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!FREE EPUB ♛ Breaking the Nexus ☩ Throughout History, Myths And Legends Of Extraordinary Creatures Have Been Told And Retold Fantastic Tales Of Demons And Banshees, Gryphons And Dragons, And Of Course, Magic Stories That Every Child Grows To Learn Are Nothing Than Fantasy Or Are They Beyond The World You See Lies A Hidden Realm, The Mythrian Realm, Inhabited By All Of The Creatures You Ve Been Told Are Mere Fiction Only One Thing Lies Between Humans And The Truth The Nexus A Magical Barrier Erected Millennia Ago To Separate The Two Realms, It Has Stood The Test Of Time Until NowFor Mythrian Sha Phoenix, Magic Is Nothing New But When She Stumbles Upon A Portal On The Verge Of Collapse, Her Fate Will Forever Change Pulled Through The Portal Into The Human Realm, She Lands In The Middle Of Detective Connor Flynn S Brutal Murder Scene Soon It Is Obvious Someone Is Using Blood Magic To Try To Bring Down The Nexus Together, Connor And Sha Must Work To Unravel The Secrets Before The Barrier Falls And The Realms Collide The Nexus Is Breaking And All Hell Is About To Unleash Literally Warning This Book Contains Two Graphic Sex Scenes Featuring A Sexy Detective Lindsay Avalon takes readers on a unique roller coaster ride in this fantasy story about the Nexus and those who are sworn to protect it Ms Avalon impresses with her ability to capture and hold a readers attention and the story flows rather well Her debut novel scores a win and no doubt will tickle the fancy of every fantasy reader out there Personally, I would have loved to seeof this story, so I am beyond happy that Breaking the Nexus is only the beginning The intro to this refreshing new series leaves those who read it eagerly awaiting book 2 I know I ll be waiting anxiously for the follow upgood job Lindsay It was a great read it left you wanting , page by page The romance, the magic the paranormal this book has it all You see the world through the characters eyes and you never want it to end cant wait to read what is next for MS Avalon I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.And Let me be honest, at first I just wasn t into it It took me longer to read the first couple chapters and get into the story that normal But once I got reading and the story got going, I was hooked.I loved the chemistry and attraction between Sha and Connor, very hot Much better chemistry in this book than in the last erotica book I read lolSha is impulsive and Conner is usually by the books and this was working good for them in this story Ian, Conner s partner on the Detective squad, also has a connection with Conner that best friend know what you re doing connection.As all Hell breaks loose Sha and Connor fall in love, find clues to a series of murders and stop the world from ending.For me as a reader, relatively new to Paranormal books, this was great I think this series will be a big hit And this new author did a great jobI can t gush over the bookwithout spilling things that happen in the book and ruin it for you.But highly recommend for you to read, 4.5 stars My Review What an incredibly creative and inventive world this is This is the first book from a series by Lindsay Avalon You quickly discover that there are two realms within our worldthe human realm and the Mythrian world They are kept separate by a Nexus In the Mythrian realm, there are gateways to the human realm, but they are carefully guarded by Sentinels.Sha is one of those sentinels and when something goes wrong at the gateway, she is flung into the human realm, directly into a serial killer crime scene which is being investigated by police detective, Connor These two both feel an instant connection to the other, although they both have very good reasons to stay way, way apart from each other It makes for an interesting set up I think that this is considered an Urban Fantasy because it looks like it s setting up to be an ongoing adventure following the same characters, but it could easily fall under paranormal romantic suspense too, because there is a huge mysterious adventure aspect to it too Both of these characters work in law enforcement in their respective worlds, so both of them are pretty tough, independent characters I loved that they are both so strong, but when they truly start to connect, they find out just how much stronger they are together The problem is that it looks like the Nexus is in danger of failing which means all the stuff of legends dragons, banshees, demons, fae, etc will be unleashed on the human world Needless to say, everyone pretty much agrees that will probably not be a good thing The Nexus was raised for a good reason It s an ongoing issue that looks like it will play out over several books There was a lot to this book and the world is firmly established after this first book, but there are still lots of questions Why does Connor, who s human, have his own powers Who exactly is Alec and how does he fit into all this What happened to Luca when Sha went through the gate It was a fun first book, and now I m excited to read 2, as it looks that book will take place in Mytherian, which could prove to be really interesting.I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. A Hot magical ride There is a world that lies next to ours, a world where magic is as natural as breathing This world is called the Mythrian Realm, home to beasts of legend banshees, gryphons, demons and dragons to name a few Separating our world and the Mythrian Realm is a barrier known as the Nexus But there is a problemthe Nexus is breaking down, things are slipping through, Sha Phoenix for one Sha is a sorceri who lands in the middle of a murder scene in Denver, Colorado She is beautiful and sexy as well as a strong heroine with a lot of spirit and grit It is here that she meets the strikingly handsome detective, Connor Flynn Together they must figure out why the Nexus is breaking down, while battling a mysterious creature known as Nightmare.At the same time Flynn is trying to maintain a professional relationship between his suspect witness and his duty as a police officer while doing his damn best to ignore the unexplainable emotional and physical attraction he has for Sha.This had a great storyline with threads of sensual heat dribbled out like honey, giving you a teasing taste of what is to come between Sha and Connor It is steady, but never overdone, just the right amount of sexual burn.The words have an instant flow, pulling you along like a boat in a current The current at times seems even and steady, but then the action picks up and you feel as if you are heading for a waterfall There are some stories you may read where the writing will have parts equivalent to a swampy bog and you are struggling to get through it Breaking the Nexus had none of this None It was a great read from beginning to end.There is one other person I would like to mention because it is so rare that a supporting character is perfectly done Connor s best friend and partner Ian is so grounded that you feel comfortable that what you see is what you get No hidden agendas or wishy washy whimpering about the things Connor is involved in The bond between them is strong and makes you wonder what the author has in store for us in regards to this friendship, for Lindsay Avalon has us solidly believing one way, and with a single sentence could so easily manipulate us That my friend is great writing Breaking the Nexus was a pleasure to read, from the first page to the last Lindsay Avalon has woven a tale that makes it seem entirely plausible that a magical world can exist right next to ours Read this story, you will be glad you did And at the end, you will feel as I did Lindsay Avalon needs to finish the sequel, because we hunger for I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic paranormal romance novel I loved it Sha Phoenix is a wonderful character I love her wit and humour She is She is a part Aquarum water magic and part Infernum fire magic Sorceri This makes her a formidable protector of the Nexus the gateway between her world and the human one When an explosion occurs near the Nexus, Sha is accidentally pulled into the human world, where she meets Detective Connor Flynn.Connor Flynn is a typical alpha male He is a fantastic character He is strong, handsome and an honourable man It also helps that he is very charismatic I love his protective streak As an aside I wouldn t mind being arrested by this cop.I absolutely loved this story Although there is danger and intrigue, there is also great wit and warmth between the characters I love the teasing between Sha and her Nexus partner, Luca I also enjoyed the banter between Connor and his partner, Ian This shows the great respect they have for each other However, the heat between Sha and Connor is enough to melt metal, never mind the page Their mutual attraction is combustible to say the least The ending finished on a cliffhanger, which has me champing at the bit to read the next book in the series Lindsay Avalon has written an amazing paranormal romance that is extremely fast paced, but flows beautifully Her characters are extremely likeable except for the bad guy and come alive on the page A word of warning There is two scenes of a sexual nature in this book that are explicit and HOT fanning myself There is also some bad language Therefore, I do not recommend this book for younger readers However, I highly recommend this book if you love YA 17 , paranormal romance or fantasy Lynn Worton Breaking the Nexus is a paranormal romance that is a bit different than what I m used to picking up off the shelf It occurs mainly in our world but there is another world, Mythria, that resides on the other side of the Nexus that houses all the creatures from legends, fairytales, mythology and nightmares.Lindsay Avalon writes a fantastic debut novel full of action, romance and suspense The mystery keeps you hooked and she reveals clues with great timing Never as a reader was I ever left yelling at the characters Why haven t you figured it out yet The book isn t very long I d say it s bordering novella length over novel but I m not entirely certain on that since I don t know the exact word count and page numbers.It ends with a bang, leading the way for the second book in the trilogy that I absolutely cannot wait to pick up it s tentatively scheduled for release in the spring of 2013.My one complaint, and I think this is an easy thing for new authors especially to fall into, is that the characters don t have a lot of flaws They had a few, but they don t seem to get in the way like I d want them to Sha, the female lead, is headstrong, impulsive and stubborn I would have liked to have seen this get her into a bittrouble than it did That being said, it isa personal preference and the characters never come off as mary sues, so Avalon does well there.As a word of warning, there are two quite graphic love scenes in the book so it is not suitable for all ages and discretion should be used.I give Breaking the Nexus 4 out of 5 stars It s a fantastic debut novel and cannot see what else Lindsay Avalon comes out with.http chrissteen.wordpress.com 2012 I fell for the characters from the beginning with their banter and quirky commentary The mystery of wanting to know what s going to happen next made this story a quick read and page turner Everyone wants to get their hands on a great story, laid out with vivid pictures and amazing characters.I fell for Connor s personality and train of thought Sha is a very sensual and interesting character I loved the interest between the two characters as they grew fonder of each other throughout the story I loved the thoughts that played out in their heads as they tried to deny it The mystery of the story caught my attention from the beginning and the puzzle pieces came together beautifully.The author captured my interest in so many ways, with all that is within the books pages I couldn t get enough I want the next book right this minute Can t waitI was given this book for an honest review Thanks so much for such an amazing story and good read So, I thought this book would be quite interesting based off the title and the description Boy was I right So this story centers around Sha Phoenix, a Mythrian, and Connor, a seemingly mortal police detective The story begins with Sha patroling the Nexus, as is her job, and getting trapped into a falling vortex which sends her to the mortal realm, right in the middle of a crime scene She comes to covered in someone else s blood and surrounded by mortals She s taken into custody and questioned, where her temper escapes her and she shows off her powers to explain her presence at the crime scene She then begins to work with the police in an effort to catch the serial killer they re looking for Interestingly enough, Sha is immediately drawn to Connor and he to her They begin to develop a link and Sha makes an interesting discovery about Connor s heritage But there s no time to think on it as she discovers the serial killer is Mythrian and working on a ritual to free an ancient evil that none of her own kind were able to kill and only the Great Phoenix was able to stop With no time to waste, Sha and Connor head into battle to attempt to stop the Mythrian.My only problem is that the end was a cliff hanger and apparently the second book is not out yet I simply have to read the second book to find out what happens to Sha and Connor.