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. . 1 2. . This is one of those wholly original classics there s nothing else quite like it as far as I can see, Maybe Virgil s Georgics, if you partake of the theory that those country verses are elaborate allegories regarding Roman post civil war governance aimed at Caesar Agustus himself And this particular translation by Julie Scott Meisami is a remarkable achievement in its own right I m so happy that I discovered that this poem novel even exists I have Steven Moore s Alternative History of the Novel to thank for introducing me to it As a medievalist, it s been a joy to discover that there s a Middle Eastern equivalent to some of the great European narrative verse of the era even if Nizami pre dates Dante s long, didactic poem by almost a century and Boccaccio s novel in frames by one and a half With elements of both, the Haft Paykar is a versified narrative in sections, presenting a flawed but ultimately good ruler, and features a cosmological architectural system upon which hang allegorical tales of poor and good judgement, comportment, and ultimately, leadership It s just beautiful, multi faceted, and this translation rolls along as smoothly as Dante or Chaucer in the original, truly capturing the flavor of medieval verse It s both a lesson in cosmology and a cornucopia of exemplary adventure tales An enjoyable and exotic read for sure. . This is an extraordinary verse mystical epic in the Medieval Persian style, by Nizami, Azarbajani classical poet, whose Laila and Majnun has been translated, but unfortunately only in prose that I know of This translation is in verse, and not forced verse, or plodding, academic verse, but lively, sensuous, even erotic always tasteful and with metaphorical meaning and deeply symbolic colors, planets, levels of spiritual nearness to God poetry, rhymed and octosyllabic throughout, as naturally flowing as, say, the verse of Alexander Pope, though of course, not always, and not quite as staggeringly crystalline I read it during chemo treatment, and it carried me through beautifully The story is of a Prince who becomes a King, and seven beautiful Princesses from various specific countries, who tell him stories after nights of love, along the lines of Shaherazade, but unique to Nizami The introduction and notes by the translator are also wonderful, and very amply give added dimension to puns and allusions in the original Farsi that can t be carried over into English Overall, an entertaining and fascinating and morally and spiritually uplifting yes long poem worth tackling if it s your cup of heady brew. . ^Free Epub ↚ Le sette principesse ↡ E Questo Il Capolavoro Del Poeta Persiano Nezami Opera Multiforme Indefinibile Testo Sapienziale, Poema Eroico, Poema Cavalleresco, Romanzo, Favola, Storia D A In Sette Padiglioni Ognuno Dei Quali Ha Un Colore Dei Sette Pianeti, Sette Principesse, Indossando Abiti Del Medesimo Colore, Narrano Ogni Sera A Bahram, Il Re, Una Storia Diversa Una Fantasia Insieme Sensuale E Barocca, Sublime E Grottesca