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MINOR noble Sir Charles Berkeley finds himself thrust into the centre of major events in 1641 as the country teeters on the edge of civil war and the main question facing men is King or Parliament Berkeley has a military reputation, earned in the recent humiliating war with the Scots, but the hurly burly of political life in London soon proves baffling, treacherous and dangerous than any encounter on the battlefield.Mark Turnbull has his finger on the political, military and social pulse at one of the pivotal moments in British history and he effortlessly transports you back to those momentous days The Northern Echo26 May 2009 I so wanted to like this book as it s set in an underused period in English history I ve found few novels set during the Civil War despite it being a turbulent and exciting time The book was so slow and uninteresting and I couldn t bring myself to read than 100 pages. I absolutely loved this book Mark Turnbull really brings 17th century England to life I must admit the begining was a little slow, but I think thats because I had a hard time wrapping my mind around 17th century politics, but once I did the book was hard to put down Its really easy to get caught up in the lives of these ppl If you enjoy history at all you will love this book. `Download Pdf ☠ Decision Most Deadly ⇱ Sir Charles Berkeley Comes From Humble Roots, But Through A Humiliating War With Scotland, He Is Able To Make A Name For Himself And Attract The Patronage Of The Influential Earl Of HollandMoving To London, His New Marriage Is Soon Interrupted By The Spiralling Events Of The S Where The Struggle Between King And Parliament Begins To Escalate Beyond Any ControlHe Struggles To Live In The Hub Of All This Discord And During The Overlooked, But Pivotal Year Of , He Finds Himself Determined To Remain Above The FrayLife Will Never Be The Same As The Country Lurches Ever Closer To Civil War Sir Charles Agonizes Over The Decision That Many Of Our Ancestors Would Have Grappled With King Or Parliament Very Soon, Sir Charles Is Thrust Into The Dispute And Is At The Forefront Of The Crisis, Experiencing The Battle For Power From Both SidesEnter The World Of The Th Century