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!Download Book ⚔ At the Sea Floor Caf� ♧ Witty Poems And Elegant Artwork Introduce What S On The Menu For Some Unusual Undersea CreaturesThe Ocean Covers Two Thirds Of Our Planet It Is Earth S Largest Ecosystem, Full Of Organisms Living In Wildly Different And Even Extreme Environments This Clever Collection Of Poems For Kids Describes The Devious And Surprising Methods Ocean Denizens Use To Forage For Food, Capture Prey, And Trick Predators The Poems Bobble And Swim Effortlessly From Page To Page, Leading Readers From The Snailshell Home Of The Jeweled Anemone Crab To A Raft Of Violet Snails Hanging Upside Down In Their Bubble HousesAt The Sea Floor Caf Includes Science Notes With Details About Each Animal S Behavior, A Glossary, And Poetry Notes Explaining The Types And Forms Of Poems That Appear On Each Spread Striking Linoleum Prints Round Out This Title, Which Can Be Used Across The Curriculum It fascinates me that some of the best poetry around these days is science themed Bulion explores the ocean floor and examines the symbiotic relationships among its creatures Precise, interesting word choices make the poems engaging and every poem includes additional research information about each animal Poetry notes in the back describe the structure and sound devices used in each poem. What a great little book The poems are very easy to understand and follow if you are a young reader The author incorporates easy words with accurate meanings in the poems What I thought was a added bonus is that after you finish reading the poems, there is a description pertaining to the animals in the poem You also have a glossary in the back which is very helpful After the glossary you will see Poetry Notes, which gives you a small description of each poem type The illustration are simple and very colorful, they will appeal to all ages.I ll give you a example from one of the poems It is about bottlenose dolphins and a small habit the females and daughter dolphins have learned to protect their beaks The poem is a limerick which is 5 line poem that is funny.review link In rhyming text, the mysteries of the sea are revealed, and readers are able to appreciate the creatures who live in the briny water As she has done in previous titles, Bulion creates poetry from science and reveals little known, interesting facts about these sea dwellers who dine upon one another. What a fun book of poetry this is I just loved the wonderfully clever poems and fun facts about sea creatures Another winning science poetry book by Leslie Bulion and Leslie Evans Pairs wonderfully with their book, Hey There, Stink Bug AMAZING book of poetry that gives so much information on strange sea animals I learned so much from reading this book and I can t wait to share it with students Learn about of the critters that inhabit the oceans in a fun way Chock full of information about ocean dwellers and about poetry forms A great read I heard Leslie Bulion present this book at TLA last year, and immediately I was intrigued There are 18 poems about some of the most interesting inhabitants of the sea, such as Osedax the bone eating worm or the octopus that mimics a coconut check it out on YouTube I used this book last year at a summer program for elementary students, and they loved the content and the variety of poetic styles limerick, haiku, Spenserian The hand drawn illustrations help identify the unusual attributes of each of the different critters, and the title lends itself to interesting discussions because most of the poems include their bizarre dining habits There is a helpful glossary for the science terms, a section on the composition of the poetry, and a list of helpful websites and suggested books Although this is a small book in size, it is a fun and informative read aloud and a good way to get students headed to the books on poetry or sea life 2nd This is a poetry book This book introduces a lot of ocean animals such as fish food, crab, dolphin, sea spider, narwhales, shrimp, squid and whiles etc In the poem a lot of details are explained about the ocean, for example, how the animals feed and live, how they are feeding and how they to reproduce their next generation In brief, sea animals are beneficial for each other This book is really interesting, the author uses very vivid words to compose the poems By doing so, it lets the ocean knowledge easily to understand These poems still include very hard words and very complicated knowledge So, it would not be suitable for young kids I suggest it would be suitable for kids of Grade 6 or above this level to read it because there are a lot of scientific information in these books The background colors of the book are blue and deep blue, suggesting people peaceful emotion For example, when the writers describe the deep ocean, the background color becomes dark blue In each page, the author puts different animal pictures there to help readers know each of them So, this is really a good book.