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I wish this was a solid novel Weregeld, the final novella in this anthology, was absolutely amazing Earlier ones were less exciting to me I understand that some short stories are supposed to work as an addition to a larger one, but I think that they need to also be complete on their own I wrote my opinions on each story after finishing them one by one, so this review is even less of a smooth read than the anthology itself Still freakin loved Weregeld Corax Soulforge I don t know I had the same experience with Deliverance Lost, for some reason I just can t connect with Corax stories There were some nice parts in this one, but overall it s just lacking something and I m not entirely sure what it is.The Shadowmasters A nice little glimpse at the Mor Deythan, no groundbreaking revelations Could ve been a little longer and deeper.Ravenlord I enjoyed thisthan Soulforge Those Raven boys, they have many differences upbringing, involvement on Isstvan, minor and major changes they face as one of the Shattered Legions, and I really am curious to observe and learn everything about it The psychology behind it is what s really interesting I finally enjoyed Corax because he suddenly became less flat than he seemed before Primarch s newfound paranoia gives him character Now some may blame him for the things he s done and kinda sorta have a point is this our boy Corvus getting all multidimensional Oh, sweet Go on.The Value of Fear Not the first time I read this one, it still looks like a little loyal boy fan service piece It s written well and there s a point behind it, my problem is this point exactly Interestingly enough, there are Night Lords who escaped to join Raven Guard forces and stayed loyal to the Emperor, at least one of them But a Night Lord, even a loyal one, calling anything that came from the RG or Corax truly terrifying is simply ridiculous to me Raptor Nope Did not like this What are the chances of a coincidental meeting between the Raptors and the Weregeld, both being rare members of their legions who dealt with mutation A little farfetched Did not appreciate the reasoning behind Raptors final actions I hope that it will makesense and consequences in the next short Let us see Weregeld And finally, this one I liked a lot The Raptors arch turned out wonderfully tragic, made me feel things Gav did a great job portraying fear and self loathing, loyalty and false judgement Must admit, any battle scenes here were nothing but a background, this is how captivating the story itself has finally become. [Read Epub] ♍ Corax ⚕ The Lord Of Ravens, Master Of Deliverance, Primarch Corus Corvax Of The Raven Guard Takes Centre Stage In A Collection Of Works By Gav Thorpe That Explore His Campaign Of Vengeance Against Horus Allies And His Desperate Attempts To Hold His Legion TogetherAfter Isstvan, After Deliverance, The Raven Guard Still Endure Their Primarch Corvus Corax Has Rallied Countless Warriors To His Banner, Striking Back At The Forces Of The Warmaster On Every Front From The Degenerate Hereteks Of The Mechanicum To The Cruel Legionaries Of The Sons Of Horus, None Shall Escape His Wrath But Although Corax Has Managed To Stall The Physical Corruption Of His Own Space Marines, What Of Their Spirit And What Sinister End Must Await Those Who Dwell Forever In The Darkness This Anthology Contains All Of Gav Thorpe S Tales Of The Raven Guard In The Horus Heresy The Novellas Soulforge And Ravenlord , And Short Stories The Shadowmasters , The Value Of Fear And Raptor Also Included Is The Brand New Novella Weregeld, Taking Corax S Legend To Its Grim ConclusionThe Book Includes A Full Art Hardcover, A Glossy Dustjacket In The Horus Heresy Series Style, Internal Illustrations And An Exclusive Author Afterword This book was yet another excellent set of Horus Heresy era stories this time focusing on Corax and his Raven Guard The book is broken into multiple short novellas and each of them individually is worth a read Together, as a coherent narrative, they really manage to shine.I will never get enough of these Horus Heresy books they re all so great Corax Never is a culmination of many Raven Guard novels, and I must say, it s a solid read I m sure most fans of this Chapter will be satisfied with what Gav Thorpe has delivered It s flawed, but there are some qualities and stories that may make it worth the read To begin on the pro s, there are some truly fantastic stories throughout this novel Alas, I can t name specifics as it has been months since my last read through, but I do recall the latter half having the gems Thorpe, unlike many others, also showcases rich battle sequences that one can actually follow and imagine They re not merely poorly written clashes of blood and gore Rest assured, the Ravenlord Corax himself is developed fairly well and does possess substance as a character Many Astartes of his Legion, the Raven Guard, are also developed well here and have their moments in the sun Now, con s To be upfront, this is an inconsistent read Some stories are exciting while others are dreadfully bland and uninspiring While entertaining, characters throughout this novel aren t the greatest examples of characters with depth, but there are far worse out there Lastly, it bothers me how little reverence was shown to Corax by his Legion They proclaim their love for Corax to the heavens, yet time and time again, certain Astartes of the Chapter openly disrespect their Primarch Disrespect in the form in openly doubting, disagreeing, or even objecting with the Ravenlord s calculated decisions It s bizarre and unheard of between Legion and Primarch The Raven Guard here seem to say one thing and act another, which may be intentional on Thorpe s part, but I think it wasso due to poor writing Perhaps the author wanted to spark up petty drama and intensity Anyhow, this novel is a lovely read and is FAR from the worst 40,000 content I recommend this novel, but at the same time, it s not a must read I d give it a 3.7 5 This is a highly enjoyable anthology of three novellas and a couple of short stories featuring the eponymous Corax and the survivors of XIX Legion, The Raven Guard as the wars of the Horus Heresy progress towards their blood soaked conclusion.These stories were originally produced as stand alones and each can easily be read as such but they are all interlinked and there is an extra satisfaction as you see the various ties coming together Gav Thorpe has a good feel for the Raven Guard and he writes them well The action scenes are well handled though, if I was to be hyper critical there are moments where it does feel as if the enemy is replacable depending on which traitor legion he has them attacking at the moment There is little to distinguish their enemies by legion trait, they are just there to die in bolter and blade porn action scenes and some scene jumps are a bit jarring but not enough to put me off the book So far, so Black Library then, but what really distinguishes this series in my mind is not merely the ties between stories written months, if not years apart but the sense of the legion in general and the Primarch in particular going through an existential crisis These heroes may dress in black and act like super Special Forces troops, but it has all taken a dreadful toll From the commander whose reaction to the loss of most of his Legion at Istvaan is to slaughter any and every traitor he comes across regardless of tactical orders in an attempt to deal with his PTSD Then you have the officer who has survivor s guilt from not being there with his brothers The pathos of the Raptors an ill considered effort to rebuild numbers that was catastrophically sabotaged, these deformed beings are an oddly emothional heart to the story and play a vital role in how it all ends Finally, dwarfing them all is the Primarch himself, determined to avenge his losses, put right his failures and do whatever it takes to win He is a dark and flawed genius, all too aware of the fact that he and his brothers are the cause of the galactic catastrophe unfolding around him and struggling to find a proper solution to saving his father, his Imperium and his legion Balancing the wish to do the greatest good with the operational necessities of a shattered legion.This is one of the better anthologies in the lengthy Horus Heresy series. And so another mighty HH tome has arrived for readers enjoyment Corax from a talented author Gav Thorpe is a next numbered installment in HH 40th book and another milestone in a series This time it s an anthology of previously released stuff plus a new never before seen novella Weregeld This anthology contains all of Gav Thorpe s tales of the Raven Guard in the Horus Heresy the novellas Soulforge and Ravenlord , and short stories The Shadowmasters , The Value of Fear and Raptor As synopsis tells us it s taking Corax s legend to its grim conclusion at least for a time being and impending Siege of Terra.Previously released titles were already read and reviewed by a lot of readers So I will quickly judge them from the past, then will give my opinion on new stuff Weregeld and rate anthology as a whole To be truthful this anthology would have been much better, if it would have included Raven s Flight story cause it s where all starts for Corax and Corax novel Deliverance Lost without which all the Raptors stuff would be a little strange for newbies who started reading Corax story right from the 40th installment.Without them the story of Never and Corax depression, integral struggle and all his decisions are not opened for the reader in full Corax Soulforge is a story that continues Corax story after Deliverance Lost and provides insight into XIX Primarch internal struggle, new stratagems and planning for future campaigns All in all that novella struggles to find it s footing and provide some really meaningful insight into all main points it should cover So it could be rated as 2 out of 5 stars.Ravenlord with it Gav Thorpe tried another approach to Corax story, but here it s failed exactly with the same reasons as the previous one But it did contain some waves into the future of W40K It s 3 out of 5 stars The Shadowmasters , The Value of Fear shorts are better than novellas stuff, but struggles as being somethingthan fillers for the HH times In case of The Value of Fear it has some aspiring moments Especially then a loyal Night Lords tells that Corax action is really terrifying And it has some small insight into stratagems of an amazing Alpha Legion And that s always good Raptor , which was previously released as an audio drama, on the other hand provides insight on the monsters which were created by Corax and to understand what and where it s coming from you definitely should have read Deliverance Lost and have a lore knowledge for the times of Horus Heresy But it fails flat cause both the raptors and wulfens arelike a disappointed kid s than a grown and experienced SMs in case of SW It s 3 out of 5 stars.And now we finally get to the point of Weregeld the only new stuff which goes in this anthology for the people who already read previous titles It is actually the best story in all the anthology From one point of view it s closes Corax story for the time being, getting the narrative to the logical conclusion Partly due to a really good excerpts from the future Also it contain excerpts from the period of Scouring which from one point of view are interesting for RG fans, but spoil the ending for others Let s call it a long due premonition of events to come Weregeld addresses all the plot points settled up by the previous Corax installments and provides a logical and satisfying conclusion It also contain a solid view much better than in previous installments on XIX Primarchs psyche And that s where it partly fails too It sometimes starts good questions but eventually close them very quickly due to the page count Weregeld would have been a very good novella if it would have been made into novel But that s actually a general problem with Black Library nowdays page count destroy truly amazing stories and makes them simply good 100 pages added to Weregeld would have made it truly amazing But we have what we have No point discussing it further I would rate Weregeld as 4 out of 5 stars That s the best installment in book 40 of HH narratively wide and storydriven As a end result,all the stories combined goes in a chronological order and delves into Corax legend in full, up to the certain point in the future They are rough, filler like and sometimes blank All the struggle of RG after Istvaan are basically described as guerilla war behind enemy lines without any specifics We just know they were fighting and stopped some X point of enemy SMs and resources getting in Y time to take part in Siege of Terra, nothingIn general that s not a book I was hoping to read and definitely one of the standard anthologies, instead of being one of the amazing ones like Shadows of Treachery If you love RG and Corax as a Primarch probably you gonna like it, especially Weregeld If you hate fillers and want to knowabout Horus Heresy main events or central plotline, or have an awesome read you can simply skip anthology up to Weregeld and read it alone So the book as an anthology get s 3 out of 5 stars.Also the book includes a full art hardcover, a glossy dustjacket in the Horus Heresy series style, internal illustrations and an exclusive author afterword all the shiny stuff BL are famous for So as usual where would be a big list of fans who will by the anthology as a shiny case for their mantelpiece. The 19th Legion is one of the less well known of the First Founding We know they nearly broken by the ambush at Istvaan 5 alongside the Iron Hands and the Salamanders We also know that in the aftermath their Primarch Corax was given some of the secrets of how the Space Marines were constructed by the Emperor so he could try to get his Legion back up to strength to rejoin the fight We also know that his interpretation of that information led to his replacements being imperfect.But we don t know much about what he did during the Hersey He wasn t part of the Siege of Terra so what did he do This collection of novellas takes Corax from after his escape from the dropsite massacre right up to the Second Founding which happens after the Hersey is done We get to see what the Raven Guard and some of the rest of the Shattered Legions did to fit back against Horus But then to strike from the shadows, to hit and run is the 19th way, farthan to stand on battlements.I really enjoyed this book It felt like it was moving the story forward, filled in a few blanks and stood up in it s own right too. Corax Corax Soulforge Shadowmasters Value of Fear finally, sorry it took so long to sit down and review, life has been fairly busy Anyways, we come to a rather dramatic end for both Corax and his Raven Guard in the Horus Heresy No doubt we will be seeingof the before or during the siege, but it was nice to have that bit collectively finished in a way that suited the remnents of the Legion and the Ravenlord The story was full of action and intrigue and I thought Gav did a fantastic job of it I think I would have liked a littleof page time on the war on the world the Space Wolves were holding, but since this piece wasso focusing on Corax and him battling his inner daemons, it wasn t a huge deal I definitely like how this connected all the previous works, and really polished it off nicely with a huge bang of an ending Can t wait to see where the Heresy goes from here One thing is for certain though, and that is that book 41 will definitely be a huge deal 4 5 Well here we go with Horus Heresy book no 40 They just won t quit coming and to be honest, I m enjoying them all What you have here is a collection of the Corax novellas and a couple new stories that kind of connect all the novellas Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard is a mysterious figure and not much about him has been covered throughout the books His legion is diminished after the Dropsite Massacre on Isstvan 4 He went above and beyond, accelerating gene seed harvest and growth and his legion has flawed Marines in it He embraces them all, no matter that some are so grossly mutated they can t even wear Space Marine armor any, but they still fight and they know what they are there to do The mutants are referred to as roughs , where the pure gene Marines are known as smooths Corax is a flawed Primarch and in many ways the author made me feel sorry for him because he is plagued by his own doubt and mistakes made in the past Being a prisoner on his homeworld and freeing himself and those who became his legion has given Corax a unique view of the universe and his place in it In a couple places in the book, Corax proclaims and thinks to himself that he is better off alone and doesn t want to lead a legion of genetically enhanced warriors He doesn t want the laurels of power and his close legionaries are aware of this Many times his sons who are the closest question and doubt his decisions, which you don t really see in the interactions with other Primarchs and their sons Corax also has a unique relationship with his father, the Emperor It is hard to put into words, but it feels as though the Emperor is the only one who gets Corax and he has a deep understanding for how his father s mind works There are quite a few veiled reflections that are written here, in Corax thoughts and words.I really enjoyed this one and I am evena stronger fan of the Raven Guard For all their flaws and strange lifepath they have trod, I can t help but love an underdog This book was well written and I was happy to read and review it On to book 41 Huzzah Danny