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!DOWNLOAD PDF ♵ Escorts and Thieves ☥ International Bestselling Author Tina Folsom S Contemporary Romances Are Now Available In One Convenient Box Set Lawful Escort Executive Daniel Falls For An Escort While In San Francisco But Is She Really Who She Says She Is Steal Me London Art Collector Marcus Moncrieff Gets The Surprise Of His Life When He Surprises A Thief Stealing A Priceless Artifact But Just How Far Is The Vixen Prepared To Go To Avoid Jail Tina Flosom One terrific author I was almost done with my review yesterday and ooops, electricity break, computer down, all lost So, what was I saying Yes, Escorts and Thieves consists in one novella, Lawful escort, and one short story, Steal me.Lawful escort At first, I thought, oh no, another cold hearted CEO, how many are there on the market already , then I thought yum, this is getting much better, laughter, heat, the story is reaching 4 stars Then, towards the end, I went oh no, can t believe it, another completely crap reason for a break up between the main characters, can t writers figure out a plausible one for a change And then, at the end Good catch, inventive ending, never read one like that before So, to sum it up, this was an enjoyable novella, good characters, heat, except for the aforementioned stupid reason It was not kinky, but hot sex and sexual tension, and a nice story with friends a little twisted but warm hearted.Steal me Very short story, but an enjoyable one too Better than the first though shorter, because there was a supernatural flavor to it, all nicely put up, good read Is a great book to read As usual for Tina Folsom, these are fantastic reads with entertaining characters and twisting plots that draw the reader in this is one author I continually check with for new reads having not let me down previously I expect and get continual enjoyment from Tina Folsom. Really liked the first book escorts It s fun and the characters are all like able even though a bit predictable Many times I found myself laughing out loud at different parts in this book I really like the heroine She is quarky yet fun and engages in a behavior wish wish we had the freedom to at some point in our lives The sexy alpha male is absolutely yummy and know exactly who and what he wants The second story thieves is good but very shortand very hot Overall both were enjoyable. The Escorts book was longer, Thieves was a short short Really enjoyed Escorts. ESCORTS This was a cute story I liked Daniel, not so much really Scarlet though She was a bit much for my liking No real specifics as to why I disliked her, just didn t.When Daniel asks his friend Tim, to hire him an escort for the night, why is Tim so surprised I mean it wasn t like Daniel was moving to area or anything Or was looking for a new girlfriend already, much less one that lived in on the other side of the US So the most important question for this book is this If Daniel gets an escort basically the day he arriveswhat happens with getting tested for diseases and whatnot prior to going out with said escort I mean especially since they all seem to have sex too Now I don t know anything about being a lawyer or anything but I still have to ask So if the ass wad that Scarlet worked with had the same title as her, Junior Associate, how does he have so much power We re told that he s a great lawyer but still I d think if all the sexually harassed ladies got together, they could have gotten him fired The higher ups didn t want him gone, yet, what would they have done if someone charged him with rape or something stronger Just curious I guess it doesn t really matter considering he gets fired at the end.Scarlet takes her friends place as an escort prostitute Did she not know in advanced what type of outing she d be going to That would seem strange though considering the men are usually wanted the escort services for business kinda stuff Yet, she shows up for a meeting function wearing a sun dress Was it just me, or did that seem a little too casual When they arrived, there were all these well dressed people, yet, they didn t describe any of the females Funny.One line in stories with making out having sex, whatever you wanna call it is this Her body molded to his perfectly as if she were made for him I am seriously tired of reading that line It didn t help that the author used that same line or variations of it, several times I swear it is way overused It s time to come up with something different After seeing Daniel s ex, Audrey, what made Scarlet think that the two of them were still together And she never thought that Daniel might think it strange given the fact she s pretending to be an escort, yet, is extremely mad that he was with another woman At the cooking thing, Daniel and Scarlet try to explain how they met, which left me confused So Scarlet had been helping him fill out some online dating paperwork or something What online dating site has you fill out physical paperwork It was kinda funny, to me anyways, how both times when Scarlet lets Daniel know what she likes, that the first thought in her head was how she was making herself vulnerable I guess it was on repeat there.Given the fact that there were several times where Scarlet makes mention how she has feelings for Daniel Yet, not once does she ever imagine him calling her by her real name while in bed.The whole not contacting employees after midnight, given the situation, made no sense to me I mean he s paying for the night with her, yet, has no clue where she is Both Scarlet and Daniel both end up thinking how they d fallen in love with each other ActuallyI think it was in lust considering all they did was touch, fondle and have sex.There was a part with the real Holly and Tim meeting up She comments great timing with the phone call Sabrina bought it instantly Didn t suspect anything Who was the girl When was this call And what are they talking about Did I space for this Or when she finally tries to break up with Daniel, she s yelling saying how he doesn t really love her, that he was only interested in the sex and now he can go home and tell his buddies about it and whatnotwhat was the point of all that I get she was traumatized by her school ex but seriously, Daniel s done nothing negative She was just too eager to be rid of him for my liking The fact that she actually signed that contract at the end was very surprising too.Thieves This was another cute story If Olivia wanted to steal the armband while Marcus was waiting for her at the restaurant, why did she pick one that was so close to his home How did Olivia not hear Marcus come back home to change his pants I can t imagine he was being quiet and taking his time, considering she was suppose to be waiting for him and he was in a hurry.I couldn t help a similarity between the first story and this one There s a part in both stories where the Daniel and Marcus both compare themselves to being a 15 16 y o teenager with a stack of playboys. I really loved Lawful Escort I liked the characters, it was romantic and HOT I wish it was longer though. This review is for Steal Me, which was a steamy hot and oh so sexy quick read Mythical surprises in store for this little romance A sneaky thief may be receiving a naughty punishment for their crime Fun, hot, and steamy story Read the Lawful Escort separately from this and enjoyed reading it just as much, though it is a bit longer in length.