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Really enjoyed this book I ve on a bit of a roll reading mysteries at the moment, and this one immediately caught my eye when I saw it up for request on NetGalley It was a fun read Though a part of a series, it works nicely as a standalone as well, which worked out well for me, as I haven t read the rest of the series just yet.Starting with a locked room murder, a good portion of the mystery that Detective Lavender was tasked to solve in this one kept me guessing While there were parts that I was able to guess easily, initially there was enough mystery to keep me hooked through the novel.One of my favourite parts of the book was the revelation of what was happening in the boarding house where the deceased, David McAdam, stayed I really enjoyed the fun and relatively nonjudgemental, if only from the author and not the characters themselves look into the lives of the women of Mayfair I was rather uncomfortable with the way the book addresses some of the non white, non Protestant characters while Lavender is portrayed as non prejudiced, there is enough displayed to make up for him in spades While I understand historical accuracy and views, I ve read others that dealempathetically with historically oppressed characters, and I wish this book did the same On the same note, the motive for murder was slightly off putting as well The other thing that I would critique about this book was the swears that Woods used I m not sure whether the use of Gawd s is a nod to historical accuracy or a phonetic version of a accent, but it pulled me out of the novel all the same Still, despite my criticisms, this book was an enjoyable and quick read it kept me engrossed and coming back forthrough the novel 3.75 5 stars for meNote ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.INSTAGRAM Murder in Park Lane is a mystery novel set in 1812 in England It s the fifth book in a series You don t need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this story did not spoil any previous whodunits.The detective was clever, and his assistant constable had skills that complemented the detective s They asked good questions However, so many people lied to them that the detective had difficulty making any headway for a while It was a clue based mystery, and the reader can guess what s going on as quickly as a detective.I cared what happened to the main characters They were engaging, interesting people and had realistic reactions to events The vivid historical and setting details made the story feel unique to that time and place yet didn t slow the pacing down.There was some bad language There were no sex scenes A three month old corpse was described in detail, if an accurate description of a nearly skeletal dead body would bother you Overall, I d recommend this interesting novel.I received an e book review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. @PDF ó Murder in Park Lane (Detective Lavender Mysteries #5) Ý London,At A Fashionable Address In Leafy Mayfair, A Far Cry From Detective Stephen Lavender S Usual Haunts, A Man Is Found Dead In His Room He Has Been Brutally Stabbed, But The Door Is Locked From The Inside And The Weapon Is MissingThe Deceased Is David MacAdam, An Essex Businessman With Expensive Tastes As Lavender And Constable Ned Woods Travel Between London And Chelmsford Seeking To Understand MacAdam S Final Hours And Unearth The Grisly Truth, They Uncover A Tangled Web Of Deceit Behind His Stylish Facade The Unusual Circumstances Of MacAdam S Death Are Nothing Compared To The Shady Nature Of His Life And It Seems The House On Park Lane Is At The Heart Of A Dark ConspiracyBut When A Second Body Turns Up, Everything They Think They Ve Learned Is Thrown Into Doubt Can Lavender And Woods Find Out Who S Behind These Shocking Murders Before Lives Are Ruined I would like to thank Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for a review copy of Murder in Park Lane, the fifth novel to feature regency detective Principal Officer Stephen Lavender and his assistant Constable Ned Woods of the Bow Street Police Office.Lavender is summoned to Park Lane by police surgeon Sir Richard Allison who has a conundrum on his hands Commercial traveler David MacAdam has been found stabbed to death in his his room in his lodgings with the door locked from the inside and no sign of a weapon MacAdam was not what he seemed and this is just the first conundrum in his decidedly shady past.I thoroughly enjoyed Murder in Park Lane which has a great plot, full of unexpected twists and turns, some likeable characters and a good dose of humour The narrative is an extremely straightforward third person told from Lavender s point of view and with a linear timeline What a joy as many of my recent reads have changed everything about from chapter to chapter This, I could sit down and read and get involved in without distraction, to the extent that I stayed up far too late to read it in one sitting The plot is captivating and absorbing Just as the reader gets used to one set of circumstances the author throws in another twist so you have to read on to find out what s coming next It is extremely well conceived and executed Plotting, however, is not the only joy of the novel After five novels in the series Lavender and Woods are old friends and their partnership is a well oiled machine Woods provides the humour and people skills and Lavender the brains but with Lavender s mind on the imminent birth of his first child Woods getsof a look in on the thinking until his diet gets in the way.This is a lighthearted, entertaining read so it doesn t concentrate on social conditions as many historical novels do but still has enough period detail to set the tone of the era.Murder in Park Lane is a great read which I have no hesitation in recommending. Murder in park Lane by Karen Charlton This was a brilliant read with great characters I love this series and hope there isto come Love how Karen writes 5. Murder in park Lane by Karen Charlton This was a brilliant read with great characters I love this series and hope there isto come Love how Karen writes 5. I keep promising myself I m going to kick my cosy mystery habit and move on to something edgier instead, but somehow I never do My latest read, Karen Charlton s Murder in Park Lane, did nothing to make me want to look elsewhere The book is set in London in 1812 and it s the fifth in a series featuring Inspector Lavender and his sidekick Ned Woods, butt worked very well as a standalone So many series writers slip up here, but Charlton has it spot on just the right amount of backstory, enough hints about past mysteries to nudge the reader towards them without leaving you feeling that you ve missed out, and yet she manages to engage the reader with her recurring characters though I would guess there are only two detectives, so there s not a huge amount of room for confusion.There s murder afoot, in fashionable Mayfair, where a man has been found mysteriously dead inside a locked room with no murder weapon This intriguing premise was perhaps solved rather earlier than I would have liked, but the mystery took off nicely, full of twists and turns as people s secrets were revealed Lavender and Woods are hot on the trail, though, relentlessly picking their way through the mysteries of the wealthy and the titled, the poor, the moneylenders and the fraudsters until they reach a satisfying conclusion.For the most part I loved the characterisation, which was neat and anything but cliched, and I laughed out loud at some of the turns in the book such as the nymphomaniac elderly ladies with an eye for handsome young men I wasn t so taken with the subplot of Woods deciding he was overweight and fasting to the detriment of his health, which was something that felt farlike the behaviour of a teenage girl than of a policeman with an adult child It was so odd that I assumed it must have something to do with the plot, but it didn t and rather petered out.That one gripe aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will definitely be going back to readin the series Thanks toPublishing UK and Netgalley for a copy of this book in return for an honest review. Originally published on my blog Nonstop Reader Murder in Park Lane is the 5th Detective Lavender mystery by Karen Charlton Released 12th Feb 2019 byon their Thomas Mercer imprint, it s 313 pages and available in paperback, ebook, and audi formats.This is a cozy historical murder mystery It s 1812 and Regency England is fighting with basically everyone France, the US, Spain, etc Lavender and sidekick Woods are called to the scene of a locked room murder in an upscale neighborhood in London They re soon on the hunt for a murderer or murderers The plot is appealingly twisty and the characters are fairly well defined There is humor to be found here and some of the interactions are lightly comedic I found the author s use of casual endearments somewhat wearying and quite a lot of the dialogue was tough going I was repeatedly yanked out of the story by anachronistic turns of phrase and if any policeman, however highly placed, had dared speak to even minor nobility like Lavender does, he d have been horsewhipped at the very least Start to finish, this was a book with modern sensibilities and interactions written for modern audiences Also, the phonetic dialect was hard going for most of the book I didn t find it added much verisimilitude and most of the time it just made me roll my eyes internally.Much of the language and slang used in the book are British and American readers may have to use the lookup feature on their e readers but that doesn t present any problems Possibly worth noting for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, this book is included in the KU subscription library, along with the other books in the series.Three and a half stars Disclosure I received an ARC at no cost from the author publisher for review purposes. I effing love this series Magistrate Read and Sir Richard have really grown on me. that was complicatedbut a much better mystery than the last book it is annoying how the wealthy get away with everything but that is how it was and is in many ways today my favorite parts and lavender and woods alone i hope it stays that way.