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!Download Book ⚇ Meat Market ⚆ Jana Novak S History Sounds Like A Classic Model Clich Tall And Gangly, She S Uncomfortable With Her Androgynous Looks Until She S Unexpectedly Scouted And Catapulted To SuperstardomBut The Fashion Industry Is As Grimy As It Is Glamorous And There Are Unexpected Predators At Every TurnJana Is An Ordinary Girl From A South London Estate, Lifted To Unimaginable Heights But The Further You Rise, The Devastating Your Fall Honest And Raw, This Is A Timely Expos Of The Dark Underbelly Of The Fashion Industry In An Era Of TimesUp And MeToo It Might Just Be Juno Dawson S Most Important Book Yet As good as I hoped Really cracking read. Ahhhhhh I love Juno Dawson s writing so much It s such a balance to the candy cute YA books we all read no shade, they re great too I always like to compare her books to other books but with a grown up twist So this is like the grown up version of geek girl.It s time to get real the fashion industry, the good, the bad the very, very ugly.It s a pretty great read, I loved the mystery of what the interview was, her experiences as a model, her schooling, Blo also, I like the fact that she kept her boyfriend best friend.Based in London recently so all the pop culture references it s a game how many can you spot but also features other parts of the world.Oh That reminds me this also goes into the ethical moral side of fashion. I received a free digital copy of this book from the publishers author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Gawky, tomboyish Jana Novak has never truly felt beautiful, and so she and many people in her life is surprised when she is scouted by a model agency during a school trip Before long, 16 year old Jana is fast becoming the UK s new top model but the dark world of the fashion industry threatens to swallow Jana whole.Juno Dawson honestly can t do any wrong in my opinion Every time she writes a novel, she manages to deliver something modern, relatable but a story that packs a punch with so many big issues This book tackles so many brilliant things from self love and body confidence to eating disorders, addictions and sexual assault There s a lot of dark in this book but there s also a lot of fun too.It s obvious that Juno put a lot of thought and work into creating the world of fashion Jana enters It feels very real from the fun, bouncy part to the shady, behind the scenes part when the the girls are fretting about wait and popping pills to stay awake There s times, as a reader, I felt frustrated at Jana for being so naive about certain things but she is so young in this book so I had to try and understand.There is a sexual assault scene in this book that sparks something reminiscent and was inspired by the MeToo movement and the Harvey Weinstein scandal and it s tough and important but thankfully, for me, it wasn t too graphic or disturbing to read Especially with Jana s age, I m glad Juno was able to bring such an important issue and movement to light without having to write something extremely graphic take lessons every TV writer who uses rape as a plot device The end of this book was a little bit too much wrapped in a neat little bow, happily ever after for me that it just didn t seem very realistic but that s also just me being cynical I loved this book, I couldn t put it down Juno Dawson is officially on my list of favourite, auto buy authors I m a sucker for a story about the highs and lows of fame I read so many rockstar popstar YAs when I was a teenager so I really enjoyed this, but I REALLY wouldn t recommend if you have a history of any kind of disordered eating. Buddy read with Christa, though I did accidentally storm ahead, because I COULD NOT put this book down It was fascinating and horrifying in equal measure and such an important read. Meat Market follows the story of Jana as she gets discovered by a modelling agency and gets catapulted into the world of modelling It seems amazing and glamorous at first glance but Jana quickly starts being dragged down into the dark depths of the industry and sees how the fame and fortune is not all it s cracked up to be This is a very raw, real book highlighting the ways the modelling industry can be destructive, especially for young people starting up in it Even though it s fictional I m sure a lot of the events in the book happen all the time in reality and as someone who enjoys fashion, I found it really interesting to read about the behind the scenes aspect of the industry.I believe this is an important book to read, especially in the times we re in with the metoo movement It draws attention to the ugly parts of the industry that can be very glossed over a lot of the time and everybody should read it to becomeaware of the truth behind the beauty of it all. This book has been on my TBR for a while now and seen as it s the Reading Rush this week I thought I d read it.I Loved It So Much Honestly such an amazing commentary on the fashion and modelling industry, I read it in a few hours because I just couldn t get enough I felt connected to the characters and it was great in dealing with LGBTQ characters The mental health rep was powerful without the story just revolving around it which was so enjoyable to read there wasto it than just being about modelling, it dealt with regular teenage life and the problems that can bring, too I love this book so much and everyone needs to read it Trigger warnings for eating disorders, anxiety, abuse etc it was a heavy read but absolutely amazing I could rave about it all day Juno Dawson, you re great JUNO DAWSON IS FUCKIN AMAZING Such an interesting insight into the highs and lows of the fashion industry The story was exciting but often saddening to think this is actually how many models in this industry have been treated something I had not previously really thought about and this really opened my eyes But it is not all serious doom and gloom industry stuff There is also a lot about Main character Jana s personal life which was really fun to read Jana is such a strong character I really liked her I would highly recommend this book to other young girls I think they would enjoy it and learn from it as I have, regardless of whether they have an interest in fashion or not.