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After thoroughly enjoying the previous book, A Talent for Murder, I couldn t wait to pick up this next one.A Different Kind of Evil picks up quite shortly after events from the first book Agatha Christie has caught the eye of the British Secret Intelligence Service and for her first mission, she is sent to Tenerife to help solve the murder of an agent whose body has been found mummified and drained of blood in a remote cave.Events already kick off on board the ship that will take Agatha to Tenerife, when she witnesses a young woman jump overboard in what looks to be a tragic suicide This is only the start though as Agatha finds herself deeply involved in the odd occult world of one of the island s residents Will Agatha be able to stop another murder from happening Being a crime fiction writer obviously doesn t mean you have a knack at solving murders, although that is what s expected from Agatha here And so the whole story has that delightful Murder, She Wrote feeling to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed Just as in the previous book, Agatha comes across as an intelligent and perceptive woman On top of trying to solve this gruesome murder, she s also struggling to finish her latest book and doubting her abilities as a mother.Once again, Andrew Wilson takes a few facts from Agatha Christie s life and turns them into the most delicious murder mystery While I had some inkling as to what was going on, I couldn t quite put the various pieces of the puzzle together and there were a few surprises left for me to discover.Agatha Christie makes a formidable main character and even though I feel I enjoyed the previous book just that little bit , A Different Kind of Evil was hugely entertaining and I very much look forward to the next one in the series. ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review What fun I had reading A Different Kind of Evil by Andrew Wilson This is the second book in the Agatha Christie Series The series is a fictional account of Ms Christie herself, built around true facts of her life, which I was pleased to find were listed at the end of the book What fun Such an amazing premise that follows an intriguing woman and her adventures I did not read the first book before delving into this beauty I think there would have been a huge advantage to read it, as there were many references throughout While I was able to follow the story, I think I would have been informed for having read the original book beforehand It was like stepping into a book fifty pages in I was able to catch up, but felt like I had missed a little something.Agatha Christie, who is recently separated from her husband and recovering from her late mother s passing has ventured out on cruise ship to the Canary Islands under the pretense of a vacation In reality, she has been asked to assist the British Secret Intelligence Service in solving the murder of one of their agents, Douglas Greene No sooner has she set out on the cruise, and she witnesses a woman throw herself from the ship.Upon arriving on the islands, she meets an array of characters, including an occultist, Mr Grenville and his daughter Violet, a suspected Communist spy, and a sweet old lady, Mrs Brendel, who survived the sinking of the Titanic and makes sure everyone has heard her story a time or ten Agatha Christie finds herself in over her head as she discovers the murder on the island and the woman who tossed herself overboard may be connected and the murderer will do anything to remain undiscovered Wrongfully accused, and unwilling to tell her secrets, she finds herself on the opposite side of the law, but refuses to give up.I absolutely loved this story It was well written and so much fun Near the end I thought the unraveling became a bit repetitive, but, it did not thwart my overall enjoyment While I had my suspicions, I was never certain until the whodunit came to pass This story will keep you flipping pages late into the night I am so fortunate to have had an opportunity to read this book I intend to follow this series as new books are released A high four stars for this gem Visit the locations in the novelThis is turning into a really fun series Book one was good and this second one goes that bit further Agatha Christie herself of course is the star of the show and this time she s on a cruise when she gets asked to help out regarding a crime She s writing one of her famous novels at the time and this is a really nice touch to the story when she mentions her book and marriage struggles in the course of this story.Yes Mr Wilson I do like these novels entertaining, mysterious and with the best crime writer of all time at its heart Full review nearer the time but keep an eye out for this cruise and island set novel Following the death of her mother, the collapse of her marriage to Archie Christie, and her sensational disappearance for two weeks, Agatha Christie is now on a trip to Tenerife, officially for rest and recovery, and to finish her latest book The Mystery of the Blue Train.Unofficially, she is travelling at the behest of British Special Agent Davison, to investigate the death of another intelligence officer, Douglas Greene Greene was found dead in a cave, drained of his blood and partially mummified She is not to take any risks She is only gathering information Davison will also be there, under an assumed name.What could possibly go wrong Things start going wrong while she s still on the ship carrying her there A young woman, apparently the wife of another passenger, flees from her husband s mistress, goes to the stern of the liner, and leaps over the side, while Agatha and the husband s mistress, sculptor Helen Harte, watch, unable to stop her Less catastrophically, there are also two absolute bores among the passengers, a woman who can t stop talking about her experiences on the Titanic, and a man who is going to revolutionize literature by writing down every single thing he sees and hears.Once in Tenerife, she soon encounters George Grenville, an rather sinister seeming occultist along the lines of Aleister Crowley his very subdued daughter, Violet Violet s beloved, but unfortunately dying of tuberculosis, Edward Ffosse and other hotel guests and local English residents.She also discovers that no one and nothing is as it seems, starting with Davison, who has his own huge secret connected to Douglas Greene Her knowledge of poisons becomes highly relevant, when tiresome would be literary giant Howard Winniatt is found dead Grenville has extensive garden of poisonous plants, and library well stocked with tomes on the subject, andthere s something about Winniatt s death that is disturbingly similar to the suicide of Gina Trevalyan, on the ship to Tenerife.As she struggles to put together all the facts, and figure out what vital clues she s overlooking, her fellow guests on the island seem stranger and stranger and she herself becomes both a target and a suspect.It s nicely intriguing, and this is a playing fair mystery, where the reader does have all the clues.An enjoyable read Recommended.I received a free electronic galley of this book from the publisher via NetGalley, and I am reviewing it voluntarily. How about a MINUS One , and that is being generousKIRKUS REVIEW Free at last of the scandal of her notorious 1926 disappearance though not quite yet of her adulterous spouse Agatha Christie sails for the Canary Islands at the behest of the secret agent who helped rescue her from those complications A Talent for Murder, 2017.The first death, that of Secret Intelligence Service agent Douglas Greene, precedes Christie s passage In fact, it s what makes John Davison press her to go to Tenerife in the first place Nor does the second wait for her arrival As Christie looks on in horror, Gina Trevelyan, a wronged wife who s stowed away aboard the Gelria, launches herself over the side of the ship in a frenzy of grief, her body lost forever Sculptor Helen Hart, the other woman whose affair with Guy Trevelyan has brought her to the ship as well, baffles Christie by taking moral responsibility for Gina s death shortly after announcing, I m pleased the bitch is dead The Canaries themselves, home to sinister occultist Gerard Grenville, are equally dangerous for two of Christie s fellow passengers from the Gelria and indeed for the celebrated novelist herself, who ends up hiding in a closet from which she watches as another passenger s pearls are stolen by someone she can readily identify but declines to do so, even when Inspector Artemi Narciso N ez arrests Christie herself for the theft and throws her in jail The only way she ll be able to help in solving Douglas Greene s murder, it seems, will be if Wilson abates his fondness for local color long enough to allow His Majesty s most unlikely secret agent to decide that it s high time to link all the felonies that clutter this tangled tale.The problem with casting a famous real life mystery writer as your detective is that you can t help inviting comparisons between your work and hers It s no shame to say that Wilson can t stand up to such a comparison, but it s no recommendation either This book was gawd awful.This male author used the voice of a happy go lucky younger woman of a much later era There is Not One Iota of any similarity between the writing of Agatha Christie and this author, nor does his character resemble in any way shape or form the real Dame Agatha.I couldn t stand this book, it was weak and over the top unrealisticI give it a pass as in Pass This One By It is now 1927 and Agatha Christie is on her way to the Canary Islands ostensibly to have a holiday, but on an assignment from the Secret Intelligence Service to investigate the death of one of their agents, Douglas Greene But not is all rest as a suicide on the outgoing ship disturbs her peace.An enjoyable mystery, well written, though Christie does seem a bit naive to think that any theories she has about events should automatically be believed by the police.A NetGalley Book fter reading A Talent for Murder, I was eager to get back into the trenches with Mrs Christie A Different kind of evil takes place just two months after the end of the first novel I do recommend you reading it first You may read this novel as a standalone, but I think it would increase your enjoyment of the story to read this series from the beginning Mrs Christie is working with Special Agent Davidson to solve the murder of his colleague, Douglas Greene, whose death was peculiar She boards a ship heading to the beautiful Canary Islands, where Greene s body was discovered, only to find that what should be a relaxing experience is anything but relaxing Christie is surround by a cast of interesting characters that all seem to be a bit shady at times, not to mention the suicide she witnessed a few days into her trip Once she gets to the island, things become trickier than she thought it would be Bodies start piling up, secrets are revealed, and even worse than that, Christie is having a hard time writing her latest novel Andrew Wilson has created a wonderful series with one of the most beloved authors of all time I love that he made the Queen of Mystery a character in a mystery of his own It kind of makes you wonder where she got all her fantastic ideas for the novels she wrote This is a great series that mystery lovers will enjoy Read at The follow up to A Talent for Murder, Agatha Christie sails to the Canaries, in the employ of the secret service to investigate a murder, under the guise of a holiday with her daughter and secretary Carlo As the murders pile up Christie finds herself caught up in a dangerous situation.Again based on some fact, this was a really entertaining read, I powered through the first 3 quarters, however the final 2 chapters were a bit weak the reveal. (FREE DOWNLOAD) â A Different Kind of Evil (Agatha Christie #2) ï Agatha Christie The Queen Of Crime Travels To The Breathtaking Canary Islands To Investigate The Mysterious Death Of A British Agent In This Riveting Sequel To The Twisty Thriller Publishers Weekly A Talent For MurderTwo Months After The Events Of A Talent For Murder, During Which Agatha Christie Disappeared, The Famed Mystery Writer S Remarkable Talent For Detection Has Captured The Attention Of British Special Agent Davison Now, At His Behest, She Is Traveling To The Beautiful Canary Islands To Investigate The Strange And Gruesome Death Of Douglas Greene, An Agent Of The British Secret Intelligence Service As She Embarks On A Glamorous Cruise Ship To Her Destination, She Suddenly Hears A Scream Rushing Over To The Stern Of The Liner, She Witnesses A Woman Fling Herself Over The Side Of The Ship To Her Death After This Shocking Experience, She Makes It To The Grand Hotel In A Lush Valley On The Islands There, She Meets A Diverse And Fascinating Cast Of Characters, Including Two Men Who Are Suspected To Be Involved In The Murder Of Douglas Greene An Occultist Similar To Aleister Crowley And The Secretary To A Prominent Scholar, Who May Also Be A Communist Spy But Agatha Soon Realizes That Nothing Is What It Seems Here And She Is Surprised To Learn That The Apparent Suicide Of The Young Woman On The Ocean Liner Is Related To The Murder Of Douglas Greene Now She Has To Unmask A Different Kind Of Evil In This Sinister And Thrilling Mystery Abandoned at 50 pages the style is not for me.