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!Read Epub Þ Alligator and Crocodile Rescue : Changing the Future for Endangered Wildlife à Crocodilians Is The Scientific Name For Crocodiles, Alligators, Gharials And Caimans Collectively They Area Walking, Breathing Link To The Dinosaurs That Roamed The EarthMillion Years Ago And They Look Even Fierce As Long As A Pickup Truck, And With Giant Mouths Full Of Razor Sharp TeethLoathed For Their Eating Habits And Adored For Their Skins, Alligators And Crocodiles Were Hunted Almost To Extinction But Thanks To Some Creative Conservation Efforts The Status Of Crocodilians Has Improved Dramatically Even Though Some Populations Are Thriving, Others Are Still At Risk Eight Species Remain On The Endangered List, And Some Hover On The Edge Of ExtinctionAlligator And Crocodile Rescue Profiles The Major Programs And People Around The World Who Are Active In The Conservation Efforts To Help These Animals Rene Hedegaard Founded Denmark S Krokodille Zoo, Which Breeds And Cares ForCrocs FromSpecies Christine Brewton Is A Member Of Louisiana Fur And Alligator Advisory Council, Which Actually Protects Wild Gators And Their Habitat Yosapong Temsiripong Is A Conservationist From Thailand Who Works To Introduce Captive Bred Siamese Crocodiles Into The Wild Illustrated WithColor Photographs, Alligator And Crocodile Rescue Covers The People, The Issues And The Challenges Involved In Preserving A Future For Endangered WildlifeAbout The Firefly Animal Rescue Series The Firefly Animal Rescue Identifies Endangered And Threatened Species And What Is Being Done To Protect Them Combining Lively, Accessible Text And Stunning Color Photographs, Each Book Provides A Detailed Overview Of The Species, Describing Its Characteristics, Behavior, Habits, Physiology AndThese Attractive Books Are A Call To Action Fascinating Readable AccountsSchool Library JournalSuccinct Introductions To The Science And Practice Of Wildlife Conservation Written In Accessible, Lively LanguageBooklist Very interesting educational I got this book in a gift shop of the Everglades National Park The pics are very good helpful, it is a nice easy read.Thank you for clarifying differences in alligators crocodiles I feel like that topic comes up a lot, but it has never sank in so well before reading this book I had always heard V shaped muzzle crocodile versus U shaped muzzle alligator , but they used to still look the same to me in pics The most helpful difference I read in this book was that alligators have a bigger upper jaw so that when their mouths are closed their bottom teeth are not visible, while crocodiles have upper lower jaws of the same size so that when their mouths are closed there is some overlapping of upper lower teeth like folded hands with intertwined fingers But they are both in the same Order Crocodylia commonly called crocodilians , which includes caimans gharials which I had never heard of before reading this book.The biggest irony I learned in this book can be summed up in the statement they said was on a bumper sticker Save an alligator, buy a handbag It was a new concept to me that in order to conserve crocodilians ensure their continued survival, the conservationists actually encouragedhunting Huh Does or might this concept work for other endangered animals It was apparently a win win for conservationists, economists, hunters, the retail shops industry that processes sells skins An analogy from a quote in the book if you never mow your lawn it gets out of control, but if you trim the grass by regularly scheduled mowing then it s healthy beneficial for the yard.