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Schelly s biography of one of the most influential and accomplished cartoonists is definitive I can t imagine another will be needed.Kubert lived a life necessarily made somewhat unexciting due to the prodigious hours required at the drawing board to create a lifetime s worth of professional cartooning From a cartoonist and comic reader s point of view, however, Kubert s life was indeed adventurous From his early dealings, at the age of 11 and 12, with the first comic book companies in existence, to his founding of the Joe Kubert School, late period graphic novels and amazing work accomplished in between, Kubert lived a fulfilling and visionary life Man of Rock is a little too fawning and redundant in places, especially towards the end small criticisms which can t hurt the integrity of this well researched book Kubert s work on characters like Tarzan, Tor, Sgt Rock and Hawkman have brought joy to hundreds of thousands of readers and Man of Rock is a great resource for those wanting to knowabout the person who drew them so masterfully. Good informative biography of one of the great comic art stylists Not as hard hitting or as critical as one might want when it comes to an artist of Kubert s longevity and importance, this is still a quality overview of the man s life and his work. My friend, Joe Manfredini, convinced me to get this book I m glad I did and I m very pleased to get Bill Schelly s autograph when I did so My taste in comic has always beenfor the indie stuff than DC or Marvel But my brother Randy and friends in college were big mainstream comic fans I saw a lot of Kubert s work, but did not follow his career closely Perhaps if I d gone into comics instead of advertising illustration I would have sought out his school As it was, my interest in Kubert was only a passing one until I picked up Fax from Sarajevo That heated my interest and Joe s nudging had me reading the book I m glad I did Not only did I learn a bitabout comic book history, I also learned that I knew a lotabout Kubert than I thought I just needed reminding If you re a fan of comic books, then this book will be a true pleasure. I ve always appreciated Joe Kubert s comic book artistry even though I never really followed his work all that much Schelly s excellent biography made me a fan of both the man and the artist What a story From Joe s humble beginnings to his start as a comics artist in the early 40 s through to the upheavals of the 1950 s on through the comics renaissance of the 60 s and 70 s Then he goes and starts what may arguably be the finest art school devoted to comic and cartoon art And on top of it he continues to do great work like Fax from Sarajevo So kudos to Bill Schelly for writing a truly enjoyable biography. A nice, though a little too rosy look of comic artist Joe Kubert There was some klunky writing and a lot of effusive praise, but a still enjoyable look of an important person in the comic field. God bless and keep Joe Kubert. (FREE) õ Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert õ Joe Kubert S Extraordinary Career Spans The History Of The Comic Book In America He Began Drawing Comics In , Just As Superman Made His Debut In Action Comics , And Continues To Be One Of The Most Vital Cartoonists Working Today, Writing And Drawing Both Mainstream Comic Book Characters As Well As, Recently, Graphic Novels Of His Own Conception Kubert Made His Name Working For DC Comics On Acclaimed Series Starring Sgt Rock Of Easy Co Hawkman, Tarzan, And Has Worked On Many Of DC S Most Commercially Successful Properties Superman, Batman, Flash, Et Al Kubert Has Created Comics For Virtually Every Major Publisher Over An IncredibleYears In The Business, Including Marvel And EC He Started The Joe Kubert School Of Cartoon And Graphic Art In The S In The S, He Wrote And Drew His Own Graphic Novels, Including Fax From Sarajevo, Which Won The Will Eisner Comics Industry Award For Best Graphic Novel He Was Subsequently Inducted Into Both The Harvey Awards Jack Kirby Hall Of Fame And The Will Eisner Comic Book Hall Of Fame