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@Read Epub õ Mind Over Mood, Second Edition ì Discover Simple Yet Powerful Steps You Can Take To Overcome Emotional Distress And Feel Happier, Calmer, And Confident This Life Changing Book Has Already Helped Than ,, Readers Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy One Of Today S Most Effective Forms Of Psychotherapy To Conquer Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Anger, Guilt, Shame, Low Self Esteem, Eating Disorders, Substance Abuse, And Relationship Problems Revised And Expanded To Reflect Significant Scientific Developments Of The Past Years, The Second Edition Contains Numerous New Features Expanded Content On Anxiety Chapters On Setting Personal Goals And Maintaining Progress Happiness Rating Scales Gratitude Journals Innovative Exercises Focused On Mindfulness, Acceptance, And Forgiveness New Worksheets And Much Mind Over Mood Will Help You Learn Proven, Powerful, Practical Strategies To Transform Your Life Follow Step By Step Plans To Overcome Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Guilt, And Shame Set Doable Personal Goals And Track Your Progress You Can Photocopy The Worksheets From The Book Or Download And Print Additional Copies Practice Your New Skills Until They Become Second Nature Cited As The Most Influential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Publication By The British Association For Behavioural And Cognitive Psychotherapies And Included In The UK National Health Service Bibliotherapy Program There s the book and then there s the approach The approach is explained well, the book doesn t distract from that Some repetition, but that s important too For me, this is a good starting point I ll definitely try to photocopy the sheets so I have many on hand The Reviewers on Goodreads seem to be either users of the book or perscribers of the book I was hoping for some meaty theoretical info, but apparently cognitive therapy is as straightforward as can be.The techniques I feel would complement very well a meditation course when all s said and done, this is basically what you re doing watching a thought trigger an emotion, then giving yourself some space to evaluate its causal attributions before letting the effects grip you and steer you down a path you don t want Eventually you re able to replacey our automatic, errant thoughts with a balanced version that leavens the bulk with a handful of potential positive theories for what just happened and so takes some of the bitter flavor away, recognizing both rather than only the positive or only the negative Repeat until it becomes second nature, and voila, mind over mood. I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about, or taking part in, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT CBT is used to help people cope with issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self esteem, panic attacks, and so on CBT helps us understand how our core beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviour are all intertwined CBT then helps us correct any flawed beliefs or thoughts that are causing us to act or react in any way that isn t helpful, healthy, or functional This book carefully explains the value of thought records what they are and how to create them Thought records help us to connect our reactions and emotions to our core beliefs and thoughts By doing so, we can trace back why it is we react the way we do, and then consider an alternative healthier belief thought This book explains this process very clearly and very well. I ve been working with this book for a few months now, and it s completely changed my mood, my thoughts and helped me deal with issues correctly, rather than how I was previously dealing with things This book is a MUST for someone who is having problems coping with things when they go wrong It s a perfect book for rehabilitation of the mind.