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!Free ♫ Histoires ou contes du temps passé, avec des moralités ♱ Sono Raccolte In Questo Volume Le Pi Belle Fiabe Composte Da Scrittori Francesi Del Seicento E Del Settecento Negli Ultimi Anni Del Regno Di Luigi XIV Inizi A Dilagare Una Vera E Propria Moda Delle Fate Che Stimol Molti Scrittori Alla Rielaborazione Delle Pi Significative Fiabe Provenienti Dalla Tradizione Popolare Artisti Operanti Nei Pi Diversi Campi D Espressione Da Gustave Dor A Walt Disney, Da Maurice Ravel A Jean Cocteau Hanno Tratto Ispirazione Da Questi Racconti, Che Appartengono A Uno Dei Pi Interessanti Capitoli Della Narrativa Europea Da Cenerentola A Cappuccetto Rosso, Da Pollicino A La Bella Addormentata Nel Bosco, Tornano In Questa Antologia Gli Indimenticabili Protagonisti Della Nostra Infanzia Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper My first Disney surprise of the volume I had always been under the assumption that Disney s early fairy tale movies were glossy, post WWII bastardizations of the earlier versions of the tales So I was surprised to discover that Charles Perrault s 17th Century version of Cinderella was, with the exception of an extra ball and a lack of talking mice, the clear source for Walt s masterpiece I ve always been partial to Cinderella the best princess movie from the pre Eisener post Walt era, before the Mouse House turned princess into a dirty word The animation is gorgeous and so wonderfully blue , the music is properly serious and its storytelling is tightly woven Silly as it may be, knowing that it is almost completely based on Perrault s story makes me feel a smidge less guilty about my appreciation.The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods And here s my second Disney surprise Walt and his cronies did away with the nasty Ogre Queen Mother who tries to eat the Sleeping Beauty s children after she wakes up, but the first half of Perrault s tale is intact, so Disney, once again, stuck closely to his source material with excellent results I have to say, though, that I would love to have seen the Ogre Queen Mother munching on the well dressed animals the cook prepared to trick her into thinking they were her grandkids.Little Thumb The anti Ogre sentiment gets a bit much in Little Thumb Tom He and his brothers after their poor parents try to lose them in the wild to relieve their responsibilities and survive themselves stumble into an Ogre s home, and the big, mean, evil Ogre man whose natural prey seems to be humans tells his wife that he wants to have all these yummy little boys cooked for the next days dinner party.To save his and his brothers skins, Little Thumb tricks the Ogre into cutting the throats of his seven daughters rather than the throats of Tom and his six brothers Then Tom steals seven golden crowns and the Ogre s magic boots, and he becomes an important and rich messenger Probably my least favourite story, Little Thumb s Ogre other is just the sort of insidious racism that makes my skin crawl If the Shrek movies weren t so crappy in so many ways, I could almost appreciate their attempt to turn Ogres into protagonists Almost.The Master Cat, or Puss in Boots I knew nothing about this story until I read this take The Master Cat is a jerk He victimizes an Ogre King, a king who seems to be a pretty decent ruler His people, whom we meet throughout the tale, are kind, healthy, prosperous, and Puss just walks in and kills the Ogre King and hands the King s lands over to his own nobody master Puss s master gets the castle, gets the girl and wins big Just under a hundred years later it would have been Puss in Guillotine.Riquet with the Tuft My favourite of them all What a shame this has never been adapted to the screen The ugliest guy in the land is blessed with the greatest wisdom and intelligence The most beautiful girl in the land is cursed with the greatest stupidity So the ugliest guy gives her the gift of an intelligence to match his own, but she must marry him in return What happens next is fascinating, and one of the finest lessons I ve read in a fairy tale I think Paul Giamatti and Charlize Theron remember her character in Arrested Development should make this on the stage somewhere.Blue Beard DON T LOOK IN THE CLOSET Just once I would love for someone in one of these stories to do what they are asked I suppose we wouldn t have a story then The Fairy This is a weird one A fairy rewards a girl who was nice to her with a mouth that spews gems whenever she speaks and curses her mean sister with a mouth that spews lizards whenever she speaks A Prince falls in love with the gems and marries the nice girl, making her happy forever while she makes him rich Ummm okay Come to think of it, though, I bet gems from the mouth would have benefited Carrie in Sex and the City Little Red Riding Hood I have to spoil this one Sorry folks The Wolf he eats Little Red Riding Hood His trick succeeds His teeth are there to better eat her And that s it Story over Eat your heart out Wile E Coyote. Charles Perrault 1628 1703 was a controversial figure who argued before the Acad mie fran aise at his initiation ceremony that modern French literature was superior to that of the Greco Romans That enlivened the proceedings Later, he elaborated his reasons and included the less than convincing argument that because the reign of Louis XIV was so enlightened, his age was superior in all respects to that of the ancients Apparently, he spent part of his life writing epic poems with Christian themes.But after he went off on these tangents, he composed fairy tales in verse and prose which have entered into the popular culture and thought of all the peoples of Western Europe and their colonial offspring, including the Land of Unlimited Opportunity Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Puss In Boots, and others The Brothers Grimm reworked many of these stories and added their own macabre touch, but already Perrault s stories were not the prettified and watered down versions I grew up with Not at all I don t recall being told in Sleeping Beauty about fairies being transported in fiery chariots drawn by dragons nor that the Prince s mother was of the race of ogres, so he kept his relationship with Sleeping Beauty secret in order that she not be tempted to devour her grandchildren When the King died, the Prince and new King made the relationship public, and, shortly after he went off to war, the Queen Mother ordered her four year old granddaughter to be servedla sauce Robert. If you want to know if she succeeded in her desire with a little Chianti , you ll have to read Perrault s version of the tale She did like the sauce, though she ordered her grandson and then the young Queen to be served in the same manner.I was amused how Perrault hastened to assure the reader that when the prince came by the ch teau ensorcel , he was of a different royal family I know how worried I was about the horrid possibilities of incest But I don t think Walt Disney would have been pleased to read that Sleeping Beauty was not quite 16 years old when she awoke and the Prince made her acquaintance, since over the next two years they had two children which were probably not brought by storks Or maybe she was not quite 116 years old then it is OK, yes But the children were born out of wedlock Hmmm, not even fairy tales written by authors of epic poems about obscure bishops are reliable If, like me, you only know the strictly abridged versions of these tales, do look at Perrault s originals You might even want to tell them to your children, because children like the macabre also At least I was told that the wolf ate poor old grandmaDue to the immeasurably valuable resources of Gallicahttp gallica.bnf.fr lang EN I was able to read an illustrated edition of Perrault s Contes published in 1697 I was also able to snag a file containing all of Gustave Dor s illustrations, as well see above Rating Once upon a time, long before farmboys arose to defeat Dark Lords and even longer before the rise of imagined histories attempting to be gritty in a way that removed most moral compasses from fantasy, there was the fairytale A simple little literary beast masquerading as a story with a morality play contained within its fascinating bounds A little creation marketed for children but one which contained deeper adult themes Fairytales did not need to attempt to be gritty, they simply were in how they conveyed themes that clearly indicated that incest, rape, cannibalism and other heinous deeds were abhorrent and that Nowadays, as the epic form seems to have merged with fairytales thanks to the meddling of Hobbits, fairytales are becoming less relevant Yet I still believe that the old classic fairytales are relevant to modern audiences Except perhaps Rumpelstiltskin In today s social media environment it makes no sense for no one to know that imp s name If he were around today the prince would hunt down his name on Facebook or Twitter Speaking of which can you imagine the tweets The fairytales in this volume include the classic Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderilla and Sleeping Beauty However they are not the fairytales you may have heard or read as a child While both Cinderilla and Sleeping Beauty avoid the greater horrors that were part of their genesis according to other sources in the Cinderilla or Cinderella tale the stepsisters attempted to put on the glass slipper by cutting their toes and heels off As for the real Sleeping Beauty story, apparently there are references to the prince of the tale taking advantage of the sleeping princess The Little Red Riding Hood story remains in its classic form however, with the wolf ending up eating everyone There is a reason behind the plots of these stories however, with the tale of the wolf being a symbol for predatory men who would take advantage of a young girl s virtue.In fact each of these stories is accompanied with a moral at the end These morals reveal the underlying message as indicated by the author However, there appears to be room in each story for anyone else to enjoy other messages they can observe Whether you like fantasy stories and want to see some of the older tales in that format, or if you merely like short stories and fairytales I recommend giving this collection a read It s not particularly long with around 100 pages and you should be able to get through it in around an hour or so. In addition to the usual list of difficulties encountered when learning any foreign language, French has a few specific wrinkles of its own In particular, there are certain verb tenses that have fallen into disuse, so that they are no longer used when speaking, but may still be encountered in written French, particularly in older texts.Most intermediate French students will have seen at least one of these, the so called simple past tense , or pass simple Although it has been completely replaced by the perfect tense, the pass compos , in spoken French, it is still reasonably common in modern texts, though it can come across as being slightly pompous Given that it s still used in modern writing, inclusion of the pass simple as part of the curriculum seems entirely reasonable.But the pass simple is not the only French literary tense No, indeed, there are four others the pass ant rieur now replaced by the plus que parfait, or pluperfect , the imperfect subjunctive now replaced by the present subjunctive , the pluperfect subjunctive now replaced by the past subjunctive , and the so called second form of the conditional past something clearly dreamed up solely for the purpose of making lifeinteresting back in the days before television and video games.This past week, in my French class, we read part of Perrault s Comtes , as a way of introducing us to the whole morass of French literary tenses So I was moved to go out and buy my own copy, which I ve been reading over the weekend, and enjoying thoroughly Many of your favorite Disney tales are included Sleeping Beauty , Cinderella , Tom Thumb , Puss in Boots oh wait, wasn t he in Shrek , as well as Little Red Riding Hood , Bluebeard , and a handful of others But don t necessarily expect those Disney happy endings The Perrault version of these tales errs heavily on the side of cruelty and brutality There sthan one s fair share of incest, cannibalism, and good old fashioned gore For instance, that hunter or woodsman who arrives to save Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma at the end of the Brothers Grimm version Completely absent from Perrault In his view of the world, wander from the path to chase butterflies or talk to wolves and you ll come to a grisly ending The illustrations are the original drawings by Gustav Dore, and are terrific Finally, on the topic of Little Red Riding Hood , I came across the following photo, which dates from the winter of 1968, my first term at boarding school, and which I present, in all its horrifying detail, without further commentary The psychic scars run too deep But can you guess which of the characters depicted is now one of Ireland s best known architects, a figure of international renown For instance, I was forced to sing, in my adorable boy soprano voice, to the tune of Just a Song at Twilight I am getting loooone lyfor Red Riding HoodTHE HORROR THE HORROR Not having read any of Perrault s fairytales before, I didn t quite realise what I was in for And people say that Grimm s fairytales are gruesome huh, think again and read Perrault s There s an ogre appearing in about almost every single one of the eight tales in this edition, and, of course, they love eating fresh flesh i.e little people and do so without delay Yet in a strange way, I found these tales delightful and just so different to the Grimm s in fact, they made me laugh out loud a few times perhaps mostly because things took me by surprise, like the ending for The Fairies Nowhere could the wretched girl find anyone who would take her in, and at last she lay down in the forest and died. End of story.Each tale has a moral at the end, some even have two There are some real nice gems among them, like the Another moral at the end of Blue Beard You can tell this tale is oldBy the very way it s told.Those were days of derring do Man was lord, and master too.Then the husband ruled as king.Now it s quite a different thing Be his beard what hue it may Madam has a word to say And this being written in 1697 Boy oh Boy these areauthentic Some of the stories have moments ofblood and gore I read to fill my Early Modern slot in my personal Classics Challenge I chose this format audiobook because this is format I could borrow from library service Hoopla.I read a little over 1 2 during a 24 hour Readathon Charles Perrault seems to have been the original collector and popularizer of fairy tales So not having a developed tradition for fairy tales, Perrault used the tradition of fables, ending the stories in morals, sometimes multiple morals It seems that Perrault was writing for his children and was used to the tradition of morals endings The morals however outside of a developed tradition of fairy tales shows us today what value system parents were trying to instill in their children.My current fave Bluebeard Very scary fairytale. Yes I m reviewing The Tales Of Mother Goose and I m not ashamed of it So, I was looking at my childhood shelves yes, that actually exists this morning and I ended up re re re re reading Perrault s fairy tales I decided to write some lines because, well, it s Sunday and I didn t have this book on my GR shelves even though as a kid, I was a big fan of the guy who wrote Cinderella And by lines I mean just one thought These 17th century fairy tales are really, honestly, so fucked up Wolves and ogres eating little kids, snakes coming out of girls mouths, cruel negligent parents and subjugated kids, several killings for different reasons hunger, disobedience I wouldn t have been able to get a good night sleep after hearing about grandma s desire of eating her grandsons And what about hubby serial killer Bluebeard Wasn t he a delight Disney certainly gave us a lighter version of all these.There are little pieces of truth inside those innocent tales The Fairies , where there s a mother who loved the elder daughter because she resembled her so closely as people naturally love their own likeness and other stuff are confusing and unfair ugly people telling you it simportant to be smart than beautiful but eventually, they end up being beautiful too, so.I ve always enjoyed the morals those little verses at the end of the tale that shows the author s interpretation After a bloody, disturbing tale, there s usually a lesson to be learned.Nature oft, with open arms, Lavishes a thousand charms But it is not these that bring True love s truest offering Tis some quality that lies All unseen to other eyes Something in the heart or mind.Jan 19, 14 Also on my blog. The original fairy tales of Charles Perrault 1628 1703 before they were bastardized or sanitized depending on your view by Disney Perrault, however, did not invent most of these stories himself He also based some of them on existing French folklores Perrault was said to be the one who laid the foundations for a new literary genre the fairy tale Many of Perrault s stories were rewritten by the Brothers Grimm, continue to be printed and have been adapted to opera, ballet such as Tchaikovsky s The Sleeping Beauty , theatre, and film What I liked about this book was that I was able to read the original versions of the tales that I heard or saw when I was a young boy I did not know that those goody goody versions were sanitized The original versions in this 1697 first published book were sometimes gory and gruesome that I wondered how they could have passed as children s stories For example, Little Red Riding Hood is eaten alive by a wolf, seven girls were knifed by their father to death or an ogress demanding to eat two poor captured kids.Here are the stories and my reactions upon reading them The Little Red Riding Hood Stupid girl How she could not have noticed that the wolf was not her grandma Well, in The Moral, Perrault seems to say that this exactly is the moral of the story the young pretty people are easy to deceive so they have to watch out for wolf in sheep s clothing 4 STARSThe Fairy Would not that be painful I mean flowers and jewels coming out from your mouth when you speak No wonder, I have not seen any movie adaptation of this story The morals, according to Perrault the manner we speak isimportant that wealth and good behaviors pay in the end when we least expect it 3 STARSBlue Beard If only Perrault knew that time will come blue beard would no longer be scary Why there is even green hair now, hah The morals according to Perrault Curiosity kills a cat and a very little share of common sense can save your dear life 2 STARSThe Sleeping Beauty in the Wood I remember the first half of the story but it s my first time to hear the 2nd half that happens after the prince kisses the sleeping princess There is a ogress a queen that eats small children and the tub full of different kinds of serpents This part is new to me I don t remember that there was an ogress character in the Disney movie As to the moral of the story according to me be careful in creating your guest list 5 STARSThe Master Cat or, Puss in Boots Clever, clever cat If a cat will be as useful as this, I know my wife would agree for us to have a cat in the house She hates the odor of cat s feces However, in the story the youngest child gets the cat as inheritance from his poor father Then the clever cat turns him into Marquis de Carabas Morals Be thankful for the inheritance that you get and also be careful with cunning people The cat deceived the ogre to turn into a mouse so the cat could eat him hahaha My first time to read this story Funny 4 STARS.Cinderilla or, The Little Glass Slipper Exactly as what is in the Disney movie except the spelling Take note that this is Cinderilla and not Cinderella But there are somethings in Perrault s writing that made me read the whole text Not just making sure that there are nothing Disney removed or was not able to capture The forgiveness that Cinderilla gave to her odious sisters it s heartfelt Well written, I should say Besides, who does not love Cinderilla You have not been a child if you never heard of her 5 STARSRiquet with the Turf There is a fairy here who gives either wit or beauty to the newborn children of royalties However, if you equate it in the real world, it is just the power of words that seem to work here When the beautiful but dumb princess utters that the ugly prince be given wit, it is actually her love for him that makes this possible In short, the moral of the story, according to me, is that we have to be happy for other people that we speak positively of them and wish them good things instead of talking negatively behind their backs and wish them ill Those are very unchristian especially if the person is not around don t talk ill of that person because he is not there to defend himself 4 STARSLittle Thumb There is a family that is so poor that the couple decides to bring and lost their 7 small children in the forest The youngest of the 7 is Little Thumb who is born, because they are so poor her mama has nonutrients in her body, as big as a thumb that s why the name However, Little Thumb is very smart His intelligence is farthan the intelligence of his six big brothers put together Again, there is an ogre third in this collection, yes I am counting that Little Thumb is able to deceive that the poor ogre kills his seven daughters instead of Little Thumb and his six brothers Little Thumb also does a dugo dugo by fooling the ogre s wife into giving all their riches to him I know I read or heard this story before when I was a small boy but I forgot the gist of it I have always associated the throwing of stones to come back home to Hansel and Gretel and not in this Perrault s story I enjoyed every minute of reading or re reading this 4 STARSThe Ridiculous Wishes A man is complaining that he is so poor and he envies people whose wishes are easily granted Jupiter, yes the god in the Olympus, hears him so the god says he can have 3 wishes and Jupiter will grant them However, the man has this habit of saying I wishwithout really meaning those things and that habit almost gets him and his wife in bigger misery Nothing really extraordinary here 2 STARSThe Donkey skin A princess asks for the skin of a precious donkey in their stable expecting that her father, the King, would not be able to kill the poor donkey This is part of the series of impossible demands that the princess is asking the king hoping that one of them will not be granted and so she ll be left by the king and not make her his wife Had not heard this tale before but it is quite typical I liked it though 3 STARSVery good classic collection of the original fairy tales To think that Charles Perrault invented the fairy tales as a genre is a strong testament of his brilliance as a writer and storyteller. 010316 i looked at this for the art, but then thought of how i am familiar with several tales Disney other authors Angela Carter do not remember ever the first time heard or read i do not remember some details and some tales eg donkey skin , Tom thumb , somewhat disappointed in the art, this collection not as fascinating as Hans Christen Andersen good, quick, simple