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Utterly delightful. YAY THEY RE CHASING ARKIDIOT YAY THEY RE CHASING THE ARKIDIOTso I only like heard the last chapters where stuff gets resolved but it was great great series in general and my super picky sis loves it so there s that. #Free Pdf à Fridays with the Wizards (Castle Glower, #4) º Princess Celie And Her Companions Have Made It Safely Home From The Glorious Arkower, And Now That The Eye Of The Castle Is Where It Belongs, Everything Is Back To Normal With Magical Griffins To Care For, Celie, Lilah And Rolf Have Their Hands Full But When The Dangerous Ancient Wizard Arkwright Escapes The Dungeon And Goes Missing Within The Castle, No One Can Rest Until He Is Found Only Celie Knows Where He Is Most Likely To Be Hiding With Danger Lurking Behind Every Tapestry And Under Every Trapdoor, Celie Must Find The Wizard And Save Her Family Readers Will Be Swept Away By Another Charming Magical Adventure Featuring Princess Celie And Her Very Special Castle Not a bad addition to the series, but I didn t like it as much as the previous ones maybe because Celie seems to bepouty and foolish in this book However, the Castle seems to direct her to do some foolish things ,so sometimes it s not entirely her fault But I did find there was a lot of this was unfair attitude and why doesn t anyone listen to me And I don t want to be treated like a baby and I m left out and maybe this is how 12 year olds really think, but I find it annoying Maybe I find preteens annoying in general E loved it though and she felt Celie had every right to have these thought and do what she did P she would give it 5 stars, so maybe preteens do really think like this. 2.5 starsThis series has been one of my favorites, but this volume fell flat for me That could be because I expected it to be about something entirely different than from the set up at the beginning than it ended up being about I thought the last 2 3s of the book would be away from the castle as the family began their journey to Luth s country But it isn t Arkwright needs to be captured Again The castle may be in trouble Again Celie feels like no one listens to or appreciates her Again This book rehashed a lot the elements of the first three books while not adding anything to the series I will still read a fifth book if there is one, but it won t be as much of a priority. Celie and her family are plagued once again by the evil Wizard Arkwright, and this time he s loose in the Castle, wreaking havoc and dodging the guards With a whole posse of griffins tagging along, Celie sets out to save the Castle and her family, but the Castle has its own ideas about how they should do that.Another fantastic book in this series I love the magical Castle, and Celie s connection to her home As always, I love the entire royal family and all their motley assortment of friends Every character has such a rich personality and wonderful character arcs of growth and change I especially love seeing how they all pull together to save the Castle I got slightly annoyed with Celie in this book for harping on the same frustrations over and over again She feels under appreciated and over looked because she is the youngest, but I just felt like she was whining about it all the time, and being a little selfish Overall, I adore her character, and there were only two or three paragraphs where she got on my nerves a little The plot line of this story is full of action and mystery, magic and mythical history I love the twists and turns and surprises around every corner The writing really draws you in, and makes you cheer for the good guys This was a glorious story The Castle is back in Sleyne, Lulath and Lilah are engaged and everyone is thrilled with the upcoming trip to Grath Everyone but Celie She feels as though all of her discoveries are taken out of her hands, she s never allowed to participate in the exciting things and why does she need new gowns anyway, she doesn t want to go to Grath Once again it is Celie who makes the most important discoveries and when Arkwright the evil wizard escapes it is ultimately Celie and the Castle who take him down permanently The story was fun but had a lot of character growth for everyone Can t wait for Saturday A great addition to the series Cute stories, great characters, fun universe And I love how as celie has aged, her personality has changed too I hope she has outgrown this book s fits of preteen foolishness The celie I imagine seems like she would weather her teenage years gracefully Here s to hoping in book 5. Final review, first posted on www.FantasyLiterature.com Fridays with the Wizards is the fourth and most recent book in Jessica Day George s CASTLE GLOWER series about twelve year old Princess Celie and the magical, semi sentient castle where she lives Celie and her brother and sister and friends have just returned from an unexpected adventure in another land, as related in the previous two books in the series, Wednesdays in the Tower and Thursdays with the Crown, where they tangled with the local wizards, befriended the king and queen of the griffins, and searched for the missing piece of a magical device called the Eye of the Castle As they finally relax in Celie s beloved castle, along with the couple of dozen griffins they brought back with them, the only thing disturbing Celie s peace is her seventeen year old sister Lilah s growing romance with their guest Prince Lulath of Grath, which prompts Lilah to pressure the reluctant Celie to come visit the country of Grath with Lilah and Lulath.Buttrouble soon raises its head the ancient and powerful wizard Arkwright, who caused so much trouble during their prior adventures, has escaped from the dungeon and is lurking somewhere on the grounds of the castle, but in hidden passageways where the castle can t alert King Glower to the wizard s location As the royal family realizes that Arkwright s plans may prove dangerous to their country and deadly to them, it becomes a race to find Arkower before he finds them Much of Fridays with the Wizards is spent with the characters rather ineffectively chasing around in dark passageways of the castle trying to find the missing wizard, with some of the searchers disappearing and others using magic to try to trap the wizard.The main plot is interspersed with Celie experiencing some of the difficulties of growing up Unfortunately she is rather pouty and self absorbed in this book, constantly feeling like no one cares about her feelings or is giving her enough credit for her accomplishments Admittedly, tweens do tend to have these types of feelings, and Celie s personal struggles may strike a chord with younger readers but I don t necessarily want to read about it Celie does, thankfully, have a loving family and wise parents who are able to help her deal with her personal growth pangs Fridays with the Wizards is a mildly enjoyable story that s worth reading for fans of this children s series, but it was a bit of a let down for me Too much of the plot felt like a retread There are a few unexpected developments, but mostly this book is mopping up issues related to the events of the prior two volumes Even the theme of Celie s personal issues is one that s been raised before.The story contains some intriguing teasers about a strange village in Grath that has its own language and separate government, and the characters speculate that these villagers might be the descendants of the original griffin riders from Arkower, but that plotline is dropped without being further explored Although I realize it would mean leaving Castle Glower behind for a while, sending Celie off to visit Lulath s country to check out this village or to search for unicorns, as was hinted at in the early pages, would have been a nice fresh plot direction Perhaps in the next sequel 5 Stars I am really sad that this is the last book in this series I really liked this series It was really the cutest series I have ever read before This is my first time reading Jessica Day George books I did not know what to except but after reading this series I really fell in love with it I would love to read any of her other books she has I would recommend this series to anyone.