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Grade Level 3rd to 5thThis book was a little difficult to read It read as if the main character of the story, a child, wrote the story in his journal English was off as was grammar However, the story as a whole was a good story that revolved around baseball but also focused on a diverse family The children were orphans in hopes of being adopted or were just adopted.This would be a good book to use in a lesson plan about journal writing, a baseball themes unit, or to teach children about different types of families It could also be used to talk about friends and bullying Overall, this book could have several applications in the classroom and would speak to a wide variety of students in many different themes. This book it a good book One thing I like about this book is this book teach us about the baseball rules, and it tells us how kid live in a academy were like But one thing I don t like is the title of the book, Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid it makes people think this book talks about what happen to them If they change the title, this book might makes people think this is a good book I have some title for this book, for example The Academy baseball players Their are some questions I have for this book, what happened when they go to a new family What is their feelings Did their parents cares about them #FREE DOWNLOAD ⚣ Me, Mop, and the Moondance Kid Ë An ALA Notable Children S Book From The Award Winning Author Of Monster In Which Wit, Sensitivity, And Insight Are Combined To Create This Funny, Fast Paced Story About Three Orphaned Children And The Elks, A Little League Baseball Team Publishers Weekly TJ His Younger Brother, Moondance, And Mop Miss Olivia Parrish Grew Up Together In The Same Orphanage Now TJ And Moondance Have Been Adopted, And Mop Has To Find A Family Before The Orphanage Closes And Leftover Kids Are Sent Away Mop Hopes That If She Can Play Catcher For The Elks, The Little League Baseball Team That Her Friends Have Joined, The Coach Will Be So Impressed That He And His Wife Will Adopt Her It S Going To Take A Lot Of Teamwork For Her, TJ, And Little Moondance To Make Their Dreams Come True I think this book is a interesting book to read It helps to make good readers to us.It gives usknowledge.It is the story of friends and playing games.The topic of this book is Me,Mop,and the Moondance Kid.in this book,there is an interesting facts,details,and conclusion.It teach us how to reach in the right.This book makes meinterest to read others book.i want to tell a short story about this book.At first T.J his younger brother,Moondance,and Mop miss Olivia Parrish grew up together in the same orphanage.Now T.J and Moondance have been adopted,and mop has to find a family before the orphanage closes and leftover kids are sent away.what will t.j adopted father think that he cant hit throw,or catch a ball will t.j and mops greatest wishes come true its going to take a lot of teamwork. I like this book because the Mop and Moondance have been adopted, and Mop has to find a family before the orphanage closes and the leftover kids are sent away Mop s new parent were ready and we left.T.J. It is a great book for most of readers, but i am not really like this book The biggest reason why i don t like this book is because this book is not the type that i like to read Expect this most part of the book was pretty good, include story, characters, settings So at the last this book was a pretty good book to read. Two characters from two different books had some things in common One character was T.J from this book, and the other character is Dennis O Malley from Snowboard Maverick They both are extremely hard workers and always try to get better T.J is just ok at baseball at the beggining, but then he gets better and helps his team win the championship Dennis O Malley is a skateboarder who wasn t too good at snowboarding at first, but he put in extra time and became one of the best snowboarders They both try to be good friends as well T.J tries to help Mop, an orphan he is friends with and plays baseball with, find a home before the orphanage is closed Mop is eventually adopted by the coach of the baseball team that T.J and Mop play for Dennis remembers that even with fame, the best friends you have are the ones you had before you had fame The book Me, Mop, and The Moondance Kid was a good book that had a good plot I would reccomend it to anyone who wants a good sports book. The baseball action in this book and its sequel is actually very reminiscent of the action in E.L Konigsburg s About the B Nai Bagels , though the descriptions of play in this book are probably a bit better Walter Dean Myers writes a story that will interest any baseball fan especially those that struggled at playing the game , but it should also suit well those readers that do not much care for or follow our national past time There is a noticeable change in tone from the author s usual young adult novels, yet there are special lines of sweet wisdom injected here and there that really make this book what it is To have published this book, Fallen Angels , and Scorpions all in the same year is a tribute to both Walter Dean Myers s versatility as a writer and his high literary skill level. I think this is a good book, I like the cover of the book This book is about the three friend T.J, Mop and Moondance kids The three friend grow up together in Dominican Academy T.J and Moondance hot adopted by a family Mop didn t got adopted But they still be friend Later on Mop got adopted by the baseball coach And they still play together I like this book because the three character in this book are very good They keep their good friendship even though they were adopted The thing I don t like this book because the words in this book is a little bit small I don t like the book that the word were small. Three friends who know each other from an orphanage play baseball together Two of the kids are adopted and the third is hoping the coach of the team will adopt her if she is a good enough player They start off with a team that is lacking skills and confidence With some practice and help from a nun and a homeless man they become good and have a shot at winning the championship.