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Oh my god, what an entertaining and enjoyable read about adventure, hope and never giving up even in the most dire circumstances.I don t really know where to start with the story, there is so much going on and you as the reader really feel like you re right there in the adventure with Twig who is a lovable little character , you follow him through impossible situations that he always manages to get out of because he s so filled with hope and spirit This is one of those wild imagination books, the kind of magical fantasy world that doesn t come along too often, but it is so beautifully crafted that you simply cannot wait to exploreof the Edgeworld It becomes a very real and frightening place to the reader, told in such a vivid way that you can just imagine every piece of it You can feel the centuries old suspicions about certain creatures and places on the map, and if you aren t afraid of the Gloamglozer then you aren t human The creatures are incredibly varied and often surprising why isn t everyone reading this book 3 starsBook 1 of the series The Edge Chronicles I fell in love with Twig Forever thinking he was a Wood Troll, when he finds out he is not, he starts a journey to find out who he is Always in fear of the Gloamglozer, Twig navigates the woods full of nasty beasts and man eating trees He encounters Hover Worms, Slaughterers, the Blood Oak, the Gyle Goblins, Rotsuckers, and Termagant Trogs, among others Along the way he buddies up with the Banderbear and the Caterbird, who help him when most needed Finally he encounters the Sky Pirates and finds his home The book graphics are outstanding Worth the read for that alone This is a YA series Good for cleaning your palette and tickling your funny bone. I was really surprised about this book Not because of the fact that it was bad It was actually better then I thought it would be The thing that surprised me is that this is considered a children s series and the rather disturbing stuff that goes on in here I did love the fact that there was so many different creatures and adventures going on Not one problem lasted so long I do agree with the person that said they were surprised that the story got wrapped up so neatly with so much random stuff going on This is definately not a book for those that want cutesy creatures But if your looking for something that is a little odd, and a little different this is the book The personal journey in this book at first started off like everyone else, the boy who doesn t belong is looking to belong But so muchhappened in this Definately a good read. This is one of those series, like the famous Harry Potter, and like the Chrestomanci series of Diana Wynne Jones, that I used to fervently and desperately wish were real Or rather, that felt so real incredibly real that I simply couldn t believe they weren t Yes, my 11th birthday was somewhat spoiled with the absence of a letter from Hogwart s, but it s no time to dwell on that.I remember first reading this aged 11, at a very unhappy time in my childhood, and it was the very best escape into fantasy I could have hoped for The world that Paul Stewart paints for us is simply magical, without leaning on all of the cliches of typical fantasy elements It is entirely original, and wonderful.For me, this series is deeply, deeply underrated I never hear it mentioned, and nobody I know seems to remember it from their own childhood This list didn t mention it when I was surfing earlier I am really shocked that it continues to lie so far under the radar.I have read the earlier books in the series dozens of times over the years, and have recently discovered a couple of newer ones that I haven t read, so I will be re reading the entire series again Every time I re read them, the books never lose their magical quality, never become old Definite 5 star. 3 stars for the story and so many characters that beautifully described in so much details, wonderful graphics in the book and 1 star for the ending It was a good end to the story, finishing first book with an appropriate plot for the main character to be introduced and leaving the reader in a position that they know it s the beginning of a great journey for him Definitely going to read the next book in this trilogy.The best thing I enjoyed in this book was the vast numbers of metaphors that fit everyday life of oursSaeed The Good Very imaginative and moody The setting is dark and colourful and a little bit twisted, with frequent gross out moments to appeal to the target audience There is an extremely diverse cast of characters.The Bad Many of the scenes appeared to randomly follow the last one, a theme repeated in the setting a lot of bizarre stuff occurs for no given reason The chief antagonist doesn t play a significant role view spoiler other than to assume disguise and inexplicably rescue the hero throughout the story hide spoiler This book was thoroughly unexpected I was thinking I d picked up a light hearted children s fantasy that I d whiz through without too much emotional attachment.So imagine my surprise when the characters and creatures were so gruesome, inventive and frankly sometimes scary I had a lot of love for Twig he was a lovable character, a relatable little guy who doesn t fit in with his Woodtroll family and so sets off to find himself and his destiny in the Deepwoods What he finds is a magical array of fantastical and imaginative animals and beings, the majority of which want to eat or kill him I loved this book, really enjoyed the fast paced story, it completely transported me to the world of the Deepwoods and I am excited to see what the other books have in store Every time I read this book I remember again how much I absolutely adore everything about it The Edgeworld, the Deepwoods, the creatures and characters, the gorgeous sketches, the plot EVERYTHING I will, at some point, write an actual review but for now I ll just say like a little kid IloveitIloveitIloveit IwantitIwantitIwantit (DOWNLOAD EBOOK) ã Beyond the Deepwoods ô Abandoned At Birth In The Perilous Deepwoods, Twig Verginix Is Brought Up By A Family Of Woodtrolls One Cold Night, Twig Does What No Woodtroll Has Ever Done Before He Strays From The Path So Begins A Heart Stopping Adventure That Will Take Twig Through A Nightmare World Of Fearsome Goblins, Bloodthirsty Beasts And Flesh Eating Trees Can He Discover The Truth About His Past Beyond The Deepwoods Is The First Book Of The Twig Saga Second Trilogy In The Edge Chronicles Each Book Is A Stand Alone Adventure, So You Can Read The Edge Chronicles In Any Order You Choose Beyond the Deepwoods The Edge Chronicles 1 , Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell