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Really interesting book about the early years of Depeche Mode The author went out and conducted his own interviews with people who knew the band member in the Basildon, UK scene from which they arose He also researched Basildon itself, which yields a well fleshed out picture of the town they grew up in a postwar planned community and its unique music scene that led to so many talents DM, Vince Clarke, Alison Moyet springing up from the same circle. It s no secret my love for Depeche Mode When I came across their music in 1983 it turned my world upside down when it came to what I liked music wise After I heard them, it was nothing but synthesizers, English bands, strange haircuts, makeup leather androgyny, fey lyrics, synthesizers, cold bleak drum machines, new wave, new romantics, cold wave, post punk and all the things that made up the early to mid 1980s for me All because of Depeche Mode 28 years later and I STILL love that kind of music than anything I ve heard since and seek out all the young bands pretending it s 1982 with their analogue synthesizers, angular haircuts, fashion sense and gloomy spirit Being in an all electronic band in the late 1970s and early 1980s was punk rock than so called punk rock which is a really narrow, regimented, rigid genre of music when you get down to it and is still the most futuristic and modern of movements in rock and roll history To this day, the best of the stuff from this era STILL sounds futuristic Punk rock from that era can sound as dated as doo wop music from the 1950s when compared to music made by forward thinking individuals and their machines I ve read other books about Depeche Mode, but this one by Simon Spence tries to do something a little different by going into their early years in exhaustive detail Also, there s no quotes from the band, this is full of stories by folks who grew up with them in Basildon, ex lovers, schoolmates, concert goers, ex producers, ex engineers, photographers and designers who worked on their album covers, promoters, DJs, other bands from the era I don t think we even get to the formation of Composition of Sound pre Depeche Mode until after page 100 I loved reading about Vince Clarke and Martin Gore s earlier teenage bands to see how their range of influences melded into the choice to go completely electronic At times a bit too repetitive but for a Depeche Mode fan like me, I loved this But, major issue with Spence on his opinion of Black Celebration it s their best album, not A Broken Frame. The best account of the early lives of the band and their coming together you will read. A better understanding of the bandBeing a DM geek, I ve read several books on the band already but this is the one I enjoyed the most What sets it apart from a regular biography is the exploration of the band in the context of their roots in Basildon, and how this shaped them with Vince featuring as a major player for most of the book The author has meticulously researched the material and what really brings it alive are the reminisces from friends, exs and associates those who really knew the band I already well know the band s back catalogue and the chronology of events in their history this book offers a deeper understanding and insight into Depeche Mode I hope the author does go on write the sequel, as is hinted at the end. A great read A good insight into there early lives and career Can t wait for the second book if he writes it. An interesting perspective on the band and a really well researched documentary on the origins of Basildon and the effect that the town s development had on the mentality of each of the individual members themselves However, this is a book for well seasoned fans only, as it is not nearly as detailed as previous biographies have been It s a really beautiful book, with an incredible layout and some nice old photos in the beginning set on glossy pages, giving it a sort of magazine ish feel There are also a couple of interesting interviews and some nice insights and anecdotes about Martin that I d never read before. Very interesting for any fan of Depeche Mode and their relationship with Basildon {DOWNLOAD KINDLE} ⛅ Just Cant Get Enough õ Nobody Who Saw Depeche Mode In Could Have Predicted That Those Four Fresh Faced, Synth Pop Innocents Would Transform Themselves Into Stadium Filling Rock Gods Within A Few Years Yet Depeche Mode Went On To Become One Of The Ten Bestselling British Acts Of All Time, Ranked Alongside Such Exalted Company As The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, And David Bowie And, After Three Decades Together, The Group Continues To Thrive, Both Critically And Commercially In Just Can T Get Enough, Published To Coincide With The Th Anniversary Of The Group S Debut Album, Speak Spell, Author Simon Spence Charts That Transformation From A Tiny Nightclub Residency In Their Native Essex To Facing Tens Of Thousands In Huge Stadiums In Europe And America In The Mid S, Spence Examines A Musical Journey That Took The Band From Early Ultra Pop Hit Singles To The Stark Black Celebration Album Hailing From Basildon, An Experimental Post War New Town, The All Electronic Depeche Mode Were, In The Words Of Singer Dave Gahan, A New Sort Of Band From A New Sort Of Town And Basildon Itself, Spence Argues, Defined Them Its Brutal Modernist Architecture Imposed On A Rural Landscape Dotted With Primitive Shacks A Mirror For The Angular Sound And Dark Loneliness Of The Band S Music Part Musical Odyssey, Part Cultural History, Spence Draws On Dozens Of Firsthand Interviews To Give Us An Inside View Of One Of The Most Unlikely Stories In Pop And Rock