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~FREE PDF ♿ Just the Tips ☱ Just In Time To Come Down Everybody S Chimneys This Holiday Season, The Creators Of SEX CRIMINALS Are Proud Ish To Present JUST THE TIPS A Curated Collection Of Tips, Tricks, Moves, Advice, Suggestions, Stories, And Confessions, How Tos, Do S, Don Ts, And Do Agains But Slower This Times From The Unmissable Letters Column Of SEX CRIMINALS, Alongside All New Material Specially Created For This Collection Only Finally, A Book To Teach You How To Not Be A Sex Dumby No It S This Book Imagine my horror when I discovered that this was not, in fact, a helpful book, but a collection of blue balls humour.Seriously though, one of the things I enjoy about SEX CRIMINALS is that it uses crass humour to explore themes of sexual repression and mental health This is a collection of dick jokes.A half star for every time I giggled uncontrollably ends up at 2 stars. It feels kind of insane to give this dumb book 5 stars, right But also it s SO funny and also strangely smart and I think I like itthan sex criminals, at this point Idk I just laughed out loud a LOT. A crude and perverted companion book to one of the best comics to come out recently, Just the Tips is made up of letters from the single issues of Sex Criminals along with new material from Chip and Matt It doesn t tie in with the story or the characters of Sex Criminals, itsof a book about Fraction and Zdarsky seeing how much they can get away with And it s funny And sometimes you re wondering especially with the stuff from readers if any of this shit is actually true But who cares when it has you laughing out loud, right This book is like the 90s movie Booty Call It s funny in a really dumb, immature way What s sad is that the tips in all those women s magazines should be treated with about as much seriousness as these tips, but some people actually take them seriously It also includes some hilarious joke sex positions and reader submitted stories. I went into this with pretty high expectations and was absolutely not disappointed This is one of the most hilarious things I have read in a long time I m a big fan of both Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, and I love Sex Criminals I will forever save the love note Chip wrote to me This was a joy to read all the way through It was silly and filthy in all the right ways 100% would recommend for anyone who has a mind in the gutter and a good sense of humour. Matt and Chip really nailed it. A hilarious joy for anyone who wanted the best bits of the letter column of SEX CRIMINALS all compiled in to one delightfully awkward stocking stuffer that you can t actually ask your mom to get you for Christmas so you have to buy it yourself and hide it in your sock drawer. Also available on the WondrousBooks blog. This is the What did I just read type of book Actually the entire time I was asking myself Whaaat That is to say, Just the Tips is very funny and the graphics are hilarious The tips are fantastic as long as you do NOT follow them, too Not to mention that there is a fine choice of the worst pick up lines in the universe.What I didn t like in Just the Tips is that the jokes are very hard to get for non Americans at certain moments Many people, who I can only assume are prominent American figures, are mentioned throughout the book and I just couldn t laugh because I ve never heard of them and don t get the joke And then there were also some things that I did get but were too far fetched to be funny.But, considering that this is a 97 page book, you can give it an hour of your time I still think that the good jokes somewhat compensate enough for the bad ones to give you a laugh However, do also keep in mind that the content of the book is very explicit. Yeah, this is so amazing I laughed out loud, almost peed myself Sheer brillance.