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[Kindle] ♷ Hoodoo Bible Magic ⚖ Hoodoo Folk Magic Wikipedia Hoodoo Is A Traditional African American Folk Spirituality That Developed From A Number Of West African Spiritual Traditions And Beliefs Hoodoo Is A Mixture Of Various African Religious Practices Created By Enslaved Africans In The New World Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Scriptural It Has Been Said That We Are Created In God S Own Image There Are Those Who Know And Understand This To Mean That IN EACH OF US IS A SPARK OF THE DIVINE A Spark Which Can Aid Us To Attain Wisdom, Riches, Love, Joy, Health, And Success Through The Power Of God S Holy Word Book Review Hoodoo Bible Magic By Miss Practical, Honest, And Straightforward, This Book Teaches The History And Unlocks The Mystery Of Christian Conjuration With The Holy Scriptures Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Scriptural Hoodoo Bible Magic Is A Detailed Treatise Not Only On Bibliomancy But Also On The Use And History Of The Holy Scriptures And The Psalms In Hoodoo And Conjure BOOK DESCRIPTION FROM THE PUBLISHER It Has Been Said That We Are Created In God S Own Image Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Spiritual Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Spiritual Sorcery Shared A Post MayCome By And See Doctor Beverley And Professor Porterfield At The AmazingSpring Mystic Fest At The Beautiful MidHoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets OfNot Retrouvez Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Scriptural Sorcery By Miss Michaele, Professor Charles PorterfieldPaperback Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Spiritual Seeof Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Spiritual Sorcery On Facebook Hoodoo Bible Magic Sacred Secrets Of Scriptural This Book Is An Interesting Book It Covers A Lot Of Different Aspects Of Working With The Bible Within The Folk Magic Tradition Of Hoodoo As A Witch I Am Interested In Learningabout Hoodoo And Working With The Bible In Their Spells And Rituals Hoodoo Bible Magic Hoodoo Foundry The Bible Is A Magic Book THIS Book Tells You Just How To Use It Miss Michaele Is A Spirit Guided And Spirit Led Reader And Conjure Worker, The Proprietor Of Hoodoo Foundry, And Pastor Of The Caroline Dye Memorial Chapel Candle Ministry She Divines With Tarot Cards And Figured Crystals, And Is A Skilled Bibliomancer She And Her Husband Reside In Northern California Magic, Witchcraft, Hoodoo, Conjure With The Bible Let No One Be Found Among You Who Sacrifices Their Son Or Daughter In The Fire, Who Practices Divination Or Sorcery, Interprets Omens, Engages In Witchcraft,or Casts Spells, Or Who Is A Medium Or Spiritist Or Who Consults The Dead This book is an interesting book full of information It covers a lot of different aspects of working with the bible within the folk magic tradition of Hoodoo. I realize the name of the book, and even its colors, might be rather cheesy looking, but try not to judge a book by its cover It s meant to reflect an era when books of this type were usually published If I could give this seven stars, I would But five will do When I was a fundamentalist a while back, I got a strong impression that somehow the bible could be used as a kind of a grimoire, but I couldn t prove it I would search the scriptures over and over again periodically, trying to figure out exactly how someone could do what Jesus, Moses, Elijah, and a number of other people in the bible did, and how I could use scripture like that I really meant it, considering I was once in the midst of than one situation that, because of my age, I couldn t legally get out of Yeah, it was bad Even when I finally could, the damage was done So I took ministers and scripture seriously when it came to causing things to happen I never did find what I was looking for, and the ministers themselves limited the power to such things as evangelism, healing, and worship Not much beyond that I was obviously in the wrong set of churches So secrets were left buried Well, too late now.This book was written in 2014, long after I needed it Nevertheless, it s not vagueit s unbelievably clear and understandable For a book that s only 96 pages, it answers a ton of questions on how to effectively use the bible in a practical manner than what I could ever hope for It also gives background, history, and even how words and turns of phrases in the KJV and only that version come extremely close to the original Hebrew scripturewhich is really impressive Just because the bible itself has questionable sources overall, that doesn t mean it can t be used like an arsenal The two authors put a lot of thought, study, and organization into their materialthis is no hack job It even gives web links in the midst of the book to refer to for info I could go on and on, but I ll sound like a raving maniac So I ll just say this book is highly recommended It s far than what I could ever imagine, let alone ask foreven if it did come a few decades late for me But better late than never, I guess After all, there s been a lot of improvements since the early twentieth century anyway That s a good thingand in this case, a very good thing Just be carefulknowledge can be abused for no good reason.