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I picked this book as I knew it would be good for an easy read Lucy is a young woman who loves her job as she works with chocolate One fateful night Lucy sleeps with her boss Nick which results in a pregnancy If you are wanting a good romance then i would seriously recommend this book. This is a hard book to review I liked the characters, and it was seamlessly written, and overall a fun book There was lots of interesting information about chocolate, too, and a believable scientific discovery underpinning some of the plot.But the romance was for me boring and unbelievable I think my problems with the book hinge on the fact that Lucy, the heroine, was so very childlike Physically small, and in major denial about a ton of stuff, and immature not in a selfish annoying way, but in an isn t that so sweet way I absolutely did not believe the physical attraction between the main characters And I didn t believe, in the end, that Nick was really in love with Lucy He got her pregnant, and everything about him and his family and his sense of honor and what he said and what he did indicated that he felt utterly responsible for her and for taking care of her for the rest of her life Nothing he did said to me that he loved her instead, it was clear that he wanted to take care of this darling intense waifish pregnant girl, and that meant that he needed to believe that he loved her.And on the other side I never really got why Lucy loved, or said she loved, Nick She thought he was hot, jumped him, and then he started taking care of her after she got pregnant buying her stuff, ensuring she got a promotion and a raise, hiring people to help her deal with her immature and selfish family so she decided she ought to fall in love with the father of her baby.I get wanting to be taken care of, especially during a pregnancy But that s not what I m looking for in a romance novel. [Download E-pub] ☬ Blame It on Chocolate ☱ Lucy Fitzhenry Didn T Just Wake Up One Morning And Decide To Do Something Stupid But When An Experimental Strain Of Chocolate That She D Developed Needed Testing, Someone Had To Do It Who Knew That Overindulging In Her Creation Would Turn An Introverted Plant Lover Into A Wild Nymphomaniac Or That A Celebration With Nick, Her Boss, Would Lead To A Shocking Kiss And A Whole LotShe Blamed It On The Chocolate Her New Discovery Was Supposed To Have Made Her Career Not Turn Her Practical, Logical, Normal Life Upside Down And Get Her Pregnant With Her Boss S Baby Though She And Nick Butted Heads At Work, If Their One Night Together Was Any Indication, They Were A Great Match In Bed With A Little Luck And Chocolate Maybe They Could Turn Their One Night Stand Into The Chance Of A Lifetime Any book with the word chocolate in the title is bound to grab my attention Thankfully, Ms Greene s BLAME IT ON CHOCOLATE lived up to my sweet tooth cravings This is a story that s actually nice in the true definition of nice in that there are no bad guys, no cheating, no broken hearts, and a happy ending The characters are truly believable, the dialogue is funny, and the situations this couple find themselves in are ones anyone can relate to Lucy Fitzhenry loves her job at Bernard Chocolates She gets to spend her days working in the greenhouse, developing new species of plants for the company s newest brands of chocolate She knows she s found a real winner with Bliss, and eagerly awaits the reaction of the bosses owner Orson Bernard and his grandson, Raul Nicholas Nick Bernard Lucy was right her new plant has a direct effect on the future of Bernard Chocolates in that it could end up making them millions When the first batch of Bliss chocolate comes off the line, Lucy decides to give it a taste test Who knew chocolate could taste so heavenly, or that it would turn this shy woman who only fantasized about Nick Bernard in private into a sex starved woman who lets a kiss lead to the Night of the Chocolate Suddenly, one wild night of passion turns into a whole lot , when the nausea Lucy starts experiencing turns out not to be an ulcer, but a pregnancy Nick Bernard has always done the right thing So when he learns that Lucy is pregnant with his child, he s determined that they ll get married Unfortunately, the quiet, shy Lucy has a whole lot to say about marrying the boss s grandson and none of it seems to be good Somehow, Nick has to convince Lucy that he cares for her, that he is, in fact, falling in love with her, and wants to marry her forthan just the sake of their child Bliss chocolate is a huge success, and Nick wants nothingthan to make his relationship with Lucy a success, too BLAME IT ON CHOCOLATE is, in a word, charming A down to earth romance with likable characters who find themselves in a situation that many people deal with in the real world, Lucy and Nick are a couple that everyone can relate to Nick tries so hard to be nice that he doesn t realize that Lucy needs to know he loves her, and Lucy is just na ve enough to think that what they have isn t strong enough to keep them together All in all, BLAME IT ON CHOCOLATE is a sweet indulgence for a satisfying afternoon read. It s been a while since I ve read this, but I remember it being adorable, funny, and an easy and enjoyable read The story is so interesting and original, the characters sincere and likable I loved the greenhouse scene, I loved that it was about chocolate and love Passion for food, passion for people, a good combination for me I would definitely recommend this book and the other Blame It s from Jennifer Greene. This was a cute story, though I ve read similar romances Boy Girl have one night stand, Girl gets pregnant, Boy and Girl eventually fall in love This is one type of romance I just don t get I don t think this sort of situation happens very often in real life which is why this is fiction.The above being said, the characters are enjoyable, and the story moves along nicely I will readbooks by this author.I read Woman Most Likely To by Jennifer Greene a few years ago, and connectedwith that story It took place in Michigan, which is where I m from, and had 3 women main characters, a young college student her mother, a woman in her 40s and her mother, a woman in her 60s or 70s, all finding romance in the area of Traverse City. I was totally surprised by this book I really thought it was gonna be a cliche one night stand results in pregnancy book but really all of that was dealt with in the beginning of the book leaving the rest of the book for a very sweet story I love that there was no huge misunderstanding a slight one though and I really loved the main characters I was in the mood for a light, fun, contemporary romance and this fit the bill perfectly This book was so fun to read It wasn t smutty and I cared about the characters I might even look for other books by this author Sometimes you just need to read a fun book, right I m so tired of thinking deep thoughts all the time. I picked this book up because, as a serious chocoholic and chocolate snob, the title appealed to me What unfolded was a story that came closer to being truly about love than just about any romance I ve read So often, the romance genre seems to confuse love and lust, often to a criminal degree They forget that at its heart, love is a verb It takes hard work People don t just float in a state of love, they have to actively love the other person That s exactly what happened in this novel Oh, there s physical attraction I mean, it begins with a pregnancy thanks to one crazy night of passion The night of the chocolate But ultimately what brought these two together, despite their surface differences, was that they each wanted to make the other happythan anything else in the world The only real problem with this book is that I am now seriously craving chocolate. This book started well It had potential However, the will they won t they got old very quickly The misunderstanding and miscommunication between the two main characters hit ridiculous levels, and several subplots were just dropped, rather than fleshed out There were some good character setups and good conflicts here, and then the threads were just lost, much to my disappointment The book would have been better served by having the two main characters get together sooner and then work through the other issues with other side characters The rather than the miraculous happily ever after that affected not only the main couple, but also the others in their orbit I know these chick lit romances are fluff, and I read them for that reason Sometimes I need a brain break But this was so fluffy and light that it floated away.