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Cute addition to the series Kamaria has a major problem and is in the worst possible place to succumb Jack meets her and sparks fly After a one night stand, they run into eachother in a professional capacity What they started the night before has potential and they have enough to make a go of it Enjoyed it.ARC received in exchange for an honest review. DNR Didn t like Kamaria.Also, even though it was a novella, it felt rushed and incomplete READ BOOK ☲ Calling Her Bluff (What Happens In Vegas, #10) ♖ He Wasn T The Score She Was Looking ForRomance Author Kamaria Wilson Came To Las Vegas With Nothing To Lose A One Night Stand With A Delicious Man Is Just The Distraction She Needs Until One Night With Him Doesn T Feel Like Enough Panicked, She Skips Out On The Morning After Encore And Hides Out At The Poker TablesAfter His Hot One Night Stand Goes MIA, Security Specialist Jack Aldirisi Is Sure He Ll Never See Her Again But When He S Called In To The Casino For An Unexpected Special Assignment, Lady Luck Smiles Down On Jack For The Rest Of The Weekend, He Ll Be By His Missing Woman S Side She Insists Their Powerful Connection Is Nothing Than Sex He Begs To Differ And This Time, He S Calling Her Bluff ARC received for reviewSweet little romance with a little angst and hot bedroom times I almost put it down because they hooked up in the first chapter, and she went home with him and we don t get to know what happened It finished off good, but just a little quick. Calling her Bluff by Kaia Danielle will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to end Kamaria Wilson, New York Times Best Selling Author, came to Vegas to prove that she was strong and capable of being in sin city without giving in to her demons To celebrate, a one night stand is just what she needed to ease her itch Enter tall, dark, sexy azz Jack Being with him revealed feelings Kamaria did not want to acknowledge and Jack would not let her run from.Calling Her Bluff was edgy, funny and sexy I enjoyed it so much, I bought two other books in the What Happens in Vegas Story This was the first story I have read by Kaia Danielle and it will not be the last.By Cilla, the BookManiac I love a great It Happened in Vegas story and this one promised to be a fun read After all, with a romance writer who hit the big time as your main character, you know its going to be good.The story starts out with plenty of promise for a great book A smoking hot guy and a hook up But for some reason, we don t get to read about that However, it must have been great as the characters seem to have fallen for each other and when they are thrown together again because of her convention, you hope good things will be happening.The story line is imaginative and you see glimpses of greatness in this book However, the story was not completely developed for you to see, feel, and understand the attraction between the two Jack is a sweetheart and Kamaria is vulnerable yet strong at the same time If this was a full length book instead of a novella, I think I would have bought in to the story much I enjoyed the read but I think the author has some to tell in this book I just wanted depth to the story. I received this from Netgalley Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review This another addition to the what happens in Vegas novella series This book is about an author who has an gambling addiction but she decides to go to Las Vegas for a romance book convention Kamaria has a problem but Jack just might be a cure Jack is a yummy security guy who wants to save Kamaria from gambling Yet, he believes the worst of her and breaks her heart I did enjoy the story a lot though but I may have cried Enjoy Jack sure is sure of himself, you would ve what he muttered Not had the best orgasm of your life Save it, honey Jack can be the sweetest guy, I heard the door shut I thought you were in your room My bad Jack swallowed She watched his Adam s apple bob up and down But he didn t look away You look great when you re naked I really liked this book it was entertaining. 3.5 Being Strong When It Matters Stars 1 2Addictions we all have themIt is just a matter of whether they become disruptive to your life For anyone who poo poos that idea, they need to only think of whether they could stop reading that wanted book forever or never taste cheesecake or ice cream again or anything else that calls out to you Because all of us have the ability to want things and justify the excuse we make while reaching for them It is just a matter of how we are wired as to which addiction hits us and how strongThis novella uses gambling as the centerpiece for her main characters We have a romance novelist who has been away from the poker tables for 1223 days or about 3 years She has become a successful author and one of the major Romance Conventions is taking place at her nemesis, Las Vegas In her mind, she feels this is the test she needs a way to prove to herself she can withstand any temptations put in front of her She also feels a huge obligation to her fans to be at this event.We are at one of the few local bars in Vegas that does not have any slots or poker tables on the premises Kamaria searched and found a local place to go and just cut loose She is there to drink a bit, relax a lot and not thinknot think about cards or the noise of machines jangling or the purr of decks being shuffled Her phone rings, jarring her out of her thoughts and her agent blasts in her ear She wants to know where she is and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion no, Kamaria says I am not at the tables, no I am not in the casino leave me beHer agent tells her to sit for she has exciting newsshe hit the New York Times Best Seller Listthe holy grail This can be life changing and every Romance, hell, every type of author knows it The agent congratulates her and tells her in so many words to drink up, cut loose and find a fella to enjoy it is well deserved.Little does the agent know, Kamaria, already had eyes on such a prospect He was huge, 6 5 and handsome enough to model book covers in fact, if she squinted her eyes a bit he looked just like the model for her last book.And boy was he builtKamaria was well into her second shot and was aiming for when the built by the gods fella came over to her and asked if she was okit seems she had been looking at the blank screen of her phone, mumbling over and over What the fuckShe explained to the handsome guy she just found out she had wonderful news and was going to celebrate did he want to join her for than a drink.OMG did that really come out of my mouth she thoughtHandsome guy looked at this vision he saw and very kindly thought this is woman who I would like to get to know Her skin silky, her deep brown eyes captivating and the mouth, oh those lipsWith a body and and sass too, yeah I would like to get to know herBoth of them then talked a bit, shared they were not one night stand peoplebut the attraction was too strong for both to pass up we know they didn t eitherKamaria made an early escape back to the hotel, reconnects with her agent and then goes to her room There she regroups and thinks of all the things she has gone throughhow her nana loved romance books and had her read them to her once she couldn t do it herselfhow she wanted to honor her nana by writing romance as a tribute to her now that she was gone.She gets a bit caught up with all these feelings and decides to test her strengthShe hadn t been with anyone for years because she didn t want to trade one addition for anotherafraid she had done that with her experience from last night She wasn t sure of the feelings she had for Jack it felt like but this was Vegas and who knew what you felt when thereOur guy wakes disappointed in Kamaria not being in his bed She was than a one night stand she had this essence about her and he just felt Jack was woken by his part time boss full time Marine buddy to come to the Casino to assist with a special project The only project he was interested in was hunting down Kamaria At the Casino, Jack walks into a meeting of the agent badgering Ben, Head of Security She wants someone on Kamaria 24 7 to make sure she doesn t slip back into her gambling ways Naturally Jake is the man Ben wants to do the joband both have no idea it is Kamaria until they see her at the tables through the security cameras.This story s focus on fighting addiction with the surrounding romance angle was interestingthere were a few concepts explored What makes a person able to fight the addiction and how do they go about itAlso the need to forgive themselves and feel they are worthy of good in their lives Both of these characters had the experience of gambling addiction in their lives she personally and he through his father The father did not succeed Kamaria seems to be fighting and even with a slip back on track There, of course, was chemistry between them and their banter, made up contracts and memories of their times together were swoon worthyThese two were a match.The setting of a Romance Convention was fun and hopefully not too true with women pinching our guy s butt mercilessly.A fast romance novella with than just the romance A gifted copy was provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 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