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FREE DOWNLOAD Ç Mistress by Contract Ü Indecent Proposal There Was Only One Way For Mikayla To Clear Her Father S Debt To Powerful Tycoon Rafael Velez Aguilera By Offering Herself In Exchange She Knew It Was Crazy Rafael Had His Pick Of Glamorous Women, And Mikayla Was A VirginBut Rafael Was Intrigued By Mikayla S Proposal And Immediately Presented Her With A Contract Of Her Duties As His Mistress For A Year Top Of The List Was Sharing His Bed What Had Mikayla Let Herself In For Rafael Was An Intensely Sensual Man, And Once He D Made Love To Mikayla, He Might Never Let Her Go I read from one of the most beautiful Harlequin just wonderful If this is what contemporary Harlequins have to offer, I am running back to my beloved vintage books, warts and all I actually really liked this book our h and H were both strong characters who meet, make a deal and rather quickly fall on love Our H accepts the h s offer to be his mistress in exchange for writing off her dads debt, he s dying and embezzled to look after mum who died You can tell he s soon pretty crazy about her and she warms quickly to our H I liked that she stood up for herself and was not bothered by his previous girlfriend despite her trying to cause trouble I guess I was a little surprised she ran away from him near end as she had backbone for the rest of the book so running away seemed out of character the H is just lovely and doesn t really punish her for this just does everything he can to get her back. Mikayla will do anything to clear her father s debt to Rafael Velez Aguilera She offers him a deal She will be his mistress for a year and he will eliminate her father s debt This book was not bad but it left me cold I liked the heroine She was fierce, independent and extremely confident Rafael was sweet and very protective of her But I felt there was little plot and no angst something which bores me to tears.