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Ash has decided to leave her past behind and travel across Australia trying to find herself again after a brutal attack left her reeling In an unexpected way, she meets Scott, a firefighter in town who is also a biker Ash s haunted past has to do with bikers and Scott picks up on her skittishness Scott though realizes from the beginning that Ash will be a special part of his life and he makes a plan to get close to her while going as slow as she needs to accept him Can Ash move past her fears and find a strength she didn t know she had with Scott This was a wonderfully haunting story Ash is stronger than she realizes and Scott sees it Scott I absolutely adored the way he wears his heart on his sleeve with Ash Had several entertaining side characters that I would love to see books from Highly entertaining series. Man I love this author The fact she s an Aussie writer is just icing on the cake Her characters are just so lovable, relatable with the right degree of kookiness yes kookiness I will say I didn t think Ash would have been quite so quick to accept intimacy but am willing to be optimistic and just say Scott was the right guy to help her heal I just can t wait until the next one 4.25 stars Ash has had a very traumatic experience a year ago view spoiler She was gang raped hide spoiler 3.25 StarsLoved the town and people. Rereading this book I saw so muchin it than before This is such a hard subject to deal with and Angela does a wonderful job here helping Ash Scott was amazing and I have always loved Ryder and Dee even their little moments Ash has decided to travel across Australia, in search of some peace from a traumatic attack She s working hard to move on, but she s still fragile and very leery of men in general and bikers in particular So when she meets Scott on the side of the road when her car breaks down, she s less than comfortable Slowly, Ash decides to figure out if she s ready to stop roaming and start living again.The Good and the OkThis is a bitangsty of a tale than Ms Verdenius usual, and I quite liked it Ash has been through alot and her fears are genuinely believable I actively rooted for her to overcome her fears She is a BBW heroine, but it wasn t the focal point and I thought it worked very well That being said, if you ve read a Verdenius book before, it s not that far off the tried and true formula Which means other than Ash s past trauma, the setup is very similar to her earlier BBW books.The Bottom LineAn enjoyable read with a very likeable heroine. This was a pretty good book but I had a hard time getting into the story and connecting with the characters I will say there is some great funny scenes in this book that had me laughing out loud Not sure what I was hoping for but this book was just lacking something for me, and I can t even point out what that something was.After a brutal attack Ash leaves her home and wanders till her cars breaks down, with a broken phone Ash isn t sure what to do Then four saviors come in the worst form possible brining up old wound Scott and his friends were out one day riding their motorcycles and saw a car broke down on the side of the rode and pulled off the help What they found was a terrified woman Helping her and getting her to the car shop Scott can t help but be attracted to this woman who obviously has been through something ugly in the past.Not wanting to let her go Scott helps get her a job and a reason to stick around hoping that time will get his foot in the door and able to break down Ash a walls Even though Ash should be terrified she finds herself wanting Scottand , and staying in town brings her face to face with Scott often till Scott is something Ash can t deny As Scott and Ash begin a relationship the past makes it difficult for Ash to trust and Scott will have to find a way to keep the woman he has fallen in love with As they seem to have found their way an arson plans may rip the happiness that Scott and Ash have found in each other. A new series by Ms V , Gully s fallyou meet four of the very hot inhabitants, Scott, Simon, Ryder and Kirk, all Hot and all ride motorbikes in there spare timeyum This story is about fireman Scott and Ash, they meet when she brakes down, not the most friendliness of meetings but Ash s hesitancy is understandable Ash ends up staying in Gully s fall for a while and slowly becomes part of the community and makes friends with its inhabitants with cousins Dee and Dell taking her under their wing It s a sweet story and Scott is perfect as the dashing, heroic knight in shining armour coming to sweep and save Ash Ash is so brave taking a chance again and Scott was her perfect match Loved the bickering between Ryder and Dee and the ribbing between the guys too I m hoping her best friend Elise and her brother Moz getof a mention in future stories I like the sound of them I don t know who s up next but I m looking forward to reading their stories. I know you had issues writing this story, `FREE EBOOK ⇰ Burn for You (Gullys Fall, #1) ☠ One Horrendous Encounter With Bikers Left Ash Shattered Arriving In Gully S Fall In Search Of A New Life, She Didn T Count On Falling For The Hunky, Motorbike Riding Fireman Who Rescued Her When Her Car Broke DownScott S Drawn To The Rubenesque Beauty, His Desire For Her Steadily Growing To An Erotic Burn Can He Discover The Cause Of Her Wariness And Convince Her To Give Him A Chance