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If you ever think that you ve got the worst , bored work ever So I ll highly recomend this book to u Sooo many funny stories about other job that pathetic than yours. Started and finished this on my lunch hour Eh I ve had some of the jobs in this book However Mike Rowe has done far worse on Dirty Jobs Although I did skip one job as I have a SEVERE fear of it Vomit I think it was Vomit Inspector or something for a site called Rate My Vomit Ummm no thanks I m all set. Free Book ⚇ 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours ☩ Guaranteed To Make You Grateful For The Job You Have And Thankful For The One You Don T From Saddam Hussein Double To Telemarketing Script Writer To The Guy Who Operates The It S A Small World After All Ride, Satirist Justin Racz Has Spanned The Globe To Find Fifty Jobs Worse Than Yours, So We Can All Feel Better About Our Own Featuring Fifty Color Photos Of The Awful, The Pitiful, The Hysterical Jobs Out There, And All Their Undesirable Employment Details, Fifty Jobs Worse Than Yours Is The Perfect Gift For Anyone Stuck In A Nine To Five Grind Who Needs To Remember Why It Could Be A Whole, Whole Lot Worse Justin Racz Is A Copywriter For BBDO New York His Parody JCrewd Was Published By Doubleday In I Ve Held A Number Of These Jobs, So I Speak From Experience When I Say Justin Racz Has Turned A Painful And Extremely Depressing Subject Into High Humor I Just Wish I D Thought Of This Book First Tom Connor, Co Author Of Martha Stuart S Better Than You At Entertaining I picked this up one day and read it cover to cover, which wasn t hard because it s very short, about one page of text and another full page photo for each of the 50 jobs deemed worse than yours by the author I m not sure data entry is really that bad I do it and my fingers are not currently bloody and bandaged The one job that seemed pretty OK to me was chicken sexer It pays pretty nicely and you get to handle baby chicks all day I mentioned it to my friend and she pointed out the biggest problem with that job not mentioned in the book is that they throw all the male chicks into a grinder So I take it back about that not being a horrible job. Some of these jobs really have The Eww Factor goin on.This is a quick and sometimes funny read Great for having on hand for those times when you are waiting in line somewhere and have a few minutes to read but not enough time to get lost in a novel. This is actually a pretty informative little book There were no page numbers, but each job took up 2 pages, so 51 jobs including the write in space for your job 102 pages There s a picture of a person performing each job, with information pertaining to skills needed, educational requirements, uniform, pay scale, job description, opportunities for advancement, benefits and drawbacks. Justin Racz has given us enough chuckles to justify the existence of this small book And chances are good that most of the 50 jobs listed actually are worse than yours perhaps worse even than writing silly books for a living. ehhh dont bother buying or borrowing this book, its pretty old and pathetic.and even if it was up to date..a job is a job, as long as it gets you money to live your life, then thats what it matters most.right A list of 50 jobs that are pretty mundane or bad Personally, I skipped over the Maggot Wrangler section Eww. Good for a chuckle when red during my dinner break at work There s nothing wrong with my job, I love it Still, it s interesting to contemplate what my future could be had I not gone to college and furthered my education Some of the jobs in here are one in a million, like Saddam Hussein s body double, the human regurgitator, or a grown woman who serves as a little boy hand model in toy commercials Others, like telemarketer, fast food produce chopper, or grocery store buggy wrangler are among the least desireable entry level jobs but someone s got to do them.Overall, I ve seen worse on Dirty Jobs , but I don t care to think about such jobs while eating my dinner, though the Webmaster of a website about vomit did turn my stomach and I had to put my hand over the accompanying picture.