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The following disclaimers apply to the following review I ve never read anything by either author, I have no idea what series this book belonged too and therefore read it as of a stand alone novel, and I won this as a Goodreads First Read.I ve read worse At least this was relatively short though not short enough.All I could think about was the term fluffy bunny, which is a pejorative expression used since at least 2001 in Wicca and in Neopaganism generally to refer to adherents of the religion who are thought to be superficial or faddish They are considered to dislike darker elements and emphasise goodness, light, eclecticism and elements taken from the New Age movement, or follow it as a fad WikipediaThere was absolutely nothing happening for the vast majority of the novella Most of it was unnecessary dialogue and tedious descriptions about made up spells with moronic rhymes But if you throw in a bunch of amateur couplets, it makes everything MAGIC oh wait, magickNo Lame Stop it.The characters were very generic You had the bad guy who was obsessed with dark power and fed his dark beast blood, not to mention that he was a rapist You have the wise, gorgeous, and innocent earth affiliated priestess who is nothing but purity and goodness and peace And then there s the good, handsome young guy who has to find himself and his inner balance Lame Speaking of the characters, they had no unique characteristics whatsoever Their distinctive, complex personalities Non existent.The romance Typical The good, pretty girl takes one look at a future image of some gorgeous boy and falls in love within, what, a day No Shut up I m so sick and tired of this bull in my books Knock it off, this love at first sight because omg they re hot bull is the 1 way to % up your novel By the way, if I see the words magick or, god forbid, vampyre, ever again, I will tear someone s hair out. I ve been looking forward to this novella for a while now Dragon Lankford was my favorite of Zoe s instructors I always knew there was to him than beat the eye This is the story of how he came to be a vampire how he fell in love with his Anastasia The mother daughter team tie the modern day story line in perfectly it is truely a great read With a name like Dragon s Oath you would expect there to be a dragon, but nope This book is about vampires Only this vampire world is not like any other that I ve read before The vampire society the House of Night is like a reclusive group of mages than anything Dragon is a guy who is aspiring to be a warrior for the clan he fights like a dragon, thus the name He s also an arrogant heartbreaker, so Anastasia the professor of spells decides to cast a spell that will break any infatuation that his fellow students might have for him In the process, Anastasia meets his future self and learns that their fates are intertwined Aww Unfortunately, that knowledge is also delivered to an evil enemy lurking in a nearby town.This is a good example of how a novella can accomplish a lot in a few amount of pages I had a good sense of who each of the MCs was and what his her motivations are I even got a glimpse of the bigger plot for the series, or so I thought When I glanced through the other books for the author, it seems the House of Night series is about a character named Zoey not Dragon and Anastasia so I am confused about how where this novella fits in Thank Google It seems I stumbled upon this novella at the wrong time It turns out that Dragon is a character in the series, but this novella doesn t fit in until after book 8 So whoops No wonder I was a little confused I did like the author s writing style, so perhaps I ll put the House of Night series on my TBR. Come by my blog, Forever Lost in Books, for MORE reviews, giveaways, interviews and memes My High Opinion So, this is the first book in the House of Night Novellas series, which is a story set in the the Cast s House of Night world, which is awesome.First, let me say I really like the HoN House of Night series by the Casts And i was really excited when my library contacted me to say this book had arrived in my account I almost screamed Okay, maybe not, but I was really happy I had really high expectations and drum rolls I loved it I even thought the book was better than the HoN series I thought Dragon Bryan Lankford was sooooooo cute All arrogant and funny grin And Anastasia was all peaceful, and beautiful So, I really liked the characters.The writing was, from my opinion, better than the one in the HoN It was soft, and also fast paced, and I liked the way the author used Dragon s arrogance.And don t you love the cover I hope that S Anastasia, because she is so beautiful And I hope that s Dragon s sword It S awesome.I thought Dragon s decision was heart breaking I almost cried Poor him he SPOILY SPOLIER lost Anastasia, and betrayed Nyx Okay, you can continue Anyway, I am hoping the next House of Night Novella will be as good as this one. G zeldi ve ben bu kitab n daha ok pc cast tarf ndan yaz ld n d n yorumUslubu iyiydi,hikayeyide sevdim de i ik bir havas vard ve yazarlar n nceki kitaplarndaki gibi sa mal klar ve s rf sayfa say s arts n diye yap lm i irmeler yoktu Ancak yinede ikilinin abuk a k olduklar n ve ejderhan n bir anda de i ti ini d n yorumSonunun iyi bitmesini isterdim,mutlaka okunmas gerekmez ama gece evinden daha g zeldi kesinlikle,zoey art k bayd I ve always been a fan of the House of Night series so I was looking forward to reading about another character Admittedly when I found out this book was Dragon s story, I was a bit hesitant but I actually really enjoyed his story With this novella only being 160 pages, I flew through the book and found I enjoyed Dragon s story a lot because it didn t drag It was a nice short and simple read and just what I needed Dragon for me has always been a likeable character and after losing Anastasia he did start to change, especially in Awakened.I felt like he kind of lost his way I actually started to dis like him in the last book with how he treated Rephaim and turning his back on Zoe so I felt this was a great time for the Cast s to introduce Dragon s past Dragon s story shows you he was marked and how he matures into the person you see in the House of Night books but most importantly, we find out how he met and fell in love with Anastasia Although I felt they were quiet brief and short scenes, I do feel they showed the readers what they were meant to show it s all about love The bond the couple share is strong and unbreakable, so to lose Anastasia the way he did, no wonder Dragon s struggling with her death I actually glad we got to see how they fell in love because now, I feel I can sympathize with Dragon as a character and have a better understanding of what he s going through The end of the book does leave readers wondering what choice s Dragon will choose in the next House of Night books and I for one am looking forward to seeing what happens Overall, this book is a great addition to the House of Night Series and I highly recommend it to any fans of the series. The Casts never fail to surprise me There writing style always a pleasure to read.Going back to this world, thanks to this FANTASTIC novella, was heart warming and heartbreaking at the same time I might have to plan a re reading session of the entire series soon. I loved this novella It was just plain beautiful The present time parts are absolutely heartbreaking but learning the story behind Dragon and Anastasia was truly a gift from the authors. Mercy is stronger than your sword The beginning of the love story between Bryan Dragon Lankford and Professor Anastasia Dragon was just a young fledgling who was already a master on sword fighting and a heartbreaker A bit older Anastasia is already a professor and she does not believe in violence Still she will give Dragon a chance. `Free E-pub ⇲ Dragon's Oath ✗ The First In An Enthralling New Mini Series Of Novellas From The Bestselling Authors Of The House Of Night, Dragon S Oath Tells The Story Behind The House Of Night S Formidable Fencing Instructor The Love That Will Transform Him, And The Promise That Will Haunt HimIn Early Th Century England, Long Before He S A Professor At The Tulsa House Of Night, Bryan Lankford Is A Troublesome Yet Talented Human Teen Who Thinks He Can Get Away With Anything Until His Father, A Wealthy Nobleman, Has Finally Had Enough, And Banishes Him To America When Bryan Is Marked On The Docks And Given The Choice Between The London House Of Night And The Dragon Prowed Ship To America, He Chooses The Dragon And A Brand New FateBecoming A Fledgling May Be Exciting, But It Opens A Door To A Dangerous World In S St Louis, The Gateway To The West, Dragon Lankford Becomes A Sword Master, And Soon Realizes There Are Both Frightening Challenges And Beautiful Perks Like Anastasia, The Captivating Young Professor Of Spells And Rituals At The Tower Grove House Of Night, Who Really Should Have Nothing To Do With A Fledgling But When A Dark Power Threatens, Dragon Is Caught In Its Focus Though His Uncanny Fighting Skills Make Him A Powerful Fledgling, Is He Strong Enough To Ward Off Evil, While Protecting Anastasia As Well Will His Choices Save Her Or Destroy Them All