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First of all, as a long time fan of the band in question, i was looking forward to this book since it was first announced with different publishers many, many years ago.Unfortunately, this book is plain and simply rubbish.Firstly, the whole book is barely readable It comes across as the worst of an undergraduate research paper or a beginners writing class group This is not the writing of a professional author, but rather someone undertaking a project to make credits for a part time degree It s like a rewrite of Wikipedia by a 6th grader who only has a set of pastel paints to write with.Secondly, and most offensively is that the book does not appear to have been proof read in any way, shape or form Atrocious spelling, grammar, typographic and layout errors are all the way through the book To just list a handful of grammar spelling examples 1 offering no further comment further 2 eschatology the science of last things 3 Phillip John, director of Downtown Abbey 4 Nothing is even remotely close to what I knew was a kid Even worse though, and destroying any integrity the book could have had, are blatant factual errors, which are not just differences in peoples memories, but easily fact checkable information, such as show lineups or dates or names If you can t understand how to spell Delia Derbyshire s name and accurately place her position in the history of this band, why bother The author also seems unable to distinguish between minor players in the bands story, giving them pages and pages of self aggrandising time, yet ignoring other key people who definitively made the band what it is The author lacks any filter to develop a truthful narrative and throws all opinions at the wall Unfortunately this or less reads as Person A says this Then the very next line is an opinion piece by the author STATED AS FACTUAL INFORMATION The book falls apart on this, as a casual reader is simply unable to determine fact from fiction, as the author is unable to articulate the difference between the opinion of an interview subject and his own opinion.Finally, the author s attempts at a Hunter S gonzo style are frankly pathetic and embarrassing All his talk of himself frying on LSD, and others as tweeking and fiending come across as childish and immature with a deep lack of understanding of the cultural resonance of these things to the band and associates Let alone his references to his own making love to beautiful women and desperate attempts to place his own unknown band within the narrative Contrast this with the amazing writing and story told by Paul Drummond in his book Eye Mind The Saga of Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, The Pioneers of Psychedelic Sound If you want to read a great book on modern psychedelic music, try Jim DeRogatis Turn On Your Mind Four Decades of Great Psychedelic Rock or his Staring at Sound The True Story of Oklahoma s Fabulous Flaming Lips Even David Brownes Goodbye 20th Century A Biography of Sonic Youth is an incredible example of how this book could have been written by a real writer.What a disappointment Don t go near this book Seems one of the band members is publishing something soon, you d be much better waiting for that. This is a really engaging book about a band musician that has always been something of an enigma The author did a terrific job taking a chaotic history and piecing it together I m a little over half way through and I look forward to going back to read every evening Any fan of music who is even remotely familiar with The BJM or have seen or want to see DiG , this needs to be the next book you read. A good read about the friendship rivalry between BJM and the Dandy Warhols, as well the beginning of how the band formed in the early 90 s in San Francisco The drugs, rotating casts, etc all plays into this story as well. Overall a great book about the band and their leader Highly recommended for any fan of the BJM or of music biographies in general Part 3 felt a bit rushed I would ve happily read a few hundred pages My only gripe is there was no detail about Anton Newcombe s schizophrenic breakdown around 2014. ^FREE PDF ✘ Keep Music Evil: The Brian Jonestown Massacre Story ↚ The Brian Jonestown Massacre Are Probably Best Known For Their Leader Anton Newcombe S Incendiary Persona, As Captured In The Controversial Rockumentary Digwhich Won The Grand Jury Prize At Sundance But What Isn T Known Is The Truth Behind The Making Of The Film, Or The True Story Of The Band Since Their Formation In Early S San Francisco Until Now Writer, Actor, And Musician Jesse Valencia Spent Ten Years Uncovering The Mysteries Of The Band And The Film, During Which Time He Has Traveled From San Francisco To Denver, Portland To Tucson, And Beyond, Gathering Pieces Of The Band S History And Putting Them Together, Clue By Clue, Until He Found It Presented As A Personal Narrative And Compiled From Hundreds Of Sources And Interviews With Key Members Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre Including Joel Gion, Rick Maymi, Frankie Emerson, Jeff Davies, Dean Taylor, Miranda Lee Richards, And Peter Hayes As Well As Members Of The Dandy Warhols, Digdirector Ondi Timoner, And Countless Other Figures From Both The Film And From The Band S Greater History, Keep Music Evil Is The Definitive Work On The Band And Their Enigmatic Leader Keep Music Evil Also Tells The Stories Of The Creation Of Every Album The Band Have Released During Their Three Decade Career, Offering Insight In Anton And His Collaborators Working Methods, And Provides An In Depth Look At The Making Of Dig , Giving Deeper Context To The Events As Portrayed, Correcting Misinformation, And Deconstructing The Film As A Whole It Also Features Rare, Candid, And Never Before Seen Photographs Of The Band From Throughout Their Career