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Omg I absolutely loved this story, think I enjoyed it than book one Just absolutely loved Dizzy and Thea, even Josh, what they went through and came out at the other end It s all,about club, it s all about brotherhood, it s all about family Some violence and bad guys to spice it up, what could you want from an MC Romance If you love Susan Fanetti and Lauren Gilley this series is a must Off to read book three. 5You ain t seen sweet yetStarsIrene and I went back to Louisiana to catch up with the Priests MC only this time the Priests took us to Texas where we followed Dizzy s story If you haven t yet read Blood in the Water you must before reading Bones by the Wood as it picks up where book one leaves off and has major spoilers for book one including why Dizzy is in Texas starting another chapter of the Priests MC Catherine Johnson writes an MC book with such finesse it s easy to quickly devour her words You fall in love with the characters from the very beginning with the curious glances, knowing smirks, and sexy banter This woman writes well constructed sexual chemistry as her characters sexily dance around the possibility of one another It s a slow build that ultimately leads to some scorching passion Dizzy, our hero, is an older alpha male who s been out of the dating game for a while until Thea catches his eye Dizzy is funny, sweet, and quite protective Thea is a woman scorned by love who s main concern is caring for her son Dizzy catches her eye to though and she s not afraid to flirt with him to get what she wants And all the while they re flirting goes on, the honest reactions to each other and the honest ways in which they communicate are really quite romantic During the dance of Dizzy and Thea the Priests MC, along with their mother charter in Louisiana yes, characters from book one make an apperaance , have usual MC business to handle Thea and her son become targets because of what s happening in the club and thus thrust into Dizzy s life farther and faster than expected The two of them, Dizzy and Thea, compliment each other so well their differences heighten their connection along with the protection and care Dizzy wants to provide Thea and Josh Dizzy isn t the only person taken with the two of them as the whole new charter of the Priests that Dizzy is building becomes smitten with the mother son pair The fight of the Priests though isn t simple Retaliation hits full force to the Priests MC and it isn t pretty Catherine Johnson didn t hold much back when it comes to the violence involved with an outlaw motorcycle club The parts of this story portraying this were as interesting as they were gruesome There were times I was clutching my Kindle so hard, on the edge of my seat, truly worried about the fate of the Priests MC and it s loved ones Bones by the Wood provided another great MC story from an author of the Freak Circle Press Catherine Johnson s writing flows so easily I was gleefully and scarily lost in her Texas world Dizzy and Thea s real, honest, and heart breaking pounding love story moved the plot of this MC forward while providing me with another gripping tale of love, passion, sacrifice, triumph, and family within the Priest MC family I can t wait to read Book three @Download Book î Bones by the Wood (Kairos #2) ⚣ Steve Dizzy Disraeli Has Been The Sergeant At Arms Of The Priests MC, Louisiana For Fifteen Years He S Been A Member For Than Twenty Now His President Has A Big Task For Him, Samuel Carter Has Asked Him To Travel To Move Back To His Native Texas To Head Up A New Charter Of The Priests MC He S Got A Lot Of Work To Do, And He Needs To Find A Way To Make A Home Now That He Is No Longer Surrounded By The Family He Has Known For Than Half His Life Althea Thea Colby Is Just Trying To Get Along As Best She Can It S Not Easy Being A Single Mama, But She S Giving It Her All Her Son, Josh, Is Her World And The Only Man Worth Having In Her Life She Spent Some Time On The Sidelines Of The Biker Club In The Town She Calls Home, But Never Had Any Plans To Get Drawn In Any Further But The Rabid Dogs MC Has Disappeared Without Trace Or Explanation, And Now There S A New MC In Town And They Seem To Have Brought A Truckload Of Trouble With Them Thea And Josh Are At Risk From The MC S Enemies, And Her Heart Is Certainly At Risk From The President Of The Club Himself Thea Has To Fight To Keep Her Tiny Slice Of Family Whole Dizzy Has To Fight To Build A Family From Nothing As They Endeavour To Survive And Endure The Trials In Their Way, They May Find That The Roads They Re Looking For Are One And The Same 4.5 starsI liked it a bit than the first book even though I enjoyed both, this book flowed better for some reason I loved Dizzy and Thea, and the strong sense of brotherhood portrayed It was also a joy to read about the characters in the previous book. May 2018 4 Stars 5 Dizzy Falling Hard for Thea Stars I love Dizzy and oh, Thea s sass are the shit They are so awesome together Wrapped warmly between the bodies of the boy she d kill to protect, and the man who had killed to protect them, she slept.She slid into the seat Fair point I still think it s Alpha Macho Bullshit, but I ll let you off, since you ve been so sweet an all I love you Ain t no use pretendin otherwise Sweetheart, if you turn away, you ll rip the heart from my chest His voice was little than a series of gasps I love you, too I m not goin anywhere What he was doing there was entirely up to him, as long as he told her how to access the bail fund Dizzy had laughed at that, and then told her how to access the bail fund, which Thea hadn t found as amusing She d been joking, kind of You still want my ink He asked her The exhaustion was gone, replaced by sharp anger as she pushed up to lean on her elbows Really You really just asked that You He cut her off with a kiss Sorry, sweetheart I m sorry He mumbled against her lips So you fuckin should be, doubtin me like that She kissed him, a light press of lips It s an angel, right Where d you want to put it Yeah, that s right He had his brothers, a solid club at his back, the woman he loved by his side, the boy he considered to be his son sleeping in the next room, and his old lady was going to make him a daddy again He was on top of the world. Bones by the Wood Kairos 2 By Catherine Johnson5 5 starsAfter the Rabid Dogs were wiped out at the Louisiana motel after their plans to kill Samuel Terry and wipe out the Priests MC were revealed and then had kidnapped Ashleigh, it left a void in the protection runs that the Priests MC does for Eduardo Dias and his Columbian family But Samuel, Eduardo and the rest of the brothers have little trust in other clubs outsiders after they were betrayed by the Rabid Dogs, their long time trusted associates.To fill this void, Samuel has decided that the best plan of action is to establish another charter To which, he asks Dizzy, his long time, trusted Sargent at Arms, to move to Texas, be the President of the new chapter and build a club He ll be leaving the family that he s been in for the last 20 years and being the SAA for the last 15 years While it s a great new opportunity, he ll be leaving everything and everyone behind.Thea Colby is a single mother to a 10 year old boy and her life has been spent earning money to take care of and make a life for her and her son, Josh But she is in a small town, working a dead end job at a convenient store, living in an old, cheap apartment and driving a rust bucket that is practically a death trap She was also involved with Elvis, one of the Rabid Dogs and now that he has just disappeared along with his entire club, she knows that something dangerous fishy happened Now, there is a new MC in town and she is attracted to the president, but she also knows that another man in an MC is likely the last thing that she needs in her life.But Dizzy and Thea have an immense attraction towards each other in the small amounts of time that they have spent together When the Priests enemies start sending threats, it throws Thea Josh into the clubhouse and very close proximity with Dizzy There is just a sense of immediate rightness that they find with each other and which they build upon.We do get to see the men from the Louisiana charter when they come to Texas The men are surprised that Dizzy has a woman and one who is quite exceptional and seemingly adept at being an Old Lady running the clubhouse A trip to Louisiana for Ashleigh and Shark s wedding enables us to revisit all the Louisiana members and their Old Ladies.Dizzy and Thea have plenty to work out between each other as well as alone Thea Josh take some adjusting and so do the Texas men But one thing is for sure, they have built a family and a solid club with loyal trustworthy brothers.I look forward to seeing where the author goes from here, whether she stays in Texas or goes back to Louisiana for the main characters in the next story There were a couple characters that had openings left for them from either charter and I see several books coming from both the Texas and Louisiana side. LOVED Review to come. We met Dizzy in book 1, Blood in the Water He s the SAA for the Louisiana Priests MC and as a secondary character in book 1 he is presented as extremely loyal to the club and protective of the members who he calls his family If you have not read book 1 in this series, I highly recommend it The author has been able to draw me into the lives and the feelings of all of the characters in both books Dizzy is a mature 40 something alpha male who has never had a real relationship with a woman other than sex Thea is a single mother of a 9 year old son who works as a convenience store clerk She s been on her own since leaving home as a teenager and life is a struggle to support herself and her son Her son is her number one priority in life This book could be read as a standalone but it would be so much better to read the first book since Thea is tied to one of the rival MC club members who were killed in the first story You also need to understand the circumstances that brought Dizzy to Texas to assume the role of president for the new chapter there Dizzy arrives in Texas to set up the charter for the Louisiana mother chapter He makes a habit of going by the convenience store where Thea works regularly to pick up necessary items He notices Thea and the attraction between the two slowly develops It doesn t start out with instant lust, wham bam, I love you The relationship takes time to develop into real love Thea s ex boyfriend, Elvis, was killed by the Priests but Thea does not know that until after she and Dizzy develop a deeper relationship We get to see all of the characters from book 1 again, especially Samuel and Moira Thea is a strong heroine who doesn t take any crap from anybody and she is super protective of her child Of course, Thea and her son are abducted during the book as an act of revenge by the evil Mexican cartel Dizzy and Thea are tortured physically but the son comes out of it with severe psychological problems resulting in nightmares, bed wetting and withdrawal Thea runs from Dizzy and the club and you really can t blame her Usually in these stories it s heartbreaking to read about the man and the woman suffering and their love being shaken In this story, it breaks your heart when Thea is drug from the room where her son is tied to a chair and she can t save him You can feel the over whelming fear, grief and anger as Thea is taken to another room to see Dizzy tortured beyond belief and where she is also abused But the Priests come in and save the day The child is not physically hurt Thus starts the road to recovery with Dizzy realizing just how much he loves not only Thea but her son Thea cuts the club off from herself and her son but they both only get worse on an emotional level and Thea is finally evicted from her apartment In comes Dizzy and the club Dizzy gives her no choice but to come with him so that she and her son have shelter and food The MC members have formed a real attachment to the son and you can see the son blossom and recover from his psychological damage from the love and attention of these big, bad bikers Dizzy shows ultimate patience with Thea and demonstrates his love in so many ways Ultimately there is a HEA for Dizzy, Thea and the son But it is a road that has been paved with heart ache and struggles I absolutely loved this book and look forward to the next one in the series The author has an excellent ability to write characters that draw you in and make you a part of the story I did not want this book to end. Catherine Johnson is a friend and a fellow writer in the Freak Circle Press.The Kairos series has all the things a good MC romance series needs gritty violence, badass alpha men and the women who can handle them, scorching hot, read over and over sex But it is about so much than all that wonderfulness It s about the strong bonds of family, and all that violence and sex isn t just an excuse for action It s all crucial to the development of and the tensions on those family bonds.Bones by the Wood is told in Dizzy and Thea s POVs, and they and their developing bond is the centerpiece of the story But also fascinating and integral are the developing relationships of the new Texas charter of the Priests MC among the patches themselves with the women who work at the Dusky Kitten, the strip club the MC owns and with the town of Ravensbridge itself And with a little boy named Josh.Dizzy is a thoughtful man, confident but not audacious, commanding but not a bully He s new to the President s patch and building a charter from scratch in a town that has a bad history with a former MC He understands that his job is to build those bonds and that in those bonds is where the people and the life he values will be protected.Thea is a struggling single mom, who is fighting tooth and nail to give her son a decent life, despite the mountain of trouble that keeps piling up at her door She s not beaten down by trouble, though She s strong and full of fight, and her son comes first, always.It s a beautiful thing to watch these two strong people with responsibilities beyond themselves connect and wend their way to a relationship It s not easy, and there s heartbreak and struggle in store But they are strong, even when their world conspires to make them weak.Johnson s writing is richly descriptive and poetic She has a keen eye and a lovely way of describing the effect of the moonlight in a scene or the distracting power of a red bra strap She paints a vivid world in which I m happy to be lost, a world I miss when I have to leave It s just beautiful.