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Yes, I am a fan of Nora Roberts, but it s been a little while since I picked up one of her books Born in Fire is the first book in the Born in Trilogy series and this book was a pretty good start to the series A story of family, love and relationships which I enjoyed and I m sure so will anyone who enjoys reading Nora Roberts books Looking forward to the next book in the series Well worth the read Recommended. Book one of Born in Trilogy and our OSRBC book of the month was an engaging but oh SO WONDERFUL ride.The explosive story of Maggie and Rogan is the tale of when scorching fire meets calm water, chaos meets order.We are introduced to the glass blower Maggie in a heart wrenching introduction to the character, and a parents death that is expected yet agonizing.5 years later, she runs her life with an independent streak, surviving with her sister Brianna who owns a BB laden with bitter and unhappy mother.Enter the art connoisseur and agent Rogan, who wants to take her precious art and expose it to the world Always having lived in poverty, and having seen a dreamer father die unsatisfied she takes the chance to improve their life and find a new path for herself.The chemistry between Rogan and Maggie is searing existing from the moment they met but slowly simmering into this volcano that erupts when they finally consummate their relationship Beautiful love blooms and the contrast between their characters was a delight to read I really really loved the portrayal of Maggie this unconventional,self reliant, temperamental, impulsive and disorganized artist who is always striving for and finds home as well as in this efficient, suave, polite Rogan Her interactions with the mother contribute to being one of the most interesting parts of the story and you can t help root for her.I felt so much for Brianna and cannot wait to read about her Also view spoiler happy for Patricia and Joseph hide spoiler @DOWNLOAD EBOOK ß Born in Fire ⚤ Three Modern Sisters Bound By The Timeless Beauty Of IrelandThe Eldest Concannon Sister, Maggie, Is A Reclusive, Stubborn And Free Spirited Glassmaker With A Heart Worth WinningMargaret Mary Is A Glass Artist With An Independent Streak As Fierce As Her Volatile Temper Hand Blowing Glass Is A Difficult And Exacting Art, And While She May Produce The Delicate And The Fragile, Maggie Is A Strong And Opinionated Woman, A Clare Woman, With All The Turbulence Of That Fascinating West CountryOne Man, Dublin Gallery Owner Rogan Sweeney, Has Seen The Soul In Maggie S Art, And Vows To Help Her Build A Career When He Comes To Maggie S Studio, Her Heart Is Inflamed By Their Fierce Attraction And Her Scarred Past Is Slowly Healed By Love Irelandand romancejust perfectThis is a reread and the following review is older but I am not going to change it because I loved it againIt was a great read that I enjoyed very much The story is set in Ireland and I couldn t be happy because it s definitely a country I love to read about Maggie is a young but lonely woman She lost her beloved dad five years ago and her relationship with her mother is far from good Actually, because of her mother she prefers loneliness and she doesn t want to marry She really doesn t trust anyone, expect her sister Brianna who is very kind Maggie is an artist and when in her life comes Rogan the owner of an international art gallery, many things will change in her life either she want it or not.I liked Maggie a lot Many will say that she is too lonely, too stubborn and too rude I will say that she is haunted and wild She misses her dad and she mourns silently for the mother who doesn t love her I believe that she finds it unfair that her dear dad is dead and that snake of a mother is alive, criticizing her daughters for everything The truth is that she craves to love and be loved in return Her art is an act of love and that s why everything she makes is beautiful Rogan is the opposite He had the love of his parents but he lost them too soon He s sophisticated, smart and a man who knows what he wants and how to get it He was in love with Maggie before even realizing it because in her, he could see an honest person He knows that when a woman like Maggie gives her love, this love will last forever.It was a very good read I absolutely adored every single page I totally recommend it to all the fans of this genre I decided to read books that have forever piqued my curiosity since I was kid I would see these books line the shelves at the library, on and on These authors still are bestsellers and incredibly productive Thus, a little fun project that both entertained and surprised me I selected these authors based on recollections of my hometown library back then, so it s not necessarily all encompassing Here is part two of four Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 It was a horrible, horrible version of Taming of the Shrew I could barely get through it Lost count of the number of similes and uses of personification, and obvious innuendos oh yes, this was a romance alright, if you could call it one I felt no sympathy for the characters despite their backstories it seemed so blown out of proportion And yes, this is the type of book where you read things like HIS LOINS WERE ON FIRE and HE RAVAGED HER But in all of that, I did try to find something, anything, that sounded poetic even if cliched Because I believe that even in books I personally find terrible, there s always a hidden gem that surprises you, like this one His heart bled a little for the woman He knew from personal experience how miserable it was to love someone who thought of you as only a friend Not super eloquent, but that s something at least.This book is the beginning of a trilogy, and no, I will not be reading any I can t All I can say is, my Nora Roberts curiosity has been painfully satisfied and now whenever I see someone with one of her books, I will know what they re reading Hopefully the next book in my project will be better I read Born in Fire a few years ago, but suddenly wanted to read something beautiful and not very demanding Often that is just what going back to a book that I already read and loved means to me It is like a vacation, when I go to the beach and just lay on the sand or take a little swin I don t have to worry, I don t have to agonize wondering whether I will like what is to come Just revel in it Of course, it has to be a well written book As I share a love for Ireland with Nora Roberts, this book seemed to fit the bill I loved the setting, the art of blown glass but above all Maggie and Rogan Tormented by the relationship with her mother, she s always supportive of her sister but above all an ambitious and highly talented artist he s a gallery owner, deeply commited to art and very sure of himself Both have strong personalities and know what they want They are not without their conflicts, not perfect at all Great, just like all of us I also enjoyed Brianna and Murphy a lot Born in Fire is the first in the Born In Trilogy about three sisters, followed by Born in Ice and Born in Shame I have read and enjoyed them all They are strongly interconnected and you should read them in sequence, besides in the second and third installments the protagonists of the previous books are very present It s almost as if it was a long book with many characters and shifting leads This is a romance trilogy as opposed to many Nora Roberts novels whose plots are basically mystery and suspense mixed with romance, but one of her best of the genre in my opinion I highly recommend Born in Fire and the whole trilogy I don t usually read books that were published before I was born, but I feel like once I read one series of an author, I have to read all of the others as well. A red headed, sassy, aloof woman, who makes glass art, meets a stuck up, scheduled, rich dark hair art business man Of course they are opposites Of course they both sass each other AND of course INSTANT ATTRACTION Really, it was a Pride and Prejudice themed with added hot and heavy sexual fling Cool It was alright for what it was So let me tell you what was wrong with it.1 The main character somehow reminded me of Merida from the Disney movie Brave Not totally Nora Roberts fault, but that is what I imagined Curly, crazy red head, with a sassy attitude So the entire book I just imagined this animated character going from Clare to Paris to the Mediterranean Sorry that is what happened.2.I am sure, pretty positive the lover, Rogan Sweeney, was attractive I am sure he was this hot dark haired looking man, but for the life of me only thought of Sweeney Todd HA Then my cousin married a Sweeney and I am not attracted to my cousin s husband, so we had problems Sorry Nora, not your fault there.3 The sex scenes I laughed How authors describe sex cracks me up I am sorry I don t know what it does, but it does One of the lines was she bucked and rolled and reared I just couldn t help but laugh at that line I don t know how I would describe a sexual scene, but I don t think I would describe a horse Also, what parent says you were conceived out of hot, raw passion Awkward.4 Lastly, one of the lines came from Star Wars I know I am sure I am the only nerd you read this and thought of Star Wars at the same time.Good things 1 I want to see Ireland.2 Scenery seemed beautiful.3 I want to eat some bread HOMEMADE BREAD.It wasn t for me or the right timing, I suppose to read this It was alright Possibly, I will read the other two books I am unsure at the moment If anyone reads this book, please tell me your thoughts. I was craving a milkshake and nothing goes down smoother than a Nora Roberts romance Good thing I can always count on the local library to quench my thirst Originally published in 1994,the Born in Trilogy tells the story of the Concannon sisters, Maggie and Brianna Their father, Tom has died and their mother, Maeve increasingly difficult for the sisters to take care of on their own Born In Fire is Maggie s story Maggie is a glass blower and her items soon catch the eye of Dublin gallery owner, Rogan Sweeney Maggie wants to be recognized for her work, but is terrified of the strong feelings she begins to have for Rogan Personally, I love the characterizations of Robert s characters and I find that her female protagonists are ones that a reader can relate and empathise with Maggie wants so much to be an independent working woman, to see Brianna follow her own dreams, to do her father proud, and to handle her complicated relationship with her mother But Rogan Sweeney manages to complicate matters and causes Maggie to step back and consider her life and the wall that she had built around herself Now Rogan is pushy and flaunts the alpha male role, which did cause some eye rolling on my part, but one thing that I will say is that Nora Roberts always gives her characters time to get serious It might be lust in the beginning, but soon one of the characters, in this story, it is Rogan, that realizes he loves Maggie I appreciated that the characters have time to talk about their feelings and work through their frustrations like we would all hope mature adults would want to do But than the romance is the relationship between Maggie and Brianna In my opinion, this was definitely the backbone of the novel Sisters who have rheir disagreements, but remain truly their for one another It is also the reason that I immediately lunged for book 2. This is my first novel by Nora Roberts, I will admit to avoiding her books thinking they were just fluff Eating my words, which should make some of you very happyYou ll be mine, and glad of it I ll be yours She lifted her face to the wind And glad of itBorn in Fire is the first in the Born In Trilogy about three sisters haven t met the third yet set in Ireland, woven with history and rich in character Maggie is the oldest Concannon sister, she s bright, strong and very unique Her life has been shadowed by her mothers anger and regret at being stuck having a daughter Margaret Mary s father Tom is the shining light in her life, he s supported and encouraged Maggie her whole life When Tom dies on a rainy Ireland night making Maggie promise to follow her dreams and make sure her sister, Brianna does the same Maggie is then put on a path of truth opening her up to following those dreams and taking chances Maggie s beautiful glass works catch the eye of Rogan Sweeney, a are curator who s looking to showcase Irish artists.What first caught my eye during the first chapter was Miss Roberts ability to weave these beautifully descriptive words in such a different way For example An unpredictable man he might be, full of starts and stops and quick turns, but she knew him Of all the men she had known, she had loved no one with the full thrust of her heart as she loved Tom Concannon. The story of Margaret Mary unfolds in such a natural way, she sort of jumps off the page as either a women you wish you could be, free and artsy or the women you already are I found myself wishing I could be as free with my ideas of how relationships develop Wanting him to call or wishing he would come by For Maggie, she just lets life happen, doen t play games and welcomes the idea of what fate has to offer She s riddled with the past mistakes of her mother and father Almost to a painful point where she s gone so far the other way and warded off marriage because of what she witnessed as a child.Reading the interactions between Margaret Mae and Rogan were hilarious Like fire and ice together they worked their way around each other to the point that they were the only people in the room who didn t know they were mad in love Written to perfection, dripping in words not normally used to convey love and affection When Rogan and Maggie come together, it s not a slow burn it s a raging fire Elegant, he was And beautiful, she thought, in a way so uniquely male, and as wonderfully competent and precise as the handy little machine he used to run his figures Not a man to run across sunny fields or lie dreaming under the moon But he was than she d first imagined him to be, much , she now understoodSo with one Nora Roberts book under my belt, it s only fitting to go back for seconds.