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I honestly had no idea there was going to be a second book in this series Haven t Marcus and Mia been through enough already actually, no,I don t careMore for me image error @Free Ebook Ë Cautious (Disastrous, #2) à Marcus And Mia Share A LOVE Stronger Than Others, But Their Relationship Was Built On LIES And Deceit Cautiously, They Continue To Struggle For What They Desire Than Anything, Each Other Though, That Comes With A Price One That Involves HEARTBREAK And Deception Can They Survive Another Disastrous Path Is Their Love Strong Enough To Defeat All The Obstacles, All Of The BETRAYAL Not All Broken Relationships Are Repairable, But Marcus And Mia Try Their Hardest To Fight For Themselves And For Each Other Note Disastrous Is The First In A Two Book Series Cautious Is The Second And Final Installment Of The Disastrous Series 4 1 2 DeLuca Stars If you re a fan of Marcus and Mia than this sequel was well worth the wait In Disastrous, things happened pretty fast for this couple They had an instant love connection, crazy passion, fights that were intense and of course SECRETSOur relationship wasn t fucking hearts and flowers We weren t skipping around town holding hands We argued all the time At times, she frustrated me and drove me insane At others, she made my heart swell, and I couldn t stay awayThe sequel is told in alternating povs of Mia and Marcus and this time they are stronger and dedicated to get their relationship right Mia and Marcus are on the same page in this sequel and I enjoyed how their relationship evolved into so muchthan physical attractionNosecrets or lies Telling you how I feel is a major one, but I m also trying to do all of this without having to hand over my man cardThey date, make fun bets, take a road trip and they are still SIZZLING together Sadly, things with Uncle Lou and the mob are getting pretty sticky and come to a head.The book starts with a BANG which has a reader on edge waiting to catch up to that terrifying scene throughout the book Marcus is still the same alpha, impulsive guy who wants to protect Mia Their love knows no boundsThere might be rocky times, but we would get past them together and never give up, because love and not just any love, but our love was worth fighting forOverall, this was a well done conclusion to Marcus and Mia s story E.L Montes does a fantastic job of writing the action packed scenes which will have a reader on edge as well as male pov of Marcus.P.S I m still crushing hard on Jimmie DeLuca I am looking forward to his promised novella Fighting To Stand To be released Fall 2013 Spring 2014ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Four and a half hot Marcus stars BOOM The prologue of Cautions is going to blow you away I am going to remain spoiler free and not ruin it for you Marcus and Mia fans Just be prepared to have your heart beat out of your chest.Emmy Montes second book Cautious picks up right where Marcus and Mia s story left off in Disastrous book 1 Their steamy roller coaster ride of a romance continues with the couple having to work on their relationship issues and themselves Mia is Cautious She loves Marcus and wants to move forward with a relationship that is built trust Mia is so in love with Marcus but is frustrated and tired of the lies and secrets that surround his other job as a high ranking mafia figure Marcus has built some walls around his head and heart which has Mia has managed to break through but she needs .she needs full disclosure in order to have a future with him Sexy as hell Marcus battles so many inner demons from having to live two separate lives He struggles with booze, his family, mafia obligations and most of all he wonders if he is really good enough for Mia Mia and Marcus passion filled love story unravels from alternating POV I think I love Marcus evensince getting into his head and heart You can t help but want everything to work out for them especial after reading how deep his love is for Mia They are so full of passion They love hard, fight hard and have make up sex down to a science Dayum.I think they fight just to make up Remember that prologue I mentioned earlier Well the shit is going to hit the fan and it s going to get pretty intense.I have some big fan girl love for Emmy Montes and her second book does not disappoint I would recommend re reading the end of book one of you haven t read Disastrous recently You probably won t have too It s not you it s just me I m just crispy, having a blond moment and suffering short term memory loss Seriously, this is a must read for Marcus, Mia and Disastrous fans No cliffhanger whew There is another book novella planned in this series called Fighting to Stand due out late fall 2013 or spring 2014 ARC courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review.I just finished Cautious Review to follow 4 and a half Marcus loving stars Disastrous Marcus Mia fans will be doing a happy dance Review to followMy heart is still racing from the ending Can love survive secrets and can trust be regainedMarcus DeLuca wants Mia s trust.Mia also wantstrust this time Can Marcus give her that.With so many secrets between them, it may be harder than they think He needs to protect her By doing just that he may push her further away After deciding that they can t live without each other Marcus and Mia decide to give love and their relationship a second chance.Marcus will do everything in his power this time to make it right.Mia is willing to let go of the past to move forward again and the love she feels for Marcus will it be enough.Marcus is not only still keeping his law firm going but he is still under the control, along with his brother Jimmie, of Lou the main man running organised crime.As much as Marcus wants to leave that side of his life and his involvement in the organised crime, he knows it won t be that easy.With Mia s discovery now of past events it wont be long until Marcus makes that decision I just loved Marcus and Jimmie, true brotherly love and for me little Elle stole the show You feel the love these two have for each other I loved the Mafia involvement entwined into the story.Also the twist in the last few chapters.E.L Montes another great story and I m looking forward to Jimmies next.. Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsWell, this second installment picks up right after the end of the first one We have Marcus and Mia trying to rekindle their relationship and fighting for their love at the same time that Marcus extra activities make everything harder for them.So, at the same time that he is looking for a way to have a happy ending with Mia, he is also trying to get out of his second life because he knows that s the only way it s going to achieve it Okay, this book was good Not as good as the first but good nonetheless The prologue and the epilogue were great seriously, best parts of the book , there was the romance, the steam but there were parts along the book that it became a little boring and seemed that nothing was happening Anyway, it was a very nice conclusion to the series and I liked to see how their story came to an ending with all the obstacles that they got in their way Go read it, now Amazing Joint review from www.theromancecover.com We ve decided to do this review a little bit different that we usually do We are going to share with you the messages we sent each other whilst we were reading the book so you can see what we were going through, and then we ll share our conversation after we d all finished Willow Have you guys read the prologue OMG Donna The Prologue is badddddddddddd Willow I know WTH I love that E s done it again, though this prologue isshocking Donna Will probably finish today, but I m scared Willow I m scared too Dawn OMG who was that in the prologue This better be a HEA Donna I m now at 60% and bricking it Dawn Oh no Donna Only because I feel something bad is going to happen Willow I m only at 25% but E can t do this to us can she Dawn I hope not In the prologue was that Marcus or Mia Donna Or not them at all Willow I assumed Marcus was narrating, but it s not clear.Dawn I thought it was Mia narrating Donna I thought Mia tooWillow Im going back to re read Donna Ooooo 70% think this is where it hits the fan Need to take a breather.Donna OMG 86%..Dawn Stop it I m only 4% lolWillow No no no Donna Donna I m on the Epilogue now and only answered a few emails today I m sooo bad it was just too good to put down.Willow I m so Jealous right now Donna Donna Finished Dawn Are you happy or sad Donna There were some sad bits and some happy bits lolDawn I think in the prologue it was Mia speaking, he calls her Babe, she calls him Baby.Donna Not sayingDawn Gaaaaaaah Dawn I need to know about that prologue we ll ask E in her interview whether she writes the prologue first or the book first and adds the prologueWillow Once again the prologue is genius Dawn I m dying to know what the secret is And they are sure to find out the other one knew about it and they really wont be happy Dawn 57% and Gaaaaah The way she s writing it is keeping the secret from us I just want to know Willow lol I felt like that, it s coming I promise Willow Wait until you get to around 83%, there s a line there that killed me let me know when you get there Dawn Gaaaaaah I thought he was going to tell Jimmie on the phone, not skirt around it Willow It is genius how she keeps you guessing though don t you think Dawn I got to that line My deepest regret that night right Donna Awwww sob sob sob Willow Yep that s the line that broke my heart Dawn I m Scared.Dawn OMG they re going to walk in on it aren t they Donna Have you got Kleenex I cried lotsDawn Willow you ve a heart of stone did you cry Willow As you say I m a cold hearted bitch, I didn t cry but I was extremely upset I think the non crying was just shockthan anything I just couldn t believe it And here s the discussion we had after Willow The thing I loved about this book and Disastrous is although you have the story Marcus and Mia s relationship, there is just so much other stuff going on that grips you.Dawn I know I love all the side characters Jeremy is funny And Elle is so cute.It s good we get to see Mia building relationships with her family too in this one And I felt for Marcusin this one He really doesn t want that life but he s trapped in it with very little options to get out But he tries his hardest because he loves Mia and want a better life for them than his mum and dad had.Donna I felt that Marcus matured a lot in this book although I did feel that his reaction to the secret was not like him..he has led the family for so long I just felt that he would have reacted a bit differently I did really feel for him thoughI cried at his turmoilWillow I agree Donna, Marcus did seem muchmature in this book, but I get what you are saying about his reaction The relationships with the other DeLucas was lovely to see I am excited that EL has decided to do a book on Jimmies story As you know I m a sucker for alternative points of view in a story and I loved that Cautious does this, you get to feel both characters highs and lows Dawn Jimmies story will be good He s a great character and has had some tough times and I think Ellie is going to give him someHa ha Hope he finds love too though Yeah the alternate POV is good It means there s no gaps in the story and you re not left wondering what the other on is thinking or feeling I felt Mia had grown a pair in this book too She was muchwilling to try for their relationship despite what Marcus did in his other life She still didn t like it but waswilling to give it a go I thought.Willow So Dawn after Donna was warning you about Kleenex, did you cry Dawn Of course U know I cry at anything LolDonna I went through a box of tissues and had red eye for agesagain I cried at the epilogue as well I am wondering what will happen after the event with a certain characterI cannot see it being let go especially as there was no punishment Marcus did something that was so right yet so wrong but understand why he did it I am just worried about the future repercussions Willow Perhaps this is what we ll see in Jimmie s story Our Rating and Final thoughts Willow Definitely 5 stars without a doubt I couldn t put it down, I loved it It s a great story and if you haven t read them you must I 3 EL and will read anything she puts out there.Dawn 5 stars from me too It s so muchthan just a romance book And we needof them like this I ll be waiting in line for her next one out.Donna 5 stars One word Amazeballs. In Disastrous, Marcus and Mia had passion, they had steam and they had issues, all because of the secrets they kept This time, those secrets aren t going to get in the way This time, things will be different for the two of them they hope Nosecrets or lies I hated his lifestyle, but I loved him She was all I d ever wanted and needed There was no way I was ever letting her go again.Marcus and Mia went through so much in the first book If you haven t read Disastrous, I recommend it this book is not a stand alone The obstacles they had to face seemed like too much for any couple to handle They love each other, and are both willing to do anything to make it work Marcus knows he screwed up He is trying to find ways to make amends for it He can t imagine his life without Mia I loved that they spent some time dating and really getting to know each other in the beginning of the bookI m trying to find a way to have her forgive me for all I ve done, because in the end she was always too good for me, in the end I never deserved herMarcus is two different people living two different lives On one hand, he is a top notch attorney, dating the lovely Mia, who has a mother and brother and niece who love him The other side is much darker He has connections to Lou Sorrento, who is essentially the mob, and no matter what he tries he finds that getting out isn t easy It s almost impossible Almost Marcus is willing to do anything to get out of that life He knows Mia deserves better, and he doesn t want her worrying about anything He has a plan A plan that he keeps Mia out of He can t be distracted and he doesn t want her fretting over it Mia knows Marcus is hiding something from her Nosecrets Nolies What do you do when the love of your life is keeping something huge from you Especially when all the secrets nearly tore down your relationship before Sometimes you just had to crawl through the dark before you could see the light The prologue I only have one word for that INTENSE I was nervous most of the book just waiting for that to happen When it did it was just crazy I enjoyed Marcus and Mia s story Love the two of them together Marcus had me seriously swooning most of the bookI can t promise you that life won t try to take a stab at you, that you won t run through a few obstacles, and that you won t feel like quitting at times But I can promise you that, with each stab, I ll be there to heal the wound With each obstacle, I ll be running right beside you And every time you fall, I ll be right there to pick you up It was great to catch up with some of the characters from book one Jimmie, Elle, Jeremy, Megan A lot of loose ends were tied up Things got crazy, intense, but I loved the ending Things couldn t have turned out better Overall, a wonderful sequel Want to know my favorite part of the book It was written in dual pov yes, we got half of the book from Marcus s perspective so thank you for that D I had the privilege of being E.L Montes critique partner for the second installment of Marcus and Mia s story And what a journey it was Perfect You didn t even take a look I looked up at him through my lashes.He smiled, I meant you Marcus image error