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This is a brilliant collection of information about the treasures in King Tutankhamun s tomb It also has a lot of extra details that I didn t know beforehand, mostly about the red tape that Howard Carter had to deal with after the tomb was discovered It was very fascinating to read Uskomaton teos, laadukkaasti toimitettu ja upea kuvitus Numeroitu lahjakirjasarja, onneksi omasta kirjastosta l ytyi Kaikille historian yst ville. Such an amazing collection of photos. Amazing story with incredible photographs of the treasures Difficult to imagine how all these beautiful objects were in one man s tomb Interesting descriptions and interpretations of the symbols. I have read many a book on Tutankhamen he s been an obsession of mine since childhood and this is one of the loveliest I ve encountered The text I could take or leave this is definitely a book to read for the pictures. Great photography of artifacts Interesting opinions by Egyptologist Zahi A Hawasswho incedentally, does not believe in the mummy s curse Fascinating to hearof the facts and timeline of the find, excavation, preservation and politics surrounding King Tut s tomb. ok Fantastic book I m amazed at the craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians and what they were able to do And the photographs of all the items from King Tut s tomb are breathtaking. {READ DOWNLOAD} Ø King Tutankhamun: The Treasures of the Tomb ñ The Fabulous Treasures Of Tutankhamun Have Fascinated The Public Since Their Discovery By Howard Carter InMany Books Have Been Written About The Boy King And His Tomb, But This Volume By World Renowned Egyptologist Zahi Hawass Provides The Reader With A Unique Perspective On This Extraordinary Archaeological Find Images By Pioneering Photographer Sandro Vannini Offer Distinctive Views Of AlmostOf The Spectacular Artifacts Found At The Burial SiteKing Tutankhamun Uses Carefully Selected Objects To Illustrate The Entire Ten Years Of Painstaking Excavation And Documentation Carried Out By Carter And His Team Organized To Follow The Chambers Of The Tomb In The Order In Which They Were Excavated, It Illuminates The Site S Most Magnificent ArtifactsAn Experienced Field Archaeologist Who Has Made Many Important Discoveries Himself, Dr Hawass Imbues The Text With His Own Unique Voice, Imagining How Exploration Of The Tomb Must Have Felt For Carter And Providing Invaluable Information About The Objects Sandro Vannini S Photographs Are Extraordinary As Well, Allowing The Objects To Be Seen In Even Detail Than Is Possible With The Naked Eye Excellent.