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[Download Epub] ♹ A Titanic Hero ♷ One Manone Shipone Night That Was To Be Remembered Forever Thomas Byles, A Roman Catholic Priest On Board The RMS Titanic, Had The Saying, Give What You Have, Instilled Into Him From A Very Young Age His Training, Commitment, And Love For Others Culminated Into One Shining Example Of Fortitude In The Face Of Danger This Book, Historical Fiction, Narrates The Life Of Thomas Byles It S A Story That You Won T Want To Miss I ve always been drawn to Father Byles last moments This book was a sweet testimony of his life As hundreds of helpless people were facing their final moments, Father Byles was a shining example of courage in the midst of fear He prayed with them, refused to take a spot in the lifeboat, and upheld his priestly duties I hope he eventually gets canonized as a saint This is a great book It s definitely a must read My grandmother loves this book so much, I m sure she has two thirds of it memorized.