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Nothing I write will adequately express how this book, indeed, how this series, made me feel The characters are really the defining point of The Chronicles of Kaya So much so that sometimes I felt some elements of the plot weren t as fleshed out as I would have liked them I wanted a bitexplanation on the power magic of the warders and how it worked for different individuals I wanted to know WHY the warders hadn t told Falco they found his family s murderers Why were they killed in the first place I had the same feelings in the last book when Finn and Thorne II are in the Berserker Mountains Things just sort of happened really quickly without much explanation BUTThe main characters were all complex, and flawed, and so beautiful because of it As an aside, I was so happy that King Thorne got to come back He was pretty bloody awesome I loved pretty much all the main characters in this series, but I think Thorne senior was my favourite Because even though he was hard, and violent, he becamethan the slaughter man he was trained to be He loved as fiercely as he hated He was clumsy expressing it, especially in a world which tried to beat those emotions out of him, but he loved his wife, imperfectly as it was But how true is that of real life That he sacrificed his very life for the people he loved speaks volumes about the kind of man he was becoming The ending was really satisfying for me I really loathe happy endings where everything works out for everyone, because that is not how life works I bawled like an infant, but when a book is going to culminate in a huge battle, you know someone isn t going to make it I think, if it had to be any of them, Jonah, Penn Finn going together was the only way for it to end I loved that Thorne junior could still see them anyway, and that he stayed with their father Alexi I was happy Rose finally had someone to look after her and cherish her Erik was a godsend And oh gods Avery The love he had for not only Ava, but also Ambrose and the girls And the way they all loved him too Definitely one of my favourite series. Same Review Also Posted In My Blog Dreamy Addictions This book has ruined me in so many ways, it was quite an intense and emotional read There was so much sadness, sacrifice, hate, love and tragedy in this book that literally wrecked me apart Isadora isintense than Avery and Thorne and once again I ve fell in love with all the characters in this trilogy Although the ending was kinda bittersweet, it was truly an epic conclusion to the series It s a unique trilogy where every main characters are either broken or flawed which makes themappealing Honestly, this was really an amazing trilogy and I wishpeople had read this hidden gem.The book starts sometime after Thorne was finished Isadora, the deadly sparrow has finally found her bondmate but unfortunately it was her sworn enemy Falco, the exiled emperor of kaya to whom she hates immensely and swore to kill The kingdom of Kaya is overthrown ed by two evil warders and they soon becomes a threat to pirenti To fight against the evil warders strong power, Pirenti and Kaya needs to combine forces While everyone was dealing with the fight against the evil warders, Isadora and Falco has their own conflict to deal with Isadora wants to concentrate on her mission to destroy the evil warders and she feels she isn t deserving of love especially from her enemy and wants to break the bond The bonded always dies in pair and Isadora doesn t want to surrender to the fate and decides to choose her own path, no matter the cost With everyone being plagued by their own demons, can they succeed on winning against the evil that plaguing their lands.Though I loved Isadora and Falco, Ava and Ambrose would always be my favorite couple Isadora is a strong character who is fierce, ruthless, lethal, ice cold and unsocial We finally get to know the dark past of Isadora and trust me, it was horrifying and I felt very bad for her Now I can finally understand why she was such cold hearted and has trouble trusting others Falco is a charming character who wears a mask that hid his true nature He was called Emperor Feckless due to his reckless behavior and always indulging himself with women and wine but they don t know it was all a facade Isadora and Falco are quite an intriguing couple I loved how their relationship slowly grew from intense hate to love It s quite fascinating to watch when two troubled souls grew to love each other especially when they are enemies There s so much anguish, hate, anger, desire and love in their relationship which made me root for them till the end Every characters in this book including the secondary characters are truly great and I liked all of them.The plot is fucking fantastic From the first chapter, I was hooked and I didn t want to let go of this series even when it was finally concluded The ending was bittersweet, shocking and heart wrenching I really wished for an alternate ending where there would be no deaths and everyone would made it out alive All the emotional turmoil, twists and surprises has took a toll on me but I still didn t want to part with it even for a sec It also has a great character development that I really enjoyed I liked the pacing of the story and the writing style of the author is captivating through out The story was told in multiple pov s and I absolutely enjoyed reading the story in everyone s perspective It helped me connect to all the characters, feel their emotions and also brought depth to the story The world building is amazing, as always It s good to be back in the magical world of Kaya and Pirenti.Overall, it was fantabulous With this epic ending, this has officially became one of my favorite trilogies I m really gonna miss all the exciting journey and the characters I thank the author for writing such a wonderful series and I ll definitely look forward to what she has in store for us next.Finally, I highly recommend this trilogy to everyone The Chronicles of kaya is a NA fantasy trilogy filled with fantastic plot, beautiful writing, amazing world building, intriguing characters and addictive romance.READ IT, YOU WON T REGRET IT @DOWNLOAD BOOK á Isadora (The Chronicles of Kaya #3) í What Would You Do If Your Sworn Enemy Was Also Your Soulmate The Kingdom Of Kaya Has Been Overthrown By A Dark Power Trapped Inside The Dangerous Capital, Rebel Leader Isadora Fights The Only Way She Can By Hunting Those Monstrous Than She Falco Is The Exiled Emperor Of A Nation In Tatters But Fate Demands He Abandon The Mask That Has Long Disguised His True Nature, And Rise To Meet His Sworn Enemy, The Deadly SparrowNo One Is Safe From The Evil Sweeping The Lands, Not Even Those In The Far North Strongholds Of Pirenti Crown Prince Thorne Is Plagued By Ghosts, Lady Roselyn By The Past With His Land And Loved Ones Under Threat, King Ambrose Must Find The Strength To Show His People A New Way Of Life, Or Allow The Nation S Legacy Of Violence To Consume Them As World S End Draws Near The Undeniable Power Of The Bond Ties Isadora And Falco Together The Death Of One Means The Death Of Both But Isadora Has Never Before Surrendered To Fate She Is Determined To Break Free And Choose Her Own Path, No Matter The Cost The Heart Wrenching Final Chapter In The Chronicles Of Kaya Trilogy 2 WRECKED STARSSPOILERS AHED READ AT YOUR OWN RISK WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED I AM SPEECHLESS I DON T EVEN WHAT TO SAY I AM HEARTBROKEN, WRECKED AND ANGRY I feel like the author literally reached into my heart and snatched it out of me I am going to be brutally honest The book was going so perfectly It was a full on 5 stars for me until I reached the last two chapters I don t understand why the author took the direction she did but she majorly fucked up SHE KILLED FINN THORN S FINN whyyyyyyy The already had their HEA then why did she had to go and kill her There were many other deaths in the book but I was okay with that I felt like she killed of finn purely for shock value Completely ruined Throne s story for me I think reading this book was a HUGE mistake because right now I m heartbroken for throne Like mother like son Giving him the same fate that his mother had for NO COMPLETE REASON She didn t even die trying too protect someone but for a completely useless thing I have lost all trust in Charlotte McConaghy and I don t think I ll ever read her books again I was so excited to start Isadora I had been waiting for months to get my hands on it A WASTE I urge all of you to stop reading after Throne Maybe some of you would like the turn out but I didn t Killed off Finn, Jonah and Penn USELESS I don t give two shits that Throne could see her as a ghost He couldn t touch her, he couldn t truly be with her I was also expecting so much for Falco and Isadora s conclusion but it was as tasteless as Finn s death Now excuse me will I try to find something sweet to read so I stop crying these tears of frustration and anger The two stars are only there because apart from the last two chapters, the rest of the book was good but tbh, the story is ruined for me So disappointed How you gonna go and kill the second book s heroine is beyond me Bye The first impression of a book is, of course, the cover I love the simple but stunning beautiful style of this cover It s perfect for this book The series The Chronicles Of Kaya has found a grand finale I love the writing style of the author Charlotte McConaghy As I already said in my previous reviews to Avery and Thorne , her writing style is absolutely thrilling, very detailed and most definitely amazing.In simple words Charlotte McConaghy is a genius with words In Isadora you will stumble across a lot of characters you ve already met in the first two books of this trilogy You will get to know each and every one of them better and you will love them eventhan you already did I definitely love all of the amazing characters.In the last book of this series, you will find outabout Isadora, her past and her current life You will learn the reasons, why she is how she is and you will slowly and irrevocable fall in love with her Isadora is beatiful in her very own way and has as much courage as a human being could have I adore her You will also get to find outabout F alco and his past The Emperor Feckless , who doesn t know who he really is but he will find out what his very own character is Will it be enough for Isadora to fall for him at last or is she working with his enemies Find it out and join Isadora, Falco, Ava, Ambrose, Finn and Thorne on their last adventure I absolutely love this series and the whole trilogy is a highlight for me Not just a highlight of this year No it s a highlight in all the books I ve ever read And I ve read many books in my life What an epic, heart wrenching finale I cried literally non stop from page 426 onwards It tore out my soul. OH, WHATEVER WAS LEFT OF MY HEART HAS BEEN PLUCKED OUT AND MY EYES, OH GOD,MY EYES RESSEMBLE A FUCKING FOUNTAINHow, I wondered, was one meant to live without killing, when killing sought one out at every turn The world made its monsters indeedThis whole series, from the first page of Avery, has hit me so hard I never thought I d be able to feel emotions to such a deep extent This beautiful series was planned so marvellously with such an epic ending.I have loved each and every character in this series and bidding them farewell was the worst thing ever This whole series might be the only one that made me ugly cry so much and come to terms with various concepts of life We ve never really seen much of Ava and Avery s relationship except in the first book, and even though the book didn t connect us with him in the starting, by barely giving us much material, but the death of him still hit us hard I was in love with the way Charlotte McConaghy wrote this series, in such an impressive sense, it enticed me instantly, which I guess is also why I let the waterworks start and never stop in each of the three books view spoiler Death of characters that we loved is certainly hard to face Ever since the the second instalment, I loved Penn and Jonah so bloody much, hell, I even hoped that Jonah would finally find a bondmate in this book And about Finn, I just can t even think about her without loosing my mind hide spoiler UPDATE Reread 08 01 18 This series is so underrated, so sad FYI, I recommended it to 4 of my friends and they all loved itEach of us has our own faves, though Mine s book 3, theirs are book 1 2If you haven t read it yet, I suggest you give it a try Aside from three great romances and overall a very amazing plot, this series is full of quotable quotes and lessons in life One cool thing I can share about this series is, the characters eye color changes to bright gold when they meet their soulmate and form a bond The reason why the third book is my favorite is because the main characters wereenemiesin the beginning Imagine their surprise when their eyes meet and change color I hope the author writesShe s so goodUPDATE 11 27 16 5 STARSPLOT 5 WRITING STYLE 5 CHARACTERS 5 ROMANCE 5UNPUTDOWNABLE LEVEL 5 OH MY GOD This book is a gem Seriously Read it now I have a feeling 90% of you will love it as much as I did I read this book along w my buddy, Nhikay, and we re both giving it 5 stars I highly recommend it.READ IT READ IT READ IT 5 5 StarsMy first read of 2017 and it was amazing I have loved every single book in this series and I could not have asked for a better finale than this Every loose end was tied, characters finally get their justice and or revenge and this book delivered by far the most meaningful romance of the series It s hard to write a synopsis of a third book in the series without spoiling the first two books, but I m going to try The people of Kaya have always died in pairs, when their bond mates basically soulmates died, so would they But what happens when your paired with your sworn enemy What would you do if you were bound to the person you ve promised to kill Isadora, the rebel leader Sparrow, has always wanted to kill Falco, the feckless emperor of Kaya But, not everything goes to plan and instead Kaya is overthrown by dark people with monstrous powers and Isadora must fight alongside Falco to free the kingdom In this book, all the old favourite characters from the trilogy join together to fight an evil that could destroy them all.Before I go any further I have to mention how much I love this cover I have loved every cover in this series, but this one stands out to me in particular I m not normally drawn to books with a close up of a cover model but these books are an exception The girl on the cover portrays a perfect Isadora and the contrast of her red eyes with pale skin, it s such an eye catching cover The cover definitely drew me into buying this book, although with that said, I would have bought the book even if it had an awful cover because I love this author s writing My favourite thing about most books are the characters and I have a list of characters that I deem amazing , loveable or complex But, this book blew that list out of proportion because these characters are just phenomenal I loved all the main characters from the first two books in the series and I m glad that they all made an appearance in Isadora, but Falco and Isadora were definitely the stand out personalities How, I wondered, was one meant to live without killing, when killing sought one out at every turn The world made its monsters indeed That quote made me so sad when I read it because it truly reflected how Isadora felt about herself, she thought herself a monster Isadora was definitely a flawed character but in no way was she a monster She did, however, kill people and sometimes even people you didn t want her to kill She was such a strong character but at the same time, she was so vulnerable We learn that she had been tortured form a very young age which gave reason to so many of actions She felt that she needed to kill even though it hurt her to do it Isadora was such a well written and complex character, she was so badass her fighting and assassin skills were off the scale but she was also just a lonely girl who wanted to stop doing evil things Isadora captured my heart from the very beginning and she has become one of my all time favourite characters With such an amazingly written heroine, the hero also needed to have a wow factor in order to stand out in this book, and Falco certainly did Whilst I loved Isadora for her strength and complexity, she was no way as complicated as Falco When we first meet Falco in the previous books, we think him weak, clumsy and feckless which explains his title of Emperor Feckless But, throughout this book we realise that Falco was actually just wearing a mask one of many to hide his true self He is in fact very cunning, smart and kickass in the most literal way The romance in this book progressed very differently than the first two books in this trilogy With such flawed and broken characters it would have been hard to believe if they had a conventional and sweet romance Instead, the pair fought a lot, caused each other pain and often didn t want to be with each other They had so much tension between them from the very beginning which made the little sweet moments between them so muchrewarding Although, this romance took a lot longer to develop, it was definitely the most meaningful within the series.Everything I ve mentioned in the review so far has been positive, but this book still had moments that I certainly didn t like I don t mean this in a negative way, only that some money s in the book were so heartbreaking and I couldn t believe what was happening There were so many times in this book where I couldn t imagine how things could possibly get better Nothing was going to plan and it seemed like every character I loved was going to die And when thing started looking good for these characters again, the author just had to knock them back down This story was definitely an emotional rollercoaster full of forgiveness, vengeance, acceptance and love.