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!Download Ebook ï Chaos: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) ⚼ Chaos Exists In Systems All Around Us Even The Simplest System Of Cause And Effect Can Be Subject To Chaos, Denying Us Accurate Predictions Of Its Behaviour, And Sometimes Giving Rise To Astonishing Structures Of Large Scale Order Our Growing Understanding Of Chaos Theory Is Having Fascinating Applications In The Real World From Technology To Global Warming, Politics, Human Behaviour, And Even Gambling On The Stock Market Leonard Smith Shows That We All Have An Intuitive Understanding Of Chaotic Systems He Uses Accessible Maths And Physics Replacing Complex Equations With Simple Examples Like Pendulums, Railway Lines, And Tossing Coins To Explain The Theory, And Points To Numerous Examples In Philosophy And Literature Edgar Allen Poe, Chang Tzu, Arthur Conan Doyle That Illuminate The Problems The Beauty Of Fractal Patterns And Their Relation To Chaos, As Well As The History Of Chaos, And Its Uses In The Real World And Implications For The Philosophy Of Science Are All Discussed In This Very Short Introduction Chaos A Very Short Introduction Very Short Introductions 159 , Leonard A SmithA Very Short Introduction by Leonard Smith Chaos exists in systems all around us Even the simplest system can be subject to chaos, denying us accurate predictions of its behavior, and sometimes giving rise to astonishing structures of large scale order This Very Short Introduction draws in philosophy, literature, and accessible maths to explain and illuminate Chaos Theory, showing the variety of its fascinating applications in the real world from technology to global warming, politics, and even 2013 1391 192 21 Before I read this book, I had a simple idea about Chaos and what it means After reading it, I must confess that I didn t gain much of information but I felt like I built a connection between me and Chaos I may sound crazy, but I really feel that I m a part of that whole chaos And I think we all are connected to it one way or another You know, everything in this universe has a connection however small with Chaos We all are the children of Chaos The book didn t provide clear examples of that connection, but it hinted at the connection It talked, shyly, about the connection between Chaos and other scientific theories Evolution for example In the heart of Evolution and Natural Selection, you find the effect of chaos, of simple and random changes, on the species You will find in everything a simple trace of Chaos And that makes you wonder What a beautiful world Beautiful because it is hard to understand Because it doesn t make sense Or makes sense, but in a senseless way BUT DON T RELAX AND THINK THAT I LOVED THIS BOOK It is true it made me think about the connection I have with the universe, but also it BORED me to death BORING BORING BORING .