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Spoiler Ahead This is book one of theMasters of The OrderWhen Julianne Giroux, an aspiring artist with a dark secret, apprentices with Nicolai Stavros in his Paris gallery, she finds far than a passion for art She finds herself When Nick first saw Juli he was struck by her beauty and her innocence Juli has led a sheltered live led by her over protective father the Colonel who beat her to keep her in line Nicolai Stavros is a Dominate who grew up also with wealth and a father who told him no one would love him he is a famous artist with his own gallery and he mentored Juli Nick was very hard and very demanding of her he knows that she is very innocent and a virgin Juli has dark sexual desires so she goes to a club where she meets another sub Lukas who helps her and tells her aboutThe OrderThis book also introduces the players in this series like Juli s bestfriend Jerard who is in love with her he is also an artist when she tells him about her desires he decides to become a Dom to give her what she wants Then there is Darion LeClair who is second in command ofThe Orderwho was like a father figure to Nick We also met Nick s cousin Jacques who is also a Dom who is bi and messing around with Jerard When they express feelings for each other Nick doesn t think and he can be himself with her and she wants him to be her master This book has a twist too it that I want spill in this review This book was really good and well written with a lot of hot sex scenes and also some dark scenes as well This book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling I also liked that Jillian put in dictionary in the back for the French words I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series If you like reading BDSM books with a good storyline than I recommend that you read this book. sigh When asked as a reader to read someone elses work it is an honor and privilege, although no less intimidating When I was asked to read Masterpiece by the very lovely Jillian Verne I was fan girl star struck To say that I suffered from sweaty palms and a touch of anxiety is putting mildly Every author that writes a story is a brave hero in my eyes because they are taking that chance The chance to put their words and thoughts and expressions in print for us as readers to read I was warned that I could experience massive ovary explosion So when I cracked open Masterpiece I was nervous But once I read past chapter 1 and on to two and so on I was brought into this amazing love story And Nicolai that man is pure sex on a stick He is worthy of any explosion my ovaries might endure God, I wanna lick him For every trait he has as a dom, there is one weakness And her name is Julianne Their is beautiful and scary and amazing and neverending Paradise can not be released soon enough. [E-pub] ☳ Masterpiece (The Masters of the Order, #1) ⚉ The Masters Of The Order Series Will Not Be Available To Purchase For A Few Months Because The Series Is Under Contract With A Publisher, LooseId The Entire Series Will Be Re Published Soon And Masters Is Almost At The Finish Line Teooh, Teo Thank You For The Patience And Support Jillian Finalist For BEST BDSM BOOK Of The YEAR At The BDSM Writers ConferenceWelcome To The Order, An Elite And Secret Society Of Powerful Brothers Bound By Social Status And Sexual Tastes Come Play Dark Games With UsMaster Lover Submissive MuseWhen Julianne Giroux, An Aspiring Artist With A Dark Secret, Apprentices With Nicolai Stavros In His Paris Gallery, She Finds Far Than A Passion For Art She Finds Herself The Masterful Artist With Forbidden Tastes Strips Away Her Reserved Veneer To Reveal The Daring, Darkly Passionate Woman Beneath And Introduces Her To The Erotic World Of The OrderA Celebrated Artist, An Indulged Heir And A Sexual Dominant, Nicolai Has It All Except What He Needs In Julianne, He Finds His Muse Nicolai Crafts The Ing Nue Into His Living Masterpiece And Through The Arduous Process, Finds Himself Re Created With Julianne As His Inspiration, Nicolai Aspires To Become Something Greater Than He Has BeenBut In An Erotic World Where Powerful Players Enjoy Dark Games And Buried Secrets Bite, Love Comes At A Painful PriceThe Masters Of The Order Series Is Sequential, But Each Novel Is Designed To Be Read And Understood Independently Pick Any One Of My Boys, Darlings, And Enjoy The Dark Game this book is in one word like the title a masterpiece Julianne is a women desperate to make herself then she is then a particle slave to her father the Cornell every wish he keeps her physically and emotionally scared of him if she dose anything to his displeasure he beats if she gets close to a man he makes sure she will cut that person from her life she has desires that she must keep hidden from her father she is a gifted artist when she is given the opportunity to work with nicholi she is so excited an amazing artist that most would kill to work for he is part of an order of people in the bdsm world all who are wealthy and have power called the order when nicholi sees she is a submissive at first he stays back it is wrong for a teacher to want his student but inevitably he can t stay away and dose everything in his power to make her see that she can be and he can help her but the leader Xavier of the order has an unknown past with Julianne s mother and father and grants her entry into the order why has Xavier let her into the order Will Julianne get away from her father and will her and nicholi have a future to find out I strongly recommend that you read this book it is awesome I loved it 5 gold stars DNF 25% I can t connect to the characters and I don t like the writing style, it feels formal and a bit stilted to me I really wanted to enjoy this, but I can t I won a copy of this book from the Goodreads group Erotica anniversary event.The story is about a well known rich and sophisticated artist finding his true match The twist is the erotic nature of his sexual desires and the secret society he belong within The readers are given a taste of several other characters within the secret society, and there is a character for all types of erotic play I am so happy I was given the opportunity to read this book The characters are very well developed and the storyline is interesting The length of the book was ideal and well worth the authors charge for anyone interested in purchasing. I ve seldom come across a book as wacky as this one The only well written scenes were the sex scenes Which is why I persevered, naturally The heroine of our story went through some kind of brain transplant somewhere in the middle of the book Who she was in the first half had nothing in common with who she was in the second half Then towards the end she started having some inner dialog that belonged to yet another woman Our hero had an inconsistent personality, too.Some of the lesser characters were kind of interesting but they weren t introduced in ways that always helped the reader build an accurate picture Sometimes they started off with unimportant details, then they had dialogue, then we cut to another scene for a paragraph or two, then we were back to other incomplete scenes, and then we d get an in depth look at the character and be left trying to figure out who was who I was very confused many times For example, why did we not get an in depth description of Darion until his scene with Julianne in the foyer He had shown up in countless scenes by then but we had never been shown his very distinctive hair.A couple of times there were scenes that seemed to be missing a paragraph or two I couldn t figure out what had happened At one point the author introduced us to Zachary Zachery The name was spelled with an A as often as it was with an E Call me picky but that kind of thing bothers me Make up your mind I m not usually this critical because I think authors should be honored for their creativity and their bravery for putting themselves out there But sometimes someone needs to be held accountable for the less than adequate professionalism Where are the editors Power and rich men enjoy sexually dominating willing submissives Said powerful men also create a secret society which brings the elite together based on mutual delight in sexual proclivity A nice side benefit is a network of businessmen who can connect and make deals behind closed doors Sounds exciting, doesn t it This is the kind of glitterkink fantasy lonely submissives dream about The blurb of this book captures my attention and I want to read about the high society To my surprise, this story is about young adult esque drama than an all inclusive ticket into sexual debauchery.This story did not work for me on several accounts, based on my own preferences Whilst the story is well edited and did flow smoothly, it did take me a long time to get through it First, from a character perspective, I could not stand either Julianne or Nicolai Julianne is a burgeoning artist Finding Nicolai as her mentor is a coup When Nicolai senses Julianne s submissive tendencies, he wants to show her his exclusive private world This is pretty exciting What is not exciting and becomes tedious is how so many characters go on and on about Julianne It is as if they are trying to convince me she is so awesome At the same time Julianne is constantly self deprecating Her incessant mantra Moi Ce n est pas possible Je suis ennuyeux et plaine This type of annoying setup where everyone has to reassure the delicate bloody flower how incredible she is makes me think otherwise To make it worse, Julianne is supposed to be so courageous and yet doesn t get why she is so beautiful and talented Then Nicolai is some master dominant who is sought after and now in love He is masterful, talented, an excellent lover, etc Contrary to how many times we are told this, his actions show him to be an out of control crazy man I would have no interest in being dominated by him With both main characters so off putting, it is difficult to enjoy the story.Second, the story dragged on for a long time Most of this could have been cut down to at least half the length It is a very slow buildup between Julianne and Nicolai There are multiple threads going on which could be either cut out or precision applied to them For one, Julianne s best friend s sexual needs are a distraction Another, going to Japan was needed but the going on of how the Trinity of the 3 masters of the Order went on too long What really went too long for me was the seduction of Julianne and the subsequent meltdown of Nicolai.Third, the BDSM scenes are overly scripted For me, this book told too much instead of showed The inner musings of each of the characters bored me to death This is how shrinks must feel when they have a patient who cannot shut up about their first world problems I just wanted to slap them across the face and say, Just bloody flog whip and fuck her It is almost as if the BDSM was overly politically correct.Overall, the concept of this story is good The world building is alluring The characters detract from my pleasure The pace of the story is too slow The BDSM is mild This story is for those who enjoy fantasy glitterkink. I m not sure how to rate this book, I really enjoyed reading it and there are things I both liked and disliked I think i ll settle on 4 stars First, I m not usually a fan of BDSM books that feauture a secret organisation of ridiculously wealthy Doms I prefer my kinky romances to be a little realistic That being said, I did enjoy this story, it was a nice fantasy my favourite character has to be Darion That may seem strange since he s not the main character but there s something about him I was drawn to He just screamed Dom His scene with Julianne in the foyer was super hot and I think I prefer him to Nikolai who was quite insecure I enjoyed Juliannes transformation from timid mouse to kinky sex fiend, I found it very amusing Her relationship with Nikolai was sweet, if at times full of miscommunication I would recommend this to those who enjoy sugarkink and the whole secret organisation thing It was an enjoyable read A review copy of this book was provided by the author through the BDSM group on Goodreads I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review through Wicked Reads This was the first book of this genre to give me a book hangover in a long time, and for that I commend the author I had a hard time starting another book because I was still thinking about this one I can t tell if I feel in love with the book, or the idea in the book, A.k.a The Order I was instantly drawn to this book when I saw that it had references to art, BDSM, and an elite group All things that sounded intriguing I was not disappointed The Order is a group of elite people members who all belong to a BDSM filled secret society, andI found it interesting I still want to know about it and every single one of it s members The characters in this book were very fun and interesting to read about They were nicely developed, and I definitely wanted to learn about them and hope to in future books Julianne was my favorite part of the book and there definitely was emotional depth linked to her Nicolai didn t seem nearly as developed, but was still intriguing Their romance was nice, and at moments quite sexy I really felt like this was a long book, and yet, I felt like it wasn t all there like I would have wanted it to be I m hoping future books resolve this, but overall I did like this book and will be looking to the next in the series.