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China Bayles is not the type of character that grows on me She is kind of unlikeable cold, judgmental, and analytical a good trait in a lawyer not so much in a significant other lover family member friend An intelligent person still mired in the psychology of their childhood at an advanced age is sad and pathetic especially a person of achievement success Although, to be honest, China Bayles is a lousy business owner she usually leaves her herb spice shop to be run by others so she can investigate a murder. This series is great and I m so glad I happened upon it Each book has been better than the last and I m so glad it s a long running series because the characters are so interesting. The local college is the source of many good things in Pecan Springs But this year it isn t one of them Dottie, China s friend and college professor is part of the biology department at the college but she always has trouble being the only woman College politics, being what they are, and Dottie being the gruff cat loving individual she is, there are bound to be fireworks We also in this book find out a secret, Ruby, China s long time next door business associate has been reluctant to share But this secret could cause Ruby great heartache in the long run This was very well written and the supporting characters well done This is one book that amply gives the reasons behind the suspects to the extent that it makes sense why they are suspects I loved that about this book A well deserved 5 stars I will read on. The story centers around Dottie Riddlea serious animal lover who is accused of murdering her co worker and neighbor, Miles Hartwick I say good for Dottie for even thinking of killing him China Bayless is quick to come to her friends defense The only crime Dottiethe cat lady.was guilty of was to provide a home for the homeless cats who found their way to her backyard Meanwhile a series of nasty neighborhood incidents centering on the stray cats caused a number of people to believe that the kind hearted Dottie could have caused his death Not a lot really happens after that except a lot of speculation Cozy mystery people probably will, or already, love this series I thought after the hanging that the book was just begging to end. Even though I was thinking I would get tired of China Bayles, Susan Albert has changed up the many mysteries of murder and mayhem in Pecan Springs, Texas China is never far from her original profession which was the law and in this third book of the series, China decides to help her cat loving friend, Dottie, the chief suspect in a suicide made to look like murder not in court, but if you re in trouble, I ll give you the best advice I can And she wouldn t be compelled to discuss any of their conversations The victim, a medical researcher, was not a nice man and plenty of people besides the animal rights protesters were happy he met his end China, the friendly, knowledgeable herb shop proprietor spends lots of time tracking down the truth with the help of her sidekick, Ruby, the owner of the New Age shop next door.A fun and a smart quick read when I need it most. This was such a great read The mystery was an intricate puzzle involving several people Untangling the threads of the mystery was so much fun I read three or four of the books in this series back in the nineties but not in order Reading them now in order is a treat.Hangman s Root is a story that has several subplots that fill in the gaps for the solving of the initial mystery Susan Wittig Albert expertly lays down the path of clues the reader follows to bring him or her to the conclusion As it turns out, I became so interested in the subplots, I lost track of the real killer I had suspicions but they weren t solid.The China Bayles series is very well written Lurking in the background of the mysteries is the exploration of China Bayles the woman, someone filled with a need to protect herself emotionally even if it means keeping those she cares about at a distance That aspect of the series is slowly being uncovered with each book which, of course, makes me that much eager to read the next installment in the series to see what will happen I highly recommend this book and the series. |READ BOOK ☧ Hangman's Root (China Bayles Mystery, Book 3) ⚐ Ex Lawyer Turned Herbalist China Bayles Must Solve A Hair Raising Murder In This Mystery From New York Times Bestselling Author Susan Wittig AlbertWhen A Prominent Animal Researcher Is Found Hanged In The Midst Of Angry Protests Against His Experiments, Suspicion Falls On Biology Professor Dottie Riddle Known As The Cat Lady Of Pecan Springs, Dottie S Sympathy For Strays And The Victim S Distaste For Them Gives The Police Reason To Think She May Be Capable Of Murder But China Doesn T Think So She Hires A Lawyer For Dottie And Starts Looking Around For Clues But She Soon Discovers That Digging Up Old Evil Is A Dirty And Dangerous Business China Bayles former high powered attorney is still happy running her herb shop She and McQuaid are getting serious and are considering living together if Mike s 10 year old son, his dog, and her cat, can all find an agreeable home Ruby is a new age guru who has a shop in the same building as China s herb shop Her friend Dottie teaches Biology at the local college and runs a cattery at her home She has over 150 cats that she takes care of Her neighbor, Dr Harwick, also a professor of biology at the college, is constantly giving Dottie a bad time about her cats When he is found dead hanging in his college office Dottie is the number one suspect Can China and Ruby help Dottie prove her innocence It was interesting to go back to the beginnings of the China Bayles series and read a book I had missed out on earlier In this book we meet Smart Cookie, also known as Sheila Dawson who is in charge of security at CTSU the local university Amy Roth, the daughter Ruby gave up for adoption at birth, suddenly appears looking for her and asking questions about the past Justine Wyzinski The Whiz competed with China for top grades in law school shows up at China s request to defend the local woman wrongly accused of murder McQuaid and China discuss moving in together which would take their somewhat new relationship to the next level A good mystery with a surprise ending I m glad I discovered it at the used book sale. I loved that I could not guess who dunit in this book involving animal abuse and animal lovers I loved that I learned a little tiny bit of the grant process for colleges, and the courtship of those who bring those grants China Bayles, lawyer turned herbal store owner, in Pecan Springs, Texas, makes me want, and , to move to this imaginary town, and try and even befriend her crazy friend Ruby, a next door store owner.