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Book source Kindle Lending LibraryMallory Andrews woke up dead Though she didn t know that at the time Now her life is changed forever and she intends to find the murderous rat who killed her and turned her into a vegan vampire Because the reality of her new diet has her very cranky and besides, who wants to go through life without chocolate What an amusing paranormal story Light hearted and fun with a mystery to solve makes this a wonderful way to spend an afternoon Mallory is hilarious, but not in an annoying way Side characters look promising and I am seriously loving Tangwystl I think she may be my favorite character, though Wembley is pretty cool and Alex may end up being the hottie love interest But not yet I m looking forward to continuing this series and seeing where it takes Mallory and her ragtag gang of new friends. That was an adorable read I quite enjoyed the new Mallory, and her teeny tiny tiny fangs I loved that she can t stand blood, and so turns to vegan nutrition supplement drinks, and that they help sustain her Such a new twist on the vampire genre I plan on reading the next book soon. This fits with the better than I expected from Kindle Unlimited Books category I was happy to find a lighthearted read to enjoy this time of year Continued this cozy series through all available books. So much fun Mallory is turned into a vampire but she cannot drink blood In desperation she starts trying different foods and drinks to determine what she can eat I laughed out loud as Mallory tries to figure out her new life as a vampire Original and entertaining, I will be reading from this series. Excellent You have a staid 39 year old professional who gets turned into a vampire Mallory knows something is wrong with her but a trip to a doctor who is working gets her information she would probably rather not had Mr Clean, aka Anton, gives her a card with info to use in case of an emergency Does dieing count as as an emergency, lol She is starving to death but knows she can drink water Alex responds to her phone call and the fun begins Alex is a wizard enforcer and a bit He has to drive because he has problem of control and being a passenger in a car Alex gets Mallory in the system and takes her to meet Wembley Interesting character and vampire The mystery is in play as people are being killed and it looks like Mallory could be next Mallory gets introduced to Cornelius Leman, CEO of the Society Given a job with Alex to find the rat, Mallory s name for the vamp who turned her She get her own living sword from Wembley This book is well written, funny and very interesting How many vegan vampires are there I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did I read the preview for the next book and look forward to reading it as well I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I would likely give this one three stars if the word vegan in the title actually meant something When I started this book, I initially thought it was as awful as the cover made it look, and I would not have continued reading had it not been a book for our reading group Yet after a few chapters, and possibly despite myself, I started to enjoy it It is light and fast paced, and not to be taken seriously, which is to its credit.Not to its credit is the way we are plopped right into the middle of the story of a woman who admittedly agrees she was never the most likable person, and one who didn t care much about other people We are dropped so into the middle of this person s life that we are never told what kind of a job she has that has earned her so much money We are never really shown anything about her until she becomes a vampire, and I think that takes away a lot of possibility in characterization and in allowing us to see Mallory grow as a person We just have to take it in faith that what she says is true And that problem is embematic of this book as a whole We are told many things, shown few, and everyone is about as three dimensional as a paper doll Even as the book is meant to be lighthearted, the fact that Mallory is seeking out the man vampire who changed her from human to vampire herself would be cause, one thinks, for some tension and suspense Instead, the feeling I get while reading this is that the entire thing is a joke, and maybe the author didn t want to go to deeply into anything because it might take away from the humor I will give it that there is humor here, and I particulaly like the talking sword, which I think is an original and enjoyable touch Finally, I feel really misled by the title The fact that this vampire can t drink human blood doesn t make her vegan The fact that Mallory drinks Ensure makes me think the author really has no clue about veganism To my knowledge, Ensure is not vegan I even went and checked their website, and while I can t see the ingredients for each kind of ensure, the general information regarding includes milk protein and whey protein, both of which come from animals Perhaps the author used the word in order to make readers see this is a different kind of vampire and because she likes alliteration Who knows I am grateful this is a short book, because even though I actually did enjoy parts of it, and it feels like there are some good bones with potential under it all, the execution is not great and it felt like a waste of time I do not recommend this one. I truly enjoyed this book So much so I had a hard time putting it down I have two small kids under 4 at home and still read it in 3 days so that says a lot for its addictiveness I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I must say I was skeptical of the concept and didn t expect to like it I read a lot of fantasy and couldn t imagine how you could have a vegan vampire Well Cate nailed it I couldn t imagine it but it was an extremely interesting concept and it kept me interested and reading into the night The main characters had depth and were developed well and there was so many funny moments in the book that it would be very hard not to like it It has seriousness of a serial killer but also has a lightness to it I think everyone that enjoys paranormal books should give it a read. *Download Pdf ↟ Adventures of a Vegan Vamp (Vegan Vamp, #1) ☝ Undead And Vegan Not The Afterlife This Girl Had PlannedWaking Up Thin Is One Thing But Waking Up Gaunt, Hangry, And Undead Makes For A Very Bad Day Mallory S Killer Better Hide, Because She S Just Discovered Blood, Meat, And Dairy Don T Agree With Her, And A Future With No Cheese Is Grim Indeed She S Out To Find Her Killer And Maybe A Vegan Cheese That Doesn T Melt Her Nose Hairs This A Previously Published Edition Of ISBN BHRRFEO This is a totally different look at the vampire worldthere s mystery, humor, a hot guy and a new vamp that s not like any other.I loved the charactersour heroine is feisty which is a new look for her and quirky and just very likable and believable The hero is touchy, a little grumpy , dangerous and delicious.The story was interesting and so refreshingly different from other vamp stories It s a great start to a new series.I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend it.I did receive an arc for a honest review. Unwittingly turned into a vampire No wonder Mallory is worried Worry turns into peeved and the story is off and running with a mystery to solve Mallory isn t one to let anyone walk over her, her attitude had me laughing out loud A well written, outlandish tale that had me looking for the next part of her story I received this book in exchange for an honest review.