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#E-PUB ⚢ Confessions of a Carnivore æ After Rae S Ear Is Shot Off By A Jittery Security Guard At The Health Food Store, The Insurance Settlement Allows Her To Take A Year Off From Teaching She Spends It Volunteering At The Los Angeles Zoo These Days, Except For Her Best Friend Jennie, Rae Has Little Use For Human Beings She Loves Cats Lots Of Cats, And The Refugee She Cares For, Airlifted From Afghanistan To Safety, Is Not A Person But A Mountain Goat As The US Goes To War And Baboons Fall Deeply, Tragically, In Love, Rae S Involvement With Gorilla Theater Street Agitators Raising Awareness Of Animal Rights Leads Inexorably To Confrontations Over Human Rights Especially When Jennie Is Disappeared Confessions Of A Carnivore Is An Antic Romp Through A Minefield, A Novel About Animal Behavior, Endangered Species, Endangered Democracy, And Love Wow Diane Lefer s new novel is one wild ride With all the animals involved, I mean that literally She somehow mixes activism, alcoholism, protest theater, cat love, animal observation in L.A Zoo, and race politics in one story and comes out the other end smelling of roses.This novel is about all of those things and about none of them It s all about the voice The narrator talks directly to us and it soon becomes clear she s not all there She s half dead with grief, reeling from the fallout of a failed marriage to an alcoholic and now unable to love anything or anyone beyond her cat She gets mixed up in a protest theater group based on Augusto Boal s Theater of the Oppressed and then involved in a series of increasingly bizarre incidents.The novel is by turns hilarious and tragic A lobotomized woman lives, barely, among hundreds of cats the theater group lurches from daft stunt to even dafter stunt and the baddie , it turns out, is just a naive fool on the wrong side of the political tracks.To try to summarize the plot would be a fool s errand, but I found this book terrifically entertaining in an absurd, where s she going to take us next kind of way And just when we re waiting for the next laugh, the novel surprises us by becoming something altogethermoving.As a follow up to the award winning California Transit , Confessions of a Carnivore doesn t disappoint It s full of wild ideas and crazy conceits, and still manages to warm the heart.