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Excellent overview of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu This short e book provides a very helpful general introduction on the flow of the art sport practice as well as specifics on some foundational moves Highly recommend Especially, because it s free. Excellent little book Good thinking for BJJ Stephan kesting is a great teacher. Possibly one of the best introductions to BJJ in written form. Awesome explanatory and illustrative manual for aspiring bjj newbies like me. |Free Epub ♗ A Roadmap for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ⚖ This Book Is Part Of The Materials Provided In A FREE E Course Designed For People Starting Out In BrazilianJiu Jitsu, Available At BeginningBJJThe Goal Of This Book Is NOT To Teach You Specific Techniques You Can Learn Those From Your Instructor,your Fellow Students, And Other Resources Such As Books And DVDs My Goal Here Is To Give You A Basicframework To Help You Make Sense Of All The Different Techniques You Are Learning In Essence I Amtrying To Give You A Big Picture Which Functions As A Kind Of Filing System To Help You Learn Efficiently,and To Access The Correct Technique Quickly In The Heat Of Battle