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I really wanted to like this book much than I actually did Perhaps it was the way in which I read it that caused confusion I started reading it in 2014, then took about a two year break when I returned the book to the library and moved away for a job When I checked it out again and tried to start where I left off, I couldn t get back into it and was confused, since I remembered enjoying reading it when I first started My two theories on that 1 My literary preferences changed in the between time2 I had just finished The Rest is Noise, which puts the music as the main cast of characters and the composers are merely the people who make the music happen In this book, music is just the central aspect to Messiaen s life, rather than the protagonist in its own right NOTE if you love primary sources, you ll love this book There are some chapters where it feels like there is text from excerpts of letters and articles than text written by the authors Perhaps the abundance of primary sources contributed to me getting restless with the book biography readers are not the intended audience for private letters and newspaper and biography readers have different goals when reading an article. ( Epub ) ♶ Messiaen ♡ The French Composer Olivier Messiaen Is A Musician About Whom Most Remains To Be Discovered More Than A Decade After His Death Our Knowledge Of Messiaen Is Largely Conditioned By What He Said About Himself In Lectures And Interviews, In His Work As A Teacher, And In The Monumental Seven Volume Treatise That Encompassed The Whole Of His Composing World But Messiaen S Public Documents Conceal As Much As They Reveal, Seldom Explaining Why A Work Was Written Or What Complexities Went Into Its Making The Composer Was Similarly Reticent About His Private LifeThis Is The First Book To Explore The World That Messiaen Was At Pains To Keep Hidden Based Upon Unprecedented Access To Messiaen S Private Archive Granted To The Authors By The Composer S Widow, Yvonne Loriod Messiaen, Peter Hill And Nigel Simeone Trace The Origins Of Many Of Messiaen S Greatest Works And Place Them In The Context Of His Life, From His Years At The Paris Conservatoire And His Passionate First Marriage To Claire Delbos Through The Immense Achievements Of His Final Decades