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Sets a record, even for George, in that there isn t a single relationship in this volume that appears to be workable for even a moment Fathers scorn sons, mothers smother daughters, lovers are all unrequited if not downright delusional, spouses literally can t stand to speak a word to each other, and ultimately neighbors kill neighbors Existentialism is not dead, it s just moved to a small English village.After garnering quite a bit of criticism earlier in her career for characters who were too verbally facile, George appears to be particularly relishing the depiction of the dim witted, hysterical, and terminally denial prone There are also some swift caricatures of snobbery, judgmental piety, narcissistic immaturity, and unexplained male gold digging This story would put anyone off love, when every form of it is portrayed as an excuse for unrelenting punishment and naked will to power Treasure for the misanthropic. @Free E-pub ⚡ Missing Joseph à Deborah And Simon St James Have Taken A Holiday In The Winter Landscape Of Lancashire, Hoping To Heal The Growing Rift In Their Marriage But In The Barren Countryside Awaits Bleak News The Vicar Of Winslough, The Man They Had Come To See, Is Dead A Victim Of Accidental Poisoning Unsatisfied With The Inquest Ruling And Unsettled By The Close Association Between The Investigating Constable And The Woman Who Served The Deadly Meal, Simon Calls In His Old Friend Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley Together They Uncover Dark, Complex Relationships In This Rural Village, Relationships That Bring Men And Women Together With Passion, With Grief, Or With The Intention To Kill Een atypische Elizabeth George die heel erg verschilt ten opzichte van de voorgaande delen Meh, def not my favorite Inspector Lynley book I thought it was boring and that it dragged on to where I wanted to gouge my eyes out Luckily, that is rare with this series My absolute least favorite of this series, so far almost enough to put me off the series, but I ll read the next one and see if George returns to form It s as though the author had a great idea for the outline of the plot and then couldn t think of how to get from the beginning to the end except through moderately graphic sex scenes involving almost every secondary character in the book It s not an exploration of human sexuality at different ages and stages, it s just mildly titillating filler, with some witchcraft thrown in to boot And Deborah s attitudes toward possible adoption of a child become redundant In addition, the way Lynley figured out the central mystery seems a bit unrealistic and pat This one just didn t work for me I expect it s an outlier in this otherwise fine series I hope so. re read Ein wirklich gut durchdachter Krimi, nur zwischendurch gabs ein paar kleine L ngen A vicar dies of poisoning and it s dismissed as an accident Months later, Inspector Lyndley s attention is drawn to the case and he finds reasons to suspect murder.George is a good writer, and for the most part this book is no exception However, she described so much sex consensual and non, and both teenage and adult that bore no relevance to the plot, that it became ridiculous She also tended to ramble on with colloquies, soul searching, and elaborate descriptions Further, the plot hinged on one huge coincidence The story itself was still interesting, the development of personal relationships between recurring characters was good, and the ending was poignant The real problem is that the tale could have been told succinctly in about half the pages, and been a much better book. I loved the first Lynley mystery, A Great Deliverance, which moved me to tears and I rated five stars I really like George s style of writing it flows so well and her detectives especially Havers, even over Lynley I ve read that the later books there are 16 to date are stronger than the early ones, but so far, with an uptick here and there along the way I did love Well Schooled in Murder these novels seem to be getting weaker, not stronger.The book opens with Deborah St James angsting over her inability to have a child She takes refuge from the rain in a museum, and contemplates a Da Vinci Madonna and child A man, who turns out to be a vicar, sits down next to her and mutters it s missing Joseph That it seems so few pictures of the infant Jesus include his father Deborah finds a connection with the man, and she and her husband Simon go up to visit him in Lancashire only to find he s died in what s been ruled to be an accidental poisoning.As you might be able to tell from that title, the relationship between parent and child is key in both the mystery and the arc of the recurring characters How it features in this mystery though defines far fetched and overwrought In fact no one in this novel acts in any way I find credible There are two things that just kill this for me though One is the almost complete absence of Havers I really couldn t care less about the St Jameses or their marriage I find Deborah whiny and annoying What I loved in the first Lynley novel was the acerbic, working class Havers, and how she played off the smoothly aristocratic Lynley So my favorite character is practically absent, staying down in London, while my least favorite character is far too much to the fore Also, yes, though I like George s writing and tend to think she s than just a decent genre writer, I do want to read a good mystery, and like the preceding book, For the Sake of Helena, George cheats, entering into the mind of the murderer in a way that should strike the person off the suspect list It makes me wary of reading of George I will be reading the next book in the series however, and dearly hope there ll be a lot less of the St Jameses, and a lot of Havers. Wow So Missing Joseph packs a punch George really looks at a variety of relationships and in the end you kind of want to go why do women even deal with men Except in the case of St James and his wife Deborah where she continues to be the worst There s also a look at the mother and child relationship and how those differ with regards to fathers There is the usual mess with Deborah and honestly that s the main reason why I dropped this book a star It s getting old I hope George moves on from this story line in the next book When St James and Deborah go to visit Lancastershire they find out that a vicar that Deborah met and was behind the visit is dead He accidentally digested hemlock and the local constable Colin Shephard found the woman Mrs Juliet Spence who accidentally provided him the hemlock was cleared The locals feel differently though since Shepard and Mrs Spence are lovers When St James starts going over how hemlock is first diagnosed he has questions about how a known herbalist could have accidentally picked it and given it to someone to eat He calls up Inspector Lynley who is happy to be away from Helen at the moment and the two men investigate I thought George actually did a better job with the secondary characters in this one than with the main ones Juliet is a woman with a past and she was reluctant to become involved with Shephard but did She s torn between her love of her daughter and wanting to keep her from doing something she will regret to wanting to still be with Shephard even though she knows it can t last.Maggie Spence is 13 and I wanted to hug her She s tied up in missing a father she never knew and telling herself she is in love with a 15 year old boy who is just as clueless as she is Maggie is determined to get the family that she wants to make her feel loved Shepherd was garbage George developed him very well though but there s a scene that made me rage His blindness of things and his treatment of women is definitely a theme that keeps playing out in George s books.Polly, a childhood friend of Shephard who practices Wicca who wanted Shephard to love her is the most changed by the end of this book With her realizing eventually that just because you love someone does not mean that they deserve that love was heartbreaking Brendan who fancies himself in love with Poppy and is regretting the marriage he got forced into with the local rich man s daughter Lynley and Helen have become exhausting Get married or don t, I just don t want to read about it any George shows though that Lynley wants to dominate Helen though and marriage to him would mean that she would be there for him always I just shook my head St James is the only male character that understands what marriage and love is He keeps dealing with Deborah and her insistence on trying to get pregnant though the doctor has flat out told her she needs to give herself a year at least to wait to try again or she may end up dying Her acting as if St James is the selfish one gave me a headache.Havers was barely in this one I was ticked about that We get to see her moving on from her family home and becoming settled in the next stage of her life which was good The writing was graphic at times Warning there is a rape scene in the book that had me checking my alarm was on before I fell asleep The flow was a bit slow at first with just St James and Deborah and I felt myself getting bored which hasn t happened before Things picked up anytime we left those two behind.The setting of Lancastershire was interesting It seemed to be a fairly liberal place with people not really focusing on religion That said, there was a lot of ugliness going on that George manages to tap into when you follow the primary and secondary characters.The ending was a shocker I honestly didn t know who the perpetrator s was and why they did it When we get to the reveals I was like oh my goodness I think ending it on the villagers after Lynley and others had left was a good idea We can get a semblance of an idea of what will happen next.