&Book ☛ Internationalization and Localization Using Microsoft.NET ⇷ Ebook or Kindle ePUB free

&Book ⇨ Internationalization and Localization Using Microsoft.NET ↙ Internationalization And Localization Using Microsoft Is Intended To Be A Comprehensive Discussion Of How To Localize Code Using Visual Studio Author Nick Symonds Is An Experienced Developer And Project Manager Of Windows Applications Intended For Use Worldwide Symmonds Knows The Advantages Of Localization In The Design Stage And The Disadvantages Of Localizing A Project After The Fact Both Methods Of Localizing Code Are Discussed In This Book VS Has Quite A Few Tools Available For The Developer To Aid In The Localization Process These Tools Are Discussed In Depth, And The Pros And Cons Of Each Are Presented To The Reader The Book Is Unique, In That It Covers Both C And VB All Examples Are In Both Programming Languages This Gives The Reader The Unique Perspective Of Being Able To Compare These Two Programming Languages When Writing Code In Some Of The Core Topics Covered Are The Globalization And Resources Namespaces, Which Relate Directly To Localization Resource Files And How They Are Used In Visual And Command Line Tools That Aid In Localization In Depth Discussion Of Design And Implementation Of World Ready Programs Symmonds Has Included In This Book A Comprehensive Example Of A Resource Editor And Takes Readers Through Writing This Editor In Both C And VB This Project Is Not Only Useful As A Product In Itself, But Is Also Instructive In How To Write Fairly Complicated Code In Both Languages