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Marvelous The well developed characters in this very well written tale make for an engrossing story that flows from the pages You can feel the pain of each woman as they struggle to overcome the large age difference between them Then tragedy strikes, and one woman disappears This book should be added to your must read list. Excuse me This book ends in the middle of a sentence and in the middle of a situation If there s a sequel in the future it s a very rude way to hint it I m going to give one star only because imho ending in this ways is disrespectful to the readers. some spoilers below As much as I wanted to enjoy this book, it was nearly impossible The book has no beginning, the main chars meet and we are told they are in love after one weekend spent together, where all they do is have sex There s no conversation that could indicate them getting to know each other or deciding what do they want from each other We just find out they are in love and suddenly they argue about telling others about them when they haven t even decided what they are Then there s suddenly a dead ex that poses a problem for Dane to be in relationship when she had no reservations about being in a relationship, quite the opposite, she was pushing for one I think the book could be quite good if it was actually developed properly, and the main characters would be allowed to dothan have sex and argue. `FREE PDF ⇨ Age is Just a Number ⇝ Dane Is Attracted To Miranda From The Moment She Sees Her But Even After A Most Enjoyable Weekend Together, Miranda Still Feels Uneasy About Them As A Couple What Will Her Family Think Does She Even Want To Be With A Woman And What About The Age Difference How Can Dane Convince Her That Age Is Just A Number