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{Read Book} ¹ Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13 â In April , During The Glory Days Of The Apollo Space Program, NASA Sent Navy Captain Jim Lovell And Two Other Astronauts On America S Fifth Mission To The Moon Only Fifty Five Hours Into The Flight Of Apollo , Disaster Struck A Mysterious Explosion Rocked The Ship, And Soon Its Oxygen And Power Began Draining Away Written With All The Color And Drama Of The Best Fiction, APOLLOPreviously Published As Lost Moon Tells The Full Story Of The Moon Shot That Almost Ended In Catastrophe Minutes After The Explosion, The Three Astronauts Are Forced To Abandon The Main Ship For The Lunar Module, A Tiny Craft Designed To Keep Two Men Alive For Just Two Days As The Hours Tick Away, The Narrative Shifts From The Crippled Spacecraft To Mission Control, From Engineers Searching Desperately For A Way To Fix The Ship To Lovell S Wife And Children Praying For His Safe Return The Entire Nation Watches As One Crisis After Another Is Met And Overcome By The Time The Ship Splashes Down In The Pacific, We Understand Why The Heroic Effort To Rescue Lovell And His Crew Is Considered By Many To Be NASA S Finest HourNow, Thirty Years After The Launch Of The Mission, Jim Lovell And Coauthor Jeffrey Kluger Add A New Preface And Never Before Seen Photographs To ApolloIn Their Preface, They Offer An Incisive Look At America S Waxing And Waning Love Affair With Space Exploration During The Past Three Decades, Culminating Only Recently When The ApolloSpacecraft Itself, Long Consigned To An Aviation Museum Outside Paris, Was At Last Returned To Its Rightful Home In The United States As Inspiring Today As It Was Thirty Years Ago, The Story Of ApolloIs A Timeless Tribute To The Enduring American Spirit And Sparkling Individual Heroism I made the very elementary mistake of substituting a movie, Apollo 13, for this book all these years Having read numerous books regarding the space program I really assumed that well conceived and directed movie told the obvious story to my satisfaction How wrong I was not to read this exceptionally written and gripping account of the Apollo 13 mission I hope for those who haven t read the book for this reason or any other you take the opportunity to do so and find yourselves stranded 250,000 miles from home in the adventure of a lifetime. This dialog taken from the official Apollo 13 technical Air to Ground Voice Transcription and reproduced here without permission between the Mission Control Center and the men aboard Apollo 13 is basically the reason, why this book has been written.The story of NASA s successful failure is a very engaging read, even if you already know the Hollywood movie There s a lotinformation given in this book, the techno babble is explained and intelligible to all, and the movie s inaccuracies are ironed out Some flashbacks to Lowell s life prior to Apollo 13 ease things up.What impressed me most about the Apollo 13 mission is how calmly and seemingly unexcited the astronauts and people in mission control dealt with the situation, which is considered the most dramatic episode in manned space travel If you have some time on your hand, you can listen to 50 hours worth of audio recordings I used this as a soundtrack while reading although it didn t take me 50 hours.I recommend this book to anyone even slightly interested in the exploration of space.As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder John Glenn This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. GUIDO, EECOM, Flight, CAPCOM, FIDO, TELMU, LEM, CONTROL, Simsups, RETRO, Roger, Copythat, Go I love NASA speak, don t you It all takes me back to the days when I was glued to the television set, watching as much as I could of the space flights in the 60 s and 70 s.This book tells the story of one of the scariest of all journeys, Apollo 13 And Houston, they sure had problems The unraveling of the mission is a fascinating story, as are the details of the way it was patched back together in order to get the crew back to Earth.We get to travel not only to the moon with the crew they got there in an orbit, they just were not able to get to the surface but back in time to become familiar with Lovell as a person and pilot We spend hours now and then with his family as they wait along with the rest of the world for events to unfold And we spend days with the team at Mission Control, which was at one time in my life one of the places I most wanted to see in real life, not just on the small screen.There was something poignant about reading how bored the nation had become with the space program by the time Apollo 13 was ready for liftoff According to the book, the entire process had become routine Until the accident reminded everyone just how risky it was I thought of theChallenger disaster in January 1986 The identical mindset had infected everyone by then too The command to Go at throttle up never sounded the same to me after that day But back to Apollo This book is quite readable even with the NASA terms, which are all explained the first time they appear The pages go flying by, because the story flows from the beginning, and is suspenseful even though we know that the crew arrives home safely After all, how else could the Mission Commander be author of the book He did have help in the form of Jeffrey Kluger, and the book is not told in first person style, but I would say that the team worked smoothly together, whoever did the actual writing. I read this book some time ago, but it was such a good read I thought I d review it just in time for the holidays.I think it would make a good gift for nonfiction buffs I don t know if its age makes it hard to find, but it almost guarantees that it may not be familiar to a lot of readers.This book is a telling of the Apollo 13 saga, as seen by the commander of the mission, Jim Lovell If you saw the movie Apollo 13, you will recognize a lot of details, right down to exact quotes It also helps explain things that may not have made sense to viewers i.e why it was such a compliment to tell an engineer he s a steely eyed missile man Even though we know the happy ending, the book is a fascinating read and an inside view of a critical event in America s space program You don t have to be a science, space, or history nut to be drawn into the story.