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@Read Epub í Premières Fois Ø Hot Stories About First Times From Having Sex To Having A Very Different Sexual Experience Such As Going Beyond The Couple, Or The Woman Strapping It On For Her Man, Or All From The Point Of View Of Women And All Written By A French Woman With Some Decidedly Spicy Ideas About Sex All Rendered By Leading European Artists, Including Cyril Pedrosa Three Shadows , Olivier Vatine Aquablue And Most Of All, The Great Dave McKean A Beautifully Stylish Yet Unabashedly Hardcore Collection Of True Erotica Presented In A Handsome Jacketed Edition By Artists Who Are Doing This For The First Time Borrowed this from my best friend s husband The cover was pretty intriguing And I like beautifully put together novels I had a lot of fun reading the different stories and checking out the different art Would love to readlike this Not For the Faint of Heart First Time by Sibylline ReviewWell, perhaps fittingly given the subject matter, First Time by Sibylline is actually a first for Not For the Faint of Heart, marking the first time that I will be reviewing an non manga erotica, published by the appropriately named Eurotica And, I must say, this book does not disappoint A collection of sexual short stories centered around the idea of first times, writer Sibylline teams up with various artists to provide an interesting and perhaps surprisingly literary look at sex and sexuality in all its assorted tastes And while perhaps not especially arousing in every case, this definitely attempts to paint an in depth teehee and coherent picture of the sexual landscape.This is, then, a somewhat denser andartistically complicated book than most of the ones that I have looked at in this series, and I must say that it s not a bad thing While most of the time I am looking for good art and good stories, this offers something different, which is a glimpse at sex that is not really pornographic as it is examining the ways in which people have sex and value sex Though the various short stories the author toys teeheehee with sexual morality while basically concluding that what is wrong for some might be right oh, so right to others It attempts, in its own way, to bring sex into the open, not as something to be ashamed of or squeamish about but something to discus openly and without reservation.The fact that the author pairs with an assortment of artists also makes for an interesting collection, because each story has its own flavor, its own look and feel And, mostly, this works quite well, showcasing a multitude of talents just as it is showcasing a multitude of sexualities It works especially well with the theme that it explores, the idea of difference and preference and expression For me to say that any artist failed would be to miss the point, I guess, and while I did find some of the stories harder to understand visually, I can see the point, can see the message that while there will invariable be some things that any one person is uncomfortable with personally, it doesn t make the thing itself wrong or bad.And that is, in the end, where I am left, to feel that after the stories that the main idea being presented is that sex is another means of expression, another kind of art form And while there are certain forms of art that I don t find appealing, it doesn t make them less valid or lesser It s a good message, something that a lot of people need to learn, because sex does seem to be something that isn t much talked about in society, a very large taboo still And while this did not include an exhaustive number of sexual preferences with the obvious exclusion of male male relationships , those that were shown were done rather well As said, though, this isn t always the most erotic of works, though it is explicit It s done in aartistic, complicated way, which makes it interesting but quite as fun in places as it could be Still, an excellent book and worthy of an 8.5 10. A gente trepa porque gosta, porque a gente se descobre, porque a gente se aprende Sublime, sem pudores e gostosinha de ler Todas as hist rias falam de primeiras vezes, no ponto de vista feminino. from the original French Premieres fois , and also avalable in English First Time , this is a collection of ten short erotic stories told in graphic form, all written by French author Sybilline Sibylline Desmazi res to her friends and illustrated by a variety of artists I have seen other reviewers wildly acclaiming Dave McKean s depiction of a visit to a porn cinema which closes the book, but I have to say it left me rather confused as to what was going on the two standout pieces for me were the very first story, a sweet doing it for the first time tale, and Cyril Pedrosa s illustrations of Submission about two thirds of the way through It s a very mature rather than smutty collection, though I think you would still need to be careful about who might see it lying around the house.