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!Free Kindle ⚓ Kissing Max Holden ♅ Kissing Max Holden Was A Terrible IdeaAfter His Father Has A Life Altering Stroke, Max Holden Isn T Himself As His Long Time Friend, Jillian Eldridge Only Wants To Help Him, But She Doesn T Know How When Max Climbs Through Her Window One Night, Jill Knows That She Shouldn T Let Him Kiss Her But She Can T Resist, And When They Re Caught In The Act By Her Dad, Jill Swears It Ll Never Happen Again Because Kissing Max Holden Is A Terrible IdeaWith A New Baby Sibling On The Way, Her Parents Fighting All The Time, And Her Dream Of Culinary School Up In The Air, Jill Starts Spending And Time With Max And Even Though Her Father Disapproves And Max Still Has A Girlfriend, Not Kissing Max Is Easier Said Than Done Will Jill Follow Her Heart And Allow Their Friendship To Blossom Into Something , Or Will She Listen To Her Head And Stop Kissing Max Holden Once And For All LOVED this one Katy Upperman gives us a realistic story about two teens dealing with impossible family situations who can t deny the magnetic pull they feel toward each other. About Kissing Max Holden is a young adult contemporary written by Katy Upperman It was published on 8 1 17 by Swoon Reads, an imprint of Macmillan, hardcover, 304 pages The genres are contemporary, young adult, romance, and fiction This book is intended for readers ages 13 to 18 and it is the author s debut novel.My Experience I started reading Kissing Max Holden on 11 12 17 and finished it on 11 20 17 This book is a fantastic read I like the mention of Disney World s Space Mountain because I have been there, though my 5 year old has a big scare of his life for my lack of research because that roller coaster ride is definitely not for kids It s extra interesting how a 17 year old can expect to have a younger sibling at this age I like the mention of fertility treatment because it s real life stuffs and it s good to see what others are going through I like the diversity with the supporting characters.This book is told in the first person point of view, following Jillian Eldridge, 17, who likes to bake delicious desserts She learns how to bake from Marcy, Max Holden s mom and neighbor Max is Jill s best friend growing up but later drifted apart The two family celebrated many holidays together until Max s dad stroke The stroke left him in wheelchair and different Max blames himself and turns to underage drinking and causing troubles Jill s life is less than perfect She s overcome with a lot responsibilities at home now that her step mom s pregnant She s not excited for the unborn baby because the baby has taken away her chances at the Culinary school in New York At the same time, she s pining after the guy who s unavailable and the guy who her dad told her to stay away from On top of everything, she worries that she s her father s daughter when she finds out what she s been doing is parallel to what her dad s been doing.This book is very well written I love the Holden family I love the meals with everyone at the table I like Kyle and what a great friend he is to Jill I like that Jill has a job Jill s baking makes my mouth water I like the Bunco party, though I m not familiar with this game I like the beginning how Jill s dad caught her and the ending how Jill caught him Very cool I like the concept in family and love The story ties up nicely and I highly recommend everyone to read this book Pro fast paced, page turner, easy to read, humor, love, family, diversity, romanceCon noneI rate it 5 stars Disclaimer I won this book from the author, Katy Upperman through her giveaway on Twitter Please be assured that my opinions are honest I m super excited to have won the book, but a candle, bookmark, and chocolate chip cookies recipe on top of autographs are a plus Thank you Katy xoxo, Jasmine at www.howusefulitis.wordpress.com for details My official comments Full of wit, humor, and spine tingling smooches, KISSING MAX HOLDEN combines the classic themes of contemporary romance with riveting family drama I literally could not put this book down and would buy a physical copy for my shelf in a heartbeat I can t wait to read what Katy writes next My unofficial comments 2017 can t come fast enough I can t wait for everyone to fall in love with Jill and Max Second read and, yep, still love this book I m going to write a longer review closer to the pub date, but bottom line It s a sure bet for contemporary romance fans, but above that it s a story packed with really beautiful writing, rich characters who aren t perfect but who you root for anyway , and family dynamics that add depth to the story Best to read it with a sweet treat Jilly s baking is going to make you crave cake and cookies big time I was lucky enough to read an early draft of Kissing Max Holden, Katy Upperman s gorgeously written YA romance about two old friends who have drifted apart but are slowly coming back together The writing is beautiful, characters flawed but real, and plot fast paced I ll admit I wasn t on Team Max at the beginning he s a bit of a loser and a total mess But his transformation throughout the book was great, and he completely won me over In terms of side characters, I appreciate that Katy wrote Max s girlfriend not as the cliche mean girl who deserves to be treated poorly but someone readers can sympathize with The fact that I was rooting for both her and Jillian shows just how talented a writer Katy is Fans of Huntley Fitzpatrick, Morgan Matson, and Jessi Kirby will especially appreciate the well crafted family dynamics Jillian s relationship with her new step mom is particularly well done The downside You won t meet your new book boyfriend until 2017. This book has been on my radar ever since I first saw the title kissing YES PLEASE So I was extremely happy to get my hands on an ARC.First things first Before reading this, make the best homemade cookies or brownies or cakes or tarts that you can Or go buy some from a bakery I promise that you are gonna want something sweet and delicious while you read this, because our heroine Jilly bakes some incredible treats throughout this book and I was pining after them.Secondly, don t plan to read just one chapter I pretty much sat down one evening and ended up reading over half the book, staying up way past my bedtime It was just too good to put down I honestly don t read too much contemporary these days, but this book seriously made me feel like I was 17 again The butterflies Those sleepless nights Growing pains College dreams Little siblings The boy you simply cannot get out of your head I honestly felt it all again, like it was yesterday, which is why I love YA than anything else, and why I truly loved this book BFF to is one of my favorite tropes and even though I wasn t thrilled with the girlfriend aspect, I was excited to read this book I love love loved Jillian She s strong and loyal and one hell of a baker I enjoyed how passionate she was about pastries and my mouth was watering over all of the things she made Max was cocky and sweet and so so so infuriating Together they were adorable Plot wise, there was a good amount of push and pull between Jillian and Max, but I could overlook a lot of it because Jillian never backed down She stood up for herself, she spoke her feelings even when Max didn t or wouldn t The small miscommunications also didn t register too much because they were open about so many other, major issues This story is heavily character driven and I loved every part of it Well, except for Jillian s dad, but whatever I would have liked just a little bit from the ending, but it was satisfying at the same time I m sure I ll be skimming parts of this book in the future Huge thanks to Swoon Reads for providing the arc free of charge I had the opportunity to read MAX when it was up on Swoon Reads this November, and after I read it I told EVERY person I could think of to read and comment The world NEEDS this book.Katy s prose is beautiful and fun, both heart wrenching and comedic Her characters jump of the page as real, fresh, and raw From Max s first appearance at Jillian s window through their growth throughout the book, I was sold I actually couldn t put it down once I d started.I can t wait to see how Katy and the Swoon Reads editorial team work together to continue to improve it, but I can tell you that you MUST read this book when it comes out Oh man This book THIS BOOK.This book gracefully broke my heart And then triumphantly pieced it mostly back together Upperman s created a beautifully complicated story full of romance and complex characters and heart achingly hard situations but without ever allowing a reader to lose hope The main character, Jillian, is strong from the start She knows what she wants and how her world works and she s had her sights set on a prestigious culinary arts school for as long as she can remember And then there s Max, the boy she grew up with who lives across the street He s a damn mess but with good reason He s the kind of bad boy who s really worth rooting for because Upperman gives readers a window into his heart and his mind and his life.Put the two of them in the same scene Jilly and Max Oh man, the chemistry is ridiculous Tie it all together with a plot that keeps you guessing and prose that makes the ride completely gorgeous, and you ve got a romance that you ll never forget reading and one hell of an amazing book The book s pub date isn t until 2017 Which, yes, is basically forever from now, but trust me it ll be worth the wait. I LOVED THIS BOOK Max Holden was so freaking angsty, gah But in a good way Highly recommend