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Louisa Casson s life is changed in a single night After losing her grandmother, she drinks too much and accidentally stumbles down a cliff She survives with little injury, but the medical professionals don t believe that it was accident They see signs of suicide and a cry for help for help, so Louisa finds herself involuntarily committed to a mental institution at Coldbrook Hall Surrounded by people with a variety of mental illnesses, Louisa tries to cope with her new reality as she works to convince the staff that she shouldn t be there One day, she stumbles upon a forgotten wing of the institution In a room lies a man named Robert Lovett who is injured and appears to be blind As Louisa talks with him, she realizes that this man is a World War I soldier from 1917 As she gets to know him and their friendship builds, she finds herself continually drawn back to him, and eventually, she realizes that she must be in his life for a special reason Lately, I ve been enjoying time travel historical fiction, so I was excited to give this book a try As much as I wanted to like it, I was incredibly disappointed The pacing isn t great Louisa and Robert meet early in the book, and their friendship and subsequent relationship blossoms rather quickly Just as I felt like I was getting to know Robert and enjoying his character, the plot turns suddenly, and Louisa and Robert end up in different places for a while By the end of the book, I just didn t care that much about Robert again I found myself bored at several places, and I never felt fully hooked by the story There were also a bunch of things that seemed out of place and hard to believe Coldbrook Hall, where Louisa is committed, is such an awful place that I didn t find it realistic Obviously there are probably institutions in real life that are poorly run and don t have great staff, but Coldbrook Hall felt like an over the top villain to me Another thing that I didn t quite believe was Louisa s squeamishness when she was working in the military hospital There were vivid descriptions of the brutality of war injuries, and I m sure that would be shocking to many people, but Louisa was studying to be a doctor, so I wasn t expecting her to react like someone who has never been exposed to blood and gore I was also not a fan of the attempt to explain the time travel aspect It felt forced to me, but I also really enjoy the time travel novels where the time travel remains of a mystery and is just something that happens, so this could be of a personal preference Overall, there are still some good aspects to the book I did enjoy Louisa s character, and the story was a unique take on World War I historical fiction It wasn t my cup of tea, but someone else might enjoy it Thanks to Catherine Taylor, The Cameo Press Ltd., and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book (((Read Epub))) ✓ Beyond The Moon ↜ What If Love Could Last Than Just One Lifetime A Haunting, Beautiful Story Of The First World War, Time Travel And Choosing The Impossible A Debut Novel Shortlisted For The Eharmony Orion Write Your Own Love Story Prize A Poignant And Stirring Love Story Taylor S Accomplished, Genre Bending Book Succeeds As A Historical Novel And A Beguiling, Time Travel Romance The Sharply Written Narrative Deftly Moves Back And Forth Between The Past And Present Kirkus Reviews Two People, Two Battles One Against The Invading Germans On The Battlefields Of First World War France, The Other Against A Substandard, Uncaring Mental Health Facility In Modern Day England Two Journeys Begun A Century Apart, But Which, Through Some Strange Quirk Of Fate, Converge Through The Decades To Become One Epic Struggle To Be Together ForeverIn St Lieutenant Robert Lovett Is A Patient At Coldbrook Hall Military Hospital In Sussex, England A Gifted Artist, He S Been Wounded Fighting In The Great War Shell Shocked And Suffering From Hysterical Blindness He Can No Longer See His Own Face, Let Alone Paint, And Life Seems Increasingly Hopeless A Century Later In , Medical Student Louisa Casson Has Just Lost Her Beloved Grandmother Her Only Family Heartbroken, She Drowns Her Sorrows In Alcohol On The South Downs Cliffs Only To Fall Accidentally Part Way Down Doctors Fear She May Have Attempted Suicide, And Louisa Finds Herself Involuntarily Admitted To Coldbrook Hall Now A Psychiatric Hospital, An Unfriendly And Chaotic PlaceThen One Day, While Secretly Exploring The Old Victorian Hospital S Ruined, Abandoned Wing, Louisa Hears A Voice Calling For Help, And Stumbles Across A Dark, Old Fashioned Hospital Room Inside, Lying On The Floor, Is A Mysterious, Sightless Young Man, Who Tells Her He Was Hurt At The Battle Of The Somme, A WW Battle A Century Ago And That His Name Is Lieutenant Robert Lovett Part WW Historical Fiction, Part Timeslip Love Story And At The Same Time A Meditation On The Themes Of War, Mental Illness, Identity And Art Beyond The Moon Sweeps The Reader On An Unforgettable Journey Through Time An Intelligent Read, Perfect For Book Clubs For Fans Of Diana Gabaldon, Amy Harmon, Beatriz Williams, Kate Quinn, Kristin Hannah, Kate Morton, Susanna Kearsley And Paullina Simons Between 3 1 2 and 4 This book is hard to rate On one hand, the love story is amazing I loved the relationship between Robert and Louisa, and how they persevered On the other hand, the book has a really slow start I nearly gave up two times but I knew they were going to meet at some point and kept reading The pacing in the middle is off sometimes I know the author wants the reader to follow what Louisa and Robert are doing while apart, but some bits were hard to slog through In the end, I m glad I read it and I m looking forward to from the author I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley and this is my honest opinion. When a tumble down an eroding cliff face in the dark of night lands Louisa in AE, the doctors determine that she is a danger to herself and admit her to Coldbrook Hall, a psychiatric facility, and put her on suicide watch Louisa is a former medical student and so hopes that if she can show them that she is not a risk to herself, that there has been some misunderstanding then she will be released When she realizes that no one is going to believe her and the facility is too understaffed to care about individual patients, she knows that she has to keep her wits about her and her head above water.When she learns there is a way to sneak away and into a closed and condemned ward of the hospital, used during the First World War for recovering British soldiers, she somehow stumbles upon a soldier recovering from his injuries She is confused and shocked, but no so than when she tries to show her friend ony for there to be no evidence of him ever having been there.Her days then revolve around getting away and spending time with him They gradually get closer, but how can they ever be together if she is only ever a visitor in the past, real only to him What follows is a beautiful and complex love story and an insight into the horrors of the new kind of war that soldiers had to face during World War I.This book, my god I learned about this book in a recommendation email from NetGalley and I am so glad that I received the email This is one of the most unique books that I have read for quite a while.This book is told from two seperate first person narrations, Louisa s and Robert s Two life stories being told simultaneously and coming together Sometimes dual narrations can make a story clunky, but it really worked for this book and truly the only way I think this story would have worked.The author has a great voice and did such an amazing job with descriptive detailing that the parts of the story taking place in 1917 felt just as real and tangible to me as the parts of the story taking place in 2017.I ll be completely honest I almost called it quits on this book when Louisa and Robert lost contact at about the midway point because I was worried that the rest of the book was just going to detail the seperate tragic endings for both of them But I decided to have faith in where the story was taking me and keep reading I m so glad I did because the time apart and the journeys they both had to endure made the story so much powerful I loved this book than I can express I am astounded that this is the first book that Catherine Taylor has published I am looking forward to books from this author.I saw some people comparing it to Outlander And although it does involve a woman capable of traveling forward and backward through time, I foundBeyond the Moon and the Outlander series to be quite unique from one another They are both lovely and have a completely different voice from one another Many thanks to NetGalley s AuthorBuzz and The Cameo Press Ltd for recommending this book to me via email and sharing an electronic copy with me for reviewing purposes I voluntarily read this book and this is my honest review. This debut novel is a poignant and stirring love story that brings together Lt Robert Lovett, a talented artist and British World War 1 hero and Louisa Casson, a young woman living in modern day England An historical fiction with time travel mix with a love story is not what I usual love to read The synopsis sounded interesting so I gave it a go and I was not disappointed This story is nicely written and shifts between 1917 with Robert fighting the war and 2017 with Louisa in a psychiatric hospital trying to maintain her sanity while she travels back in time to 1917 as a VAD nurse in France and back to the future in the insanity ward The chapters weave between the two periods as they tell the wartime love story At first, Louise passage to and from the past is inconsistent but mid way when her stay in the past seems permanent, the story takes off and we have hope that the love birds may reconnect.awe The horrors of war are excellently captured with all the gore, the fear, starvation, filth, trench foot, putrid body parts, exposure to the elements, the medical treatments, etc These war vignettes enable us to better understand the feelings experienced Although the story is mostly set during the horrific reality of the war it also includes details on treatment of mental illnesses today Time travel, each book has its own way to get to the other side of time In Beyond the Moon the author has given us the illusion that just opening a door will do the trick It did for Louisa.Putting aside that the pacing drags in places and it takes way too long before the characters come together this fantasy said with total lack of fuss is a joy to read What an original way to tell a story.I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily 3.5 starsI had trouble rating this one because while I liked it, I wasn t quite so clear on how the whole time traveling thing was working and also the ending seemed a bit uncertain I think the author may have left it that way on purpose, but I was hoping for a slightly satisfying conclusion Without revealing any spoilers, I wish she had been completely open with him about who she was Perhaps it didn t matter in the end, but since we didn t really understand the way the time traveling thing was really happening, it felt like the ending could still be taken away at some future date I think it s quite good for being the author s first book and I think she shows a lot of promise I look forward to seeing what she will produce in the future.Thanks to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Good debut Well rounded characters Fairly complex plot I ll be looking for Catherine Taylor s next book.Thank you to Netgalley for the arc. BookSirens August 12, 2019Please review by Sept 11, 2019Netgalleypub date June 25, 2019received July 31, 2019Cameo Press Ltd. In the year 2017, Louisa Casson finds herself in a rather perplexing situation in Beyond The Moon by Catherine Taylor Through a series of unfortunate events, she finds herself getting drunk on a long saved and cherished bottle of brandy along the cliffs near her recently departed grandmother s home After her mother s early death, she is then pawned off on her grandmother by her father who chose to instead spend his life with his new girlfriend instead of living with Louisa After years of being raised by her grandmother, Louisa then ends up caring for her grandmother in later years as the cycle of life turns As she drinks herself into oblivion, a cold and rainy blinding fog sets in and Louisa struggles to find her way back Meanwhile, the cliff collapses and falls towards the ocean Somehow Louisa manages to hold on and only falls part of the way though, between the drink and the fall, she is knocked out cold Once rescued, it is believed that this was a suicide attempt on Louisa s part and is admitted to Coldbrook Hall psychiatric hospital in Sussex, England Coldbrook Hall is now a miserable for profit institution that offers only the minimum of care but was, at one time, Coldbrook Hall military convalescent hospital, back in 1916 during WWl, which was a much nicer place The original building was a beautiful facility with nice grounds for the patients to go out for some fresh air Much of the story takes place within these confines during both periods of time Though Louisa was not suicidal, no amount of reasoning will convince the authorities otherwise hence, Louisa is, or less, being held captive with no family to speak up for her and vouch for her sanity Having no other option, she learns how to cope and maneuver her way around with help from Kerry, a schizophrenic patient whom she befriends, who gives her tips on survival while incarcerated Kerry shows Louisa a secret passage to a closed off part of the hospital that they wander off to during smoking breaks During such an excursion, Louisa takes her own little tour of the building only to find herself entering a room where Lieutenant Robert Lovett, an injured soldier, is in need of help If being committed to a psychiatric institution isn t enough adventure for you, this room is where Louisa drops down the rabbit hole, so to speak, as she finds herself in the year 1916.It takes a little while for Louisa to figure out what s going on but finds that she is captivated by Robert which has her continuing her visits between time periods Between the planned demolition of the blocked off wing and Robert s commitment to the war effort, we see the couple develop an amorous love obsession while trying to find each other around extreme circumstances that keeps them apart Taylor writes about many of the horrendous conditions Robert is exposed to involving putrid body parts, rats, mud and exposure to the elements In some ways, it was reminiscent of David Halbertam s book One Very Hot Day which details a day in the life of a soldier in Vietnam Neither are for the squeamish The same can be said of when Louisa ventures back in time to live the life of Rose Ashby as a VAD a volunteer nurse s aide for the war effort while searching for Robert Jumping time periods, as well as telling the story from the point of view of each of their lives, can be quite confusing, but Taylor does a fine job at keeping everything straight and in perspective I never got lost or confused as to what was going on or where we were at any given time Ultimately, this was much a love story than some sort of sci fi or paranormal novel, though could easily appeal to those with an interest in those areas The book is fairly lengthy but, with that said, I still would have enjoyed a little story In fact, my only complaint is at the very end with how the author chooses to leave Robert and Louisa Not the inclusion of what was written but that I would have appreciated at least a few lines or so about how they went on to live their lives Not much but just a little taste of what they eventually did with this extra time given them This was an enjoyable story that had my attention through the entire book and would easily recommend to those who like such books Would also make for a good movie that, if done well, would appeal to a mixed audience with its blending of both love and war Hopefully, we ll get to see that one day Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of the eBook in exchange for a fair and honest review. Romance isn t my usual reading fare But I decided to give this one a chance because of the time travel element a current research interest and the historical time period World War I has always interested me because it was such a game changer in warfare.The book is beautifully written It shifts between the past, when Robert fights in the war and recovers from his injuries, and the present, when Louisa fights to maintain her sanity in a psychiatric hospital Overall, I found the historical parts compelling than the present day ones Here s what I enjoyed. 1 Excellent portrayal of World War ITaylor s words capture the horrors of trench warfare Rats eating bloated corpses Trench foot Fear of a gas attack Filthy, half starved soldiers, weary of war, uncertain what they are fighting for any Leaders writing merciful lies to victims families a sniper, one shot through the head, your son died immediately though the dead often die in agony And back home in Britain, the powerful men who, from the safety of their own offices, are ordering men into the battlefields Taylor takes us there, into the trenches and makes us experience it along with Robert.2 Interesting insights into WWI era medicineDoctors tell Robert that his shell shock is the result of a shell exploding too close to the head, causing lesions An invisibly fine molecular commotion in the brain chapter 10 A hundred years later, our understanding of this has changed It s fascinating to read and compare the differences in medical knowledge.When Louisa accidentally ends up in 1917, people mistake her for Rose Ashby, a VAD nurse in a hospital in France The nurses and doctors do their best But the young men brought in from the nearby battlefield are often too wounded to survive Things that are routine now blood transfusions, chest compressions, antibiotics were either experimental or completely unavailable.3 Louisa and Robert s first encounterIt takes a while to get to the romantic leads first meeting Robert is calling for help, and Louisa can t turn away from any injured person, even if they are unseen Even when she knows she ll be in trouble with the psychiatric hospital staff for being in an off limits part of the building, her instinct is to help And so she goes to Robert.Both are drawn to one another Obviously But it s not just a physical attraction It s a feeling of kinship they are both unhappy, fearful, and lonely They fill a need in each other s life It s lovely to see them fall in love, even when being together seems impossible.4 Interesting minor charactersRobert s best friend is a conscientious objector painter named Edgar He s a fascinating person I was also intrigued by the various ways the author uses Marisa, Flora, and Kerry, women that Louisa grows to care about There are a few weaker areas, though. It took me a while to warm up to Louisa While her depression is understandable, she seems purposeless, like she is drifting through despair Her backstory about her troubled teenage years and abandonment felt underdeveloped, too Once she meets Robert and her compassionate side reawakens, I started to like and root for her.Also, I never quite bought the medical rationale for admitting Louisa into a psychiatric hospital against her will The doctors are insistent that she s suicidal, though she knows better, but their evidence is circumstantial Where I live in the U.S., the process is also legally complicated and not entirely up to the doctors I also never understood how the visiting psychiatrists to Coldbrook Hall Hospital don t see how cruel the head nurse is nor how the hospital s care isn t helping the patients at all They seem oblivious Other than the medications, the hospital seems Victorian than 21st century, and certainly doesn t reflect recent reforms in psychiatric care Overall, this is a strong novel. If you like historical romance, you might enjoy this I ve read it compared to the novels of Diana Gabaldon and Kate Morton While I haven t read Gabaldon, I think Beyond the Moon is a good fit for Kate Morton fans.Thanks again to NetGalley and AuthorBuzz for the opportunity to read Beyond the Moon in exchange for an honest review.