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1984 grade C @READ KINDLE â Father to the Stars ç Contents:

· The Night Of Light · Na Famp;SF Jun ’
· A Few Miles · Nv Famp;SF Oct ’
· Prometheus · Na Famp;SF Mar ’
· Father · Na Famp;SF Jul ’
· Attitudes · Nv Famp;SF Oct ’ Not one of Farmer's best. Reads more like a series of episodes than one big story. Bity choppy. The lead character, a laid back and slightly shifty monk who keeps getting caught up in big events is fun, but not a terribly memorable book.

Listened to "Attitudes". Best rating would have been 3.5, but as Goodreads allow no fractions, I give it 4. The reason for not giving it a full 4/5 rating from the start is that I only vaguely remember the story, so it wasn't that good to begin with. I'm not usually a fan of short story collections, and I didn't realize that this was what "Father to the Stars" was when I bought it, but I'm overly disappointed in it. Farmer remains one of my favorite scifi authors, and he brings his usual philosophical wonderings steeped in religion and sex to the table in this book.

As another reviewer said, it's a bit choppy, even for a short story collection. If you view each story as its own entity that only happens to be loosely connected to the others, then it's a good read. But don't go into it expecting cohesion between the parts.

A good read for lovers of pulp scifi.