him It was SO TRAGIC, and I felt so bad for my poor boi hands him all the waffles in the world Best of all It had an enemies to lovers romance that MADE ME MELT I adore this trope Reylo, anyone , but it s quickly become a cliche Abbie did a fantastic job incorporating it in a fresh way Honestly, it sof an enemies to sorta friends to good friends to lovers trope I LOVED IT.Continue reading WHAT JUST HAPPENED I CAN T EVEN I originally rated this book 3 stars despite having many issues with it because I wanted to support this author, then thought about it someand realized I wouldn t do that for other books, so for the sake of consistency, I m knocking it down to a 2 2.5 stars I have a full 15 min section yikes talking about my thoughts on this book in my June reading wrap up video on youtube, so if you want ain depth review, feel free to check there, but here s the sparknotes version Let s start with the good stuff CUTE This had some genuinely adorable moments and I laughed aloud several times gotta love that representation beautiful cover love the premise easy to read read it pretty fastOn to the not so great stuff This isn t a bad book And that s what was so frustrating to me this book easily could have been better First of all, I could tell the book was self published I tried to look past that, but it was so distracting to me that I had a hard time staying in the story There s obviously nothing wrong with self publishing, but I couldn t help but thinkeditorial work on this would have made all the difference.So my main problems were the quality of the writing the balance of summarizing vs scenes in the writing it comes across as a message book and tbh it kind of felt like it was lecturing trying to shove the message down my throat at times didn t realize it was going to be super religious and that s just personally not my jam both of the main characters drove me NUTS Weston is a stalker tbh and I hated how he acted like he knew everything and knew what was best for Tessa and wouldn t take no for an answer motivation for his actions felt lackinglike he was just doing it for the plot Tessa s attitude made it really hard to like her the cheese Some parts felt so cheesy I was cringing the ending felt rushed the beginning starts with a dream backstory reflection with Tessa telling us what happened instead of just showing what happenedI really don t want to come across as hating on this book that is not my intent at all I still enjoyed reading it and thought some parts were done super well.But I also think it could have been better and neededwork before publication shrugs When I heard that Abbie was publishing a book, I was beyond excited I ve followed her off and on through the years and read a short story of hers a long while ago I knew it would be good And my expectations were not disappointed First, this COVER Seriously one of the beautifullest works of art EVER It s gorgeous as is, but after reading the story, I love it evenI adore how pieces of the novel come together in the cover Seriously, SO GOOD Secondly, the CONCEPT I try not to read a ton of contemporary YA but the ones I ve seen tend to have super clich ideas DUDE, THIS WAS THE FARTHEST FROM CLICH The plot was incredible I mean yes, okay it was a bit predictable, but it was genius I love how she used all the senses and wound up with touch Like, wow.AND THEN THE CHARACTERS I looooved how easily I could see the characters one of my problems is when books haven t enough description and I felt I could really see them and everything was just so real The dialogue made me laugh several times Weston the snark but I could totally emphasize with Tessa s bitterness I loved seeing her grow I loved the backstory on how Weston came out of his handicap And dudes, Weston is literally the epitome of RAD That guy sort of stole my heart too And I loved seeing their relationship grow SERIOUSLY THE CUTEST THING EVER AND THE ENDING ALMOST MADE ME CRY All in all, I loved this book Now since I come from a conservative Christian perspective, yes, there were some things I disliked Such as the language view spoiler I don t mind ass but I did mind pretty much all the rest of the language hide spoiler 5 stars 1 0 0 d a y s o f s u n l i g h tIf you like contemporary romance read this.If you don t like contemporary romance read this anyway.