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I was ready to give this the boot at about 25% but hoped it would get better It didn t I couldn t get past the fact he was lusting after a 14 year old girl when he was married Molly was just so unlikable Combine that with the language, the attitudes, made it go down hill for me. [Read Pdf] ♎ Forbidden Moon ⚐ They Met When She Was Only A Girl But Woman Enough To Stir A Man S Blood To Fever Pitch Tawny Haired, Fiery Tongued Molly Lindquist Was A Tempting Texas Hellion Buck Randall Was The Proud, Arrogant Half Breed Sworn To Possess Her When And If She Ever Grew UpSeven Years Later, Molly Was Engaged To A Powerful Rancher Her Ticket Out Of The Life She Hated But, Determined As She Was To Put The Past Behind Her, She Still Burned For The Man Her Heart Wouldn T Let Her Forget Couldn t finish itI only got about a quarter of the way through this book before calling it quits The heroine isn t likable at all The hero s got some issues, but then who doesn t Charles is awful and Nicolette is too contemporary in her thinking for an 1880s woman This book just isn t to my taste. Is a great book to read I loved this complex well written love story about Buck Randall and Molly Lindquist All readers who love to trail the developement of characters will love this book.Yes sometimes hate becomes loveor sometimes it isn t even sure, if it was ever hate Nothing remarkable rather formularric not a bad listen but all in all, not very memorable.