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An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man: Growing Up with the King of Pop ♿ Everyone Knows Michael Jackson The Myth This Is The Revealing True Story Of Michael Jackson The ManTo Frank Cascio, Michael Jackson Was Many Things Second Father, Big Brother, Boss, Mentor, And Teacher, But Most Of All He Was A Friend Though Cascio Was Just A Few Years Old When He First Met Jackson In , At The Peak Of The Pop Star S Career, Jackson Was At The Center Of His Life For The Next Twenty Five Years, Allowing Cascio To Observe Firsthand The Greatest Entertainer The World Had Ever Seen In That Time, He Became The Ultimate Michael Jackson Insider, Yet Remained Publicly Silent About His Experiences Until NowIn My Friend Michael, Cascio Refutes The Rumors, Lies, And Accusations That Have Accumulated Over The Years, Providing A Candid Look At The Michael Jackson He Knew For Than Two Decades Offering An Uplifting And Definitive Account Of The Legend, Cascio Details How He Grew Up Alongside Jackson, Traveling The World With Him On Concert Tours And Eventually Working For Him Through This Lens, Cascio Captures Jackson S Most Private And Tumultuous Moments, While Also Setting The Record Straight On The Entertainer S Notorious And Misunderstood Lifestyle From His Peter Pan Reality And His Sexuality To The False Allegations Against HimAs Cascio Shows, There Was A Great Deal To Michael Jackson Than The Headlines About Him Have Suggested Cascio Reveals His Friend In All His Complexity, Bringing To Light His Passions And Joys As Well As His Flaws And Eccentricities Including Stories About Jackson That Have Never Before Been Made Public, Cascio Creates A Balanced, Human Look At The Pop Star, One That Shows Jackson As The Very Real Person He Was A Lively Friend With An Endearingly Juvenile Sense Of HumorWhat Emerges Is A Clear Eyed Yet Deeply Respectful Portrait Of Jackson A Man Who Was At Times Unremarkably Average But Also Terribly Scarred By His Life In The Spotlight Packed With Never Before Seen Photos, Anecdotes, And Insights, My Friend Michael Is A Trove Of Michael Jackson Lore That Both Celebrates His Life And Redefines Our Understanding Of The Man Behind The Myth I thought this was a pretty decent book If your a die hard MJ fan and been following him for years and years like I have You know half of this stuff..maybe eventhan half already lol So nothing really surprised me I still love him with all my heart soul always and respect him All and all I liked the book It showsof who Michael was as a MAN Off stage when no cameras are around I like the funny lil stories like faking crying at the ugly museum LOL He seemed so playful fun It also had some sad moments with the prescriptions and everything My heart breaks for him over and over knowing he was in such pain in multiple ways sometimes mentally, emotionally, physically He went through so much when he was here I hope now he s found the peace tranquility he so deserves Love you MJ Rest in peace. The Cascio family certainly had unprecedented access to Michael Jackson throughout his career, and Frank Cascio was there for a lot of the events that created problems for Michael At the same time, some of his accounts vary in detail from those told by others, so once again it is left to the individual reader to decide whose memory of events isaccurate Some variations in details are explainable due to the passage of time and different perspectives, while others remain completely at odds with what we have previously been led to believe.I do wish that Frank had dwelton the good times he and his family spent with Michael, either on tour or at Neverland, or in the Cascio home, and less on the problems Michael, and Frank as both a friend and close associate, had to deal with But then those problems did have an enormous impact on their lives, to the detriment of the health of both men, and, at times, to their longstanding friendship Happily it survived, despite Michael s understandable paranoia about people wanting to take advantage of him as so many did and some sibling rivalry between Frank and his brother Eddie.I m just not convinced that this book lives up to the promise made on its cover An Ordinary Friendship with an Extraordinary Man there was little that was ordinary about Michael and Frank s friendship, certainly not once Frank was old enough to be fully aware of Michael s celebrity And I don t really think Frank succeeds here in adequately conveying the extraordinary nature of Michael Jackson, as is his stated intention In trying to convey the ups and downs of their long association, the good times and bad which could be very bad the puzzling, perplexing and frustrating aspects of dealing with such a creative genius, in the end Frank Cascio probably tells usabout himself than he does about Michael.The great tragedy here is that Michael is not here to confirm, deny or otherwise comment on what has been written about him And to be honest, Frank s account of his personality would leave us wondering if Michael was telling us what really happened, or what he wanted us to believe had happened or perhaps what he had convinced himself had happened.I found the impact of this book to be a depressing one And while Frank relates his dismay at how Michael at times believed ill of his long time friend, fans can be excused for asking if, in the publication of this book, Frank Cascio hasn t inadvertently proven Michael s paranoia about him to be justified THAT, I find, to be the saddest thing of all about this book.As fans, we must continue to trust our own instincts on what we know of MJ based not just on one or a number of conflicting books, but on the sum total of his life and work and dedication to his family and his fans. Omg one of the worst books I have read in a long time This book was not my choice to read as it was chosen by my BFF who is a Michael fan as I am Me being a big fan of Michael did not save this book First of all, the book was poorly written and wasn t as cohesive and flowing as I like for books to be Secondly, I felt slightly disturbed by the overall content of the book, but it was the same level of disturbance I felt about Michael when he was still alive I never believed him to be a child molester, just a seriously developmentally stunted individual who was a product of not having a childhood and being exposed to too much as a child The only saving grace for this book was the glimpse into Michael as a humanitarian and how much he truly loved the world but much of this, most people knew if they payed any attention to his music and life separate from the legal battles With that said, Mr Cascio, I did not enjoy having you reiterate this every third paragraph On to the next one Being a firm beLIEver , I find this books to be very hoax related Frank did a good job by writing this book about Mike , but I don t think that his aim was as pure as I picture it to be Anyways , I loved all the stories about the MAN , how he thinkS , jokeS , treatS his kids and all I don t know about everyone else , but I was emotionally moved by the moments that Frank reminisced I sometimes grew tired of Frank talking about himself being Mike s back protector , I mean I knew beforehand that Frank was of a great importance in MJ s life But Frank talking about himself as if he was the God of getting things done for MJ come on I also hated it when he kept on talking about his family backing up Michael and all GOSH he s too lucky he wasn t in front of me What I loved about teh book is that it focused on Michael the person , the human being , and not on Michael the artist , performer and entertainer I LOVED the pictures 3 Of all the biographies out there on Michael Jackson this one definitely feels the most honest Many biographies tend to be marred with exact dates, footnotes, endnotes, quotes from third parties and opinions from the biographer who never knew his subject Most biographers view the people they are writing about as subjects or meal tickets There isn t much heart that goes into writing and as a result their work becomes stale and textbook Frank Cascio, a close assistant, adviser, and friend, managed to write from his heart about Michael Jackson the person and not Michael Jackson the pop icon It is very clear from the first few pages in this book that the story ahead will be blunt and honest I can t say with 100 percent certainty that everything he writes is the way everything happened I didn t know MJ personally, you re shocked , but I have no reason or proof to suggest otherwise This book spans the entire life of Frank Cascio up until the present and Michael Jackson s life from just after he created Bad and began working on Dangerous.The book details how Michael was a second father, mentor, and best friend to Frank Michael taught him important life and business lessons When Frank became older he became Michael s personal assistant and most trusted advisor Frank s life was Michael s life Any questions you have ever had about Michael Jackson s drug use, kids, wives, sexuality, proposed pedophilia, or eccentric behavior are answered in this book At it s core this a Thank You letter to a best friend If you are a fan you will L.O.V.E this book If you are someone on the fence about Michael you will Love this book If you like lists with three things in them, then this book is for you. Wasn t a big fan of this book Just was kind of dull and did not shed light on anythingthan we already knew. My Friend MichaelI always like Michael Jackson have for many years I seemed to have had some understanding of what his life may have been like growing up having missed his childhood To me, it made sense Some child actors grow up having drug and alcohol problems Michael had morals and he shared his love with children the ones he couldn t grow up and play with With his popularity, he built his own world be could safely live in and enjoy watching and interacting with children I never looked at Michael as a pedophile nothing close He was fulfilling his needs of his inside child Sadly so many people didn t understand him I love his music, watching his performances when I can I love and will always miss him I m happy to have read the author s first hand experiences and relationships along with his own family with Michael Thank you, Frank. Funny, Heartwarming, Charming, Insightful, Real Compelling An Amazing Read I Loved It This book is full of inside jokes, pranks, odd nicknames and other fun Michael Jackson shared with Frank Cascio Much of it doesn t necessarily have anything to do with him being a superstar this book gives you an inside view at Michael Jackson the human being At times I was laughing out loud at the silly jokes Michael came up with.Having said that, Frank was also around for the darker times in Michael s life He tells the story from a friend s point of view the accusations, the addiction to propofol, the plastic surgery, as well as Michael s tendency to both trust and distrust the wrong people.While I still have my doubts about a few things mentioned later in the book, such as the authenticity of the Cascio tracks , I m very happy I read this book It s a great read for anyone interested in the man behind the mask.